McDonalds Toy Cash Register Toy Helps Barbie Shop For Food Kids Toys

Hello everyone this is Sandra with the DisneyCarToys
channel and today I am very excited to show you this McDonalds cash register.
But that’s not all at the end of this video we are going to open this McDonalds Play Doh surprise
egg full of happy meal prizes. Now lets unbox or cash register so we can buy some
food for Spidy and Barbie. Here is the cash register out of the box and wow it comes with
lot of stuff. Lets see we have French fries here it comes in a paper container pretty
cool and all the fries are stick together. All this play food is plastic we have three chicken
nuggets, three cookies stuck together, a key of that is pretty interesting. We have out hamburger
here it comes with the bun, a beef patty, cheese and pickles, that’s kind of cool.
Plus we have this sweet and sour sauce which goes with the nuggets and lets try to open it up
I think it opens, lets see oh I think I got it and that’s really cool. I love how real it seems.
Plus we have a small drink and hot fudge Sunday, yum. Now lets take a look at the actual cash
register. Attached to the left of the cash register it has McDonald’s lunch menu with the fries,
nuggets, a Sunday, burger and drinks so pretty much everything that comes with the set. This
set acts as a real cash register you turn it on, press what you want an apple pie, which is
2.50 then I want to get one more thing like this burger which is two dollars ta da. I owe four
dollars and fifty cents. And to play I just press this cash button and the cash drawer opens
up. Now this is the coolest thing ever if you use your key and turn it to the side the cash
register really locks see I cant open it with the cash button, how cool is that? And then if you
turn it down then you can open it. So it really works. Now the only down side tot his cash
register is it didn’t come with any money so I will have to use my Princess credit card and
Princess cash. Well now that I have showed off the cash register I thin its time we feed
Barbie and Spidy. So for Barbie I have a hot fudge Sunday, delicious. And for Spidy I have some
sweet and sour sauce and some nuggets I think he will like that. So lets check out
Chicken McNuggets for Spidy at three dollars and then I’ve got to buy Barbie’s Sunday and
that is two dollars so our total is five dollars so hit cash and I am going to use my princess five
dollar bill here. Lets see who is on the five dollars it is Repunzel how cute is that? Let
me just put it in the drawer and close it up and we’ve got a sell. Um yummy. Now its time
to open up our giant Play Doh McDonald’s egg. Lets see what’s inside I am hoping for some
cool Happy Meal toys. And there is definitely toys in here, what do we have? Oh sweet it’s
the Transformer Optimus Prime my son really likes transformers right now so he will love
this, this is really cool. It’s a nice little action figure and he’s probably my favorite transformer
too. He’s got this little switch on the side that’s pretty cool. Lets see what else we
have. Oh a SpongeBob toy. Number sixteen so this is a Happy Meal toy it works perfectly with
our Happy Meal cash register. And oh sweet guess who it is? It’s Mr. Krabs and he’s
got a spatula. Lets see how he works, its almost like a sword fight. So you lift his arm up and
down and his other arm with the spatula moves as well. Oh so you can have a nice little fight
with him. And it looks like we have one more toy in our surprise egg. And its Dori which is
perfect because Finding Dori comes out next summer I believe. I love Dori she is so funny
this is a cute little fish, he fins move up and down and the one in the back goes side to
side. This would be the most perfect bath toy or pool toy she’s so cute. She’s just so
funny in the movie so lets just keep swimming. Well that’s everything for today if you enjoyed
this video and you would like to see me open up more McDonald’s then give me a like and
subscribe. And in the comments let me know what your favorite food from McDonald’s
is mine is probably the Shamrock shake, which probably should be available now. Click on
a picture to watch another fun toy video or click on the question mark to watch a mystery video.
Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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