Meal support robot “My Spoon” – SECOM CO.,LTD

This robot is a substitute machine from human arm to chopsticks. The robot can pick up all the things to be able to pick up. For example, rice, the salad can eat enough, too. I demonstrate it. I eat tofu. Because it is a product for hand inconvenient people, I operate it with a chin. I operate it with a chin back and forth. I aim at one slice. An aim was decided in tofu. I perform the movement to pick up with a chin. I let it memorize the position of lips beforehand. A position of the mouths, by the combinations of my chair and table, is this place. Please look well. An upper fork disturbs, but moves at a moment to eat. While a mouth moves, a spoon does not move. It goes back to the original position when it sense when I have finished eating. I can finish eating for self-will. I can perform an act to eat in turn. Meal support robot, My spoon, thanking you in advance.

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