hey guys welcome back to my channel if
you’re new here I’m Lizzie and I want to give a major shout out to Lego for
sponsoring this video I just want to thank them for making this day possible
cuz I had so much fun and I can’t wait to show you guys
Legos even gave me this awesome treasure chest filled with Ninjago toys I can’t
wait to play with later ok listen you ready for a huge surprise yeah
no don’t open your eyes yet ok we’re almost there come on keep going just a
little bit further there oh we want so much I know but it’s gonna be worth it
it’s gonna be so cool it’s a little bit further okay you’re almost there and I
spin around yes up whoa right there okay you ready
mm-hmm can you open your eyes yeah okay and three two one
open whoa what do you think Liz this is so
cool was the best surprise yeah can you win can we go in now let’s go
son hello Ruby coming from welcome to the Ninjago Academy where you
will face a tough sweater challenge but I have faith it’s a surprise in jogo
ninja masters stood exactly where you are many years ago now they are true
fighters protecting the world from evil right now as you know their task is to
save the captured dragons from iron baron however they do need your help to
do your part you must endure today’s quest and fight to earn your keep in the
Ninja community at the end of the day you may or may not be official ninja
masters prove to me that you deserve it here is my first clue good luck what
what where did this come from oh that must be the first clue Liz start your
quest you must roam Chu my special sort of home it’s the only territory that I
have in this great Ninjago land pull up a chair and show that you’re skilled
using our favorite material to build it’s a certain kind of brick that can be
green but all colors are available to build your scenes so heads in my house
and get to building because future ninja this is just the beginning there’s one
thing I forgot to tell you what so this is like you know a huge surprise date
but um you’re kind of on your own for this because we’re actually competing
against one other what we’re supposed to spend time together I know but it’s uh I
know but you’re gonna be so busy doing all these challenges that I guess I
gotta go what maybe if I had a Lego boyfriend
this would be easier okay so Carter just left me so I guess
I’m gotta figure out how to do these challenges
come on it says that we have to go into the house which is right over here okay
we’re a mess in this house and I’m super excited to do these challenges because
not only are we at Lego in but we’re heading in jogo Legoland so today it’s
gonna be a fun-filled day and I think this is where we sit down little fun
fact about me I love challenges and I’m really good at them okay let’s get
started on building this thing whoa there are so many pieces but I think if
we put this together like that and this together like that and this is together
like that voila I think we’re all done now uh okay
I might not have been the fastest at this because he gonna be already
finished but that doesn’t matter that least I have the most fun doing it okay so I guess I got clue number three
let’s open it up see what it says to number three now I request another
set of skills to showcase practice and fulfill endurance speed and patience are
just a few of the skills you must practice with your courage to ninja
masters run these attractions so go forth and find where you must take
action after that you’re not done as you have more to overcome be precise clear
and use selectivity as you go forth with this activity I ask you to create a
signature move that Lego and I approved okay well I’m gonna book patience and
endurance speed is something I probably should work on though come on let’s go
okay challenge number three Oh finally okay I guess I have to run really fast
to the ruffle and climb in so let’s do this quick grab my hand okay we’re out of here
Oh guys that was so scary my heart was bracing and that’s great though because
now we finish that challenge and on to look fun
okay shout out to Carter for helping me out on that last challenge I think this
challenge I’m on my own so wish me luck okay unless you ready to do this uh yeah
I’ve been ready okay we’re going to do it in three two one start I think I won
did I win okay guys I don’t know if this was a
close match or not but the judges are counting how many buttons I hit versus
how many buttons Carter hit oh I’m so nervous but I also think and no and I
definitely won comment down below hashtag Liz or hashtag Carter who do you
think actually won and ooh let’s go see the results okay so my final score is
ten know what ten you got a ten would you get
higher than that I don’t know hey sorry you got a theory no I got a 13 how’d you
get such a high score because I’m really good at no I think it scores are flipped
or something no guys it moves really get more points than I did yeah do a
playback guys I had a slow start but we’re really starting to pick up some
momentum so come on let’s keep this energy going okay third part of this challenge is I
have to come up with my own ninja move which is so cool because I’ve always
wanted to be a ninja okay so I need to think and I need to think really really
hard I got it I got the perfect ninja move okay so let me just practice it one
more time because it’s a new move that no ninjas ever heard of because they
just made it up ready okay I call that Lindsay okay so let’s
go find Carter I’m gonna show off my ninja skills to him and I also need him
to hold this so he’ll be perfect corner I’m all warmed up let’s go find Carter
okay partner yeah I need you to hold this okay this one
okay wait can you hold this because I know this one down guys all ready for
this yep and that is how it’s done okay let’s see
what my score is yeah I mean that’s pretty good I got an eight and eight out
of ten that’s not bad okay so I got an eight on the last hunt
but like you’re not what another clue on to the next two well done trainee this
is the final test we are so proud of you and feel quite blessed to have you as
part of this Academy it has been quite an honor
I know I mean I mean that genuinely but you’re not done not done okay not just
yet we have one more challenge to make you sweat contribute to your training
one more time to help save the Dragons and Bri the world from crime this land
has a right dedicated to its name so go earn ninja master status and end this
game okay let’s do this I think this is the ride it’s right here yeah and jog override this is the final
challenge guys today has been so much fun
shout out to Lego for sponsoring this video I know Carter brought me here for
a date but he kind of disappeared and we had to do all these challenges but I
still had so much fun because who wouldn’t when you’re in Legoland Ninjago
we are inside the Ninjago ride and the ride is actually a challenge and we can
see the scores at the end so I’m excited to take you guys on this ride with me
it’s gonna be a lot of fun and we’re gonna be able to see who finally wins
the entire challenge that was a really fun ride I hope I got
enough points to win the grand prize let’s go check out the ending ceremony
and see what place I got hello ninjas congratulations on completing your
Ninjago linter training it’s been great watching you all compete fight and
endure these tough challenges the Ninjago ninjas are grateful for their
passion and I am proud to say that you have all officially earned ninja master
status your spirit helps the other ninjas safe the dragons and defeat the
evil iron-bearing thank you they couldn’t have done it without you and
now I’d like to present to you your official ninja belts take these with
pride and keep them safe you should all be very proud of your work today I must
good but I won’t forget today and what you’ve done for the Ninjago team go out
to the world share your ninja knowledge and encourage your friends family and
fans to keep this world safe see you soon ninja and I have the Nia trophy
she’s a water ninja and this trophy is completely made out of Lego bricks so
once again shout out to Lego for sponsoring this video we had so much fun
today and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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  1. Hi LIzzy My Name is Aria I am 13 years old girl I am from Greece I love Ninjago my best favourite ninja is Cole You have been to Legoland that was so cool I’m kind of jealous but one day for I will go for sure

  2. Wow listen to share you have a boyfriend boyfriend with a Lego man and wow I wish I could go to buy them because my mom my dad I know what happened to Meli she was gone the hackers told her that's why they purr like a camera I did not like that and and I love kissing Five Nights at Freddy's okay bye I would like a kiss you but I don't know what happened it's kid doing like this wait I don't know what's going on okay by Lizzie share primarily I love you I wish I could be your puppy Tonetta birthday torta birthday Lizzy wants your birthday I really want to go to your birthday but I will send you to maybe not and I think so do you know how to do it back cuz I side you like whatever take you to this and Searles Castle how do you have a boyfriend with a Lego man that doesn't make any sense a kid by Lissie ship

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