MECHANICA Buddy Bots Update! Mechanica adds Robot Pets!

oh man look at this I got a little robot buddy bot I’m gonna make you do all the work yes I am yes I am! Hey everybody Weem here welcome back to Mechanica I have a buddy bot this update just came out tonight and I thought I would give you a quick glimpse at what this buddy bot is all about he’s going a little bit bananas here he’s a little aggressive buddy bot look at it says right there on the back let’s go inside and make buddy bot go to sleep and I’m gonna show you some things about buddy bots okay before we get started let’s take a look at what it takes to make buddy bots if we bring up our crafting menu you can see I’m already on the buddy bot tab we have the buddy bot and he can be told to move items bring things to us he can store things kind of cool we have some markers we can put on the ground and you can use commands to buddy bots to those things we have a pickup point this can attach to different work benches different you know the furnace things like that’s when they spit out metal they can go into this and the bots can actually be told to go get it and we have drop-off points where the buddy bots can go bring things drop them in and they kind of fall out the other side so basically just a little buddy bot to run around and do things for you I have plenty of materials so let’s get to setup okay so I’ve actually got three buddy BOTS here and one here has no commands or anything no batteries so there’s a couple things to think about when you first make one you can put him right on the ground and he has no batteries he’s not gonna fly anywhere as soon as you stick batteries in buddy bot’s gonna follow you around which can kind of be annoying so I suggest you don’t pop any batteries in there until you set down a switch which you can use to control him now I’ve already got two switches set up on two buddy bots that I’ve made they are both sleeping as odd as that looks this is what they do in they sleep they just fall over these are the points those little waypoints that you can make I made one for each one here I have a switch for each robot to turn them on and off and then I’m using a screen to tell me what they are doing so I’ll show you this guy here this is my follow robot so if I flicked this on he says following and he’s gonna kind of cruise on over here and smack into me now I’ve got this laser to automatically open the door the cool thing is I’ve seen that even when I’m way ahead of him he’ll actually bust through the door on his own I’m assuming just because he’s like an ally he just can use the doors see he just kind of he’s like “don’t go where I can’t follow you” so anyway I can run back over here and actually tell him to go to sleep he’ll say heading to bed and then when he gets to that point zzzz he just unceremoniously crashes to the ground so he was really straightforward buddy bot just follows me around the other guy actually does a bit more so I’m gonna actually turned this on he says getting items now what he’s gonna do is he’s gonna get up and he’s gonna go outside there’s actually a spot let me see if I can crack this door open go this way buddy okay so he doesn’t want to go that way it’s kind of interesting I think they kind of find a path and that’s the one they go to I might not have opened the door fast enough maybe next time he’ll come through it but basically he’s on a mission to come all the way over here and pick up some items and I’ve got some stuff just kind of laying around I had a bit of a bug where some things got duplicated so we’re gonna go ahead and just pick these up but anyway he’s gonna hole get all this stuff spilling out this game is early access when you first play the game it says it is very early access emphasis on very so anyway there are some little bugs here and there but it’s definitely getting a resolve pretty quickly look at him carry so he will just carry one item and we do see him going through the door which is excellent so I’m actually sprinting here ahead of him and you can see that it now says bringing items he’s gonna go spit that out and now he’s gonna go get items so he’s going to cruise out get some more bringing items I think that should be getting items so I may have made some kind of mistake that was working so I must have been playing around messed something up but you get the idea buddy bots gonna kind of go back and forth now let’s look at the robot programming here behind these guys actually we’re gonna go ahead and have him come back so he’s gonna head to bed the first command he has as soon as that turns on is to drop whatever buddy bot’s carrying and then he’s gonna come in here and go to sleep so we’ll actually give bussy bot a second we can see if we do this we get a nice moving line so he can see where he’s at this way buddy it’s time to go to sleep so if he had an item I don’t know if he’d got over there yeah he would have just dropped it on the ground which is good because if he if I suddenly then make buddy bot wake back up he has something in his hand and he I’ve noticed he wants to go all the way back out there even though he still has something so anyway it might be something that when you turn him on you have him go drop off stuff just in case he’s carrying something so I could make a tweak there and make that work but as you can see he is asleep just like the other one but let’s look at the programming here so this guy it’s gonna look a little crazy it’s not that bad it’s not that bad so we’re using a switch and on and off switch so this is what happens when we turn the switch on this is what happens when we turn it off when we turn it on well the buddy bot turns on and then he’s gonna go right away to start picking up items from a point and you select this new select what point that is which was way out there so he’s doing that then once he picks up he’s actually gonna jump down to here and go place the item down now I’ve got a little side thing here that says when the pickups complete buddy bot’s gonna say bringing items and when he comes down here he’s gonna place to the drop-off point and when that is complete oh is my text gone yeah I’m supposed to have another text here let’s see getting items if I do that that should fix that I’ve moved some things around I think I messed that up so anyway and then buddy bot just kind of goes in this loop basically of picking up dropping off picking up dropping off until I switch buddy bot off when I switch him off he’s gonna drop what he was carrying then buddy bot’s going to go to the marker point which is his bed and then he’s gonna turn off and go to sleep and then I’ve got these display texts triggering for when he drops an item off when he gets to his marker things like that so he’s dumping he’s heading to bed he’s falling asleep so anyway it’s kind of a cool little set up for seeing exactly what they’re doing on the screen so you can kind of know like where’s he at where is he so you could even set up these waypoints and everything and then key off of those with the text like I you know at Waypoint 2 at Waypoint 3 or I met the refinery or you know things like that I kept it pretty simple though and with this guy we also have the on and off when he turns on he’s going to go to and follow player and buddy bot also kicks on the text on the large screen that says following if I switch him off buddy bot’s gonna go to the marker and then he is going to turn off and again I have text at these different points saying that buddy bot’s heading to bed he’s going to sleep or he is asleep so pretty straightforward it’s really a cool setup I there’s a lot you could do with this and I’m only just kind of getting into this okay well while I’m here because I did quickly show you the robot stuff I figured I would show you a couple other things I have going all in my mechanica base it’s really nothing crazy but if you’ve been curious about this stuff you can see I do have a science a century off and safe this kind of lets me know it’s safe to go outside because these mechanica Tesla coils will zap you and I’ve got three of them out here I also have these these are like lightsaber traps that kind of like does a blade out and it kind of flips up in a 180 and then it slowly goes back once it’s turned off and then I have the sentry gun on top so if I come into here what can happen is if enemies come around I can actually just flick this on it turns on the red lights out there and I only have this stay on for I think eight seconds so it just zaps the crap out of things the little mechanica laser weapon goes it’s gonna go one more time here in a second wait for it any second now No okay maybe not I might have actually changed that but anyway I’ve got all kinds of traps out there that’s what this is for and I’ll kick it on again and you can see these science change oh how my sign is broken this sign might actually got duplicated that might be an issue up there and then a warning so this would say Centurion and read and this would say what does it say warning I can turn that back off but anyway that lets me know don’t go outside along with big the lights out there changing to red now this is a little bit complicated if we jump in here I think I have quite a bit going on in here yeah just just a little bit I’m not gonna walk you through this other than to say the trigger basically turns on all kinds of stuff basically the different branches here it kind of hits them and then it turns on all the different weapons it sets my text you know that it’s safe for warning things like that century off one of the things I really like about mechanica gameplay is there’s been games like this for example scrap mechanic and the mechanica game that have kind of programming elements and what I’m finding here is this early on I’m really surprised how easy it is to pick up on this kind of stuff I think it’s I think it’s done really well there’s obviously gonna be things to tweak and make better but I think it’s something really easy to pick up on if you just kind of jump in and experiment a bit okay one last thing I thought I’d show you is the setup that I have for the door because this is probably a pretty common thing there might even be a better way to program this and I want to do something for the outside as well the problem is the laser can be tripped by enemies so if I put it out there the enemies can’t rip it and open the door themselves so that’s why I don’t have anything out there but the way I have this set up now is that when you trip the laser the door opens for about a second and a half and then it closes automatically right I want to be able to run out and let it close I don’t want enemies coming in there and then if I open this and walk through the laser it actually closes the door triggering will close it if it’s open so it’s kind of like a cool little system usually if I’m in a big hurry running away from these guys I can pretty easily click the door and get in there and that way I never have to turn around or do anything with that so if I open this up oh is it not off that it’s off the door can’t remember left the door let’s take a peek yeah so we’ve got the laser and if it is tripped it’s going to jump to this branch and it says okay cool is the door open and if it is if the door is open then we’re gonna close it on the laser trip so that’s kind of on my way back in if however it’s false it’s not open in other words if it’s closed it’s going to open it then when it’s done being open it’s going to wait for one and a half seconds and when that wait is finished then it’s going to close the door so a pretty simple little setup but it makes getting in and out nice and easy especially when you’re in a hurry well I turned on that bottom bit ago and it looks like he’s been bringing me some steel ingots I think he’s there he is on his way in hey buddy bot yeah and they’re gonna drop that off plunk and he’s going back for more we’re actually gonna cruise in here and say no no let’s not do that let’s go ahead and you saw the dump it actually said dump really quickly he had nothing to dump and then he’s gonna just cruise on in and I just love the way they fall down here alright anyway I may need to make them some kind of bed I might put down a pallet or something to represent their bed I’m not sure maybe a couch or maybe two couches facing each other mmm interesting interesting alrighty well that’s about it I just wanted to show you the buddy bot update the buddy bot update I think it’s pretty sweet mechanica game coming along really well I do have to say I was on the discord and talking about some of the issues I was having with the bots I was having a problem kind of getting the switches working and I had this duplication bug and Tyler has been all over that working to get that resolved and everything so very responsive I know there’s a lot of you who watch my videos who say it’s really cool to see responsive devs that’s Tyler and this game so if you check the description of my video I’m gonna have a link to the steam page for the game if you’re interested in checking it out the discord you know all of those kind of relevant items I think it’s a game you should definitely check out especially if you dig games like scrap Kanak factorio stuff like that I’m really liking this yeah I’m excited about what’s coming for this game for sure I do want to thank you guys for watching as always I really appreciate it and again you’d be doing me a huge favor if you click the subscribe and the bell notification I’m not running any ads at all in 2020 so if you’re looking to support the channel that’d be the way to do it especially if you want to see more of my videos so thanks again I’ll catch you next time [Music]

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  1. Reminds me of those Redstone Turtles from modded Minecraft. These seem nice and simple to use so I'd be using these more often. Looks like a nice fun time having those buddy bots hovering around doing what you desire of them. Nice base by the way. The benches in the window.

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