McDonalds Shake Maker Tutorial of the Happy Meal Magic Ice Cream Toy Kids Toys

Hey, everyone! It’s Sandra with the Disney
CarToys Channel, and Spidey Awesome, and today, we have another McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic Toy.
These are seriously like some of my favorite toys of all time. Ah, me too! I love them, Total nineties. Hahah!
Total, total nineties. This is a shake maker, and, oh yeah, truly in the nineties. Check out the outfits.
Yeah. Look at that. And the hair. Yeah. The hair, like parted down the middle, the tiny headband, very unhappy.
Um, this is cool though, so we got to, uh; we get to make our own shakes and mix’em. Easy to
clean, um, and the only thing it requires is Jello, which we have here, chocolate Jello. Pudding. And then
milk and we got a whole bunch of milk there. Yeah. A ton of milk. Hahah. And then, also we figured
we could kind of decorate our shake with Reddi-Wip whipped cream. Ooh! Yummy! So, I’m excited. This
is, let’s turn this around. Oh, a coupon inside! Ooh! Hahah. And then, also, we have filmed a lot of these,
so we have filmed already the French Fries, Cookie , we haven’t done the Happy Meal Snack, and we
haven’t done the Hamburger. A whole lot to get the hamburger! Still, still, oh, in 1993. So,
thirteen, no, twenty-three years old. Wow! Wow. That’s weird. Hahaha. Yeah. Twenty-three years old. There
we go. Looks really nice though. So yeah, let’s open it up and we’ll figure out how to use this thing.
All right. All righty, here’s our lovely shake maker, and, oh yeah, here’s our coupon, so it doesn’t
never expire. What! I know. You can just take it and sell it. Free one package of Royal Pudding, which I’ve
never heard of. I don’t think there in business anymore. That’s old school. Yeah, we should try to take this
with like maybe “What?” What is that? Hahaha. Um. I think one of the coolest things about this set actually
is this straw maker. Yeah, this is really cool! So, you press it and then, tadah! It’s just like
at McDonald’s or Costco or any of those places. You just push it and it gives you a straw. Yeah. Alright, you got
to put it down. There you go. Okay. It does work, I swear! Yes. There we go. Isn’t that so cool? Yeah.
And then you can.Yeah, put it back if you want. Sweet! I know. It’s so cool. And it comes with a
bunch of different recipes, um, five different ones actually that we can use. Um, one requires…Oh, vanilla
pudding and milk? Yeah, or try other flavors. Okay, so any color or flavors. Hahaha. Yeah, I think whatever
you want. Another one is those, but you add malt mix to it. Oh. And this one has like, uh, strawberry
yogurt. Oh, yogurt! Okay. That’s a good idea. Make it thicker. Yeah. Yeah, it’s cool. And then, um, yeah
another NesQuik and oh, and whipped topping. Oh, whipped topping, have we got that? Yep. That we have.
Yep. Sweet. And what’s number five? Um, malt, whipped topping and. Oh, NesQuik. Chocolate drink.
Oh. Okay. Sweet. That’d be yummy. We’ll have to try that. Okay, well, let us know in the comments if
you want us to try any of those recipes or even your own. That’d be cool. Yeah. You could make your
own. I think that some kind of milk shake would be really awesome. Ooh, that‘d be yummy. And then,
here’s our maker. Um, it’s got a cup dispenser, four cups, four lids, and then this is our mixer. It’s
really cool and it has, of course the Golden Arch. Oh, yeah! As the mixer. That’s cool. Okay. Wow! So, let’s
get set up and we’ll make our chocolate shakes. All right! Alrighty. So we can begin. First thing we
got to do is take off this like little measuring scoop and then there’s a bowl here, and that’s where
we add everything. So, Spidey’s got the milk. Okay. And we got to fill it to this fill line. Um, there’s a
line. To here. Just right here. Yep. I’m standing up for this. Okay. Oh, yeah, I know, I’ll let you do it. I swear,
the smaller is cheaper to get this one.Hahaha. Okay, I don’t know. All right. Here we go. And you fill it to
the line? Yep. There we go. Very good. Okay. There we go. Didn’t spill. Yeah. That’s good, and then we got
to measure out some of our Jello with this, and you fill it to this line here. Okay. Okay. So, let me pour some
chocolate in. Pour some chocolate in this. The instructions did say you don’t want to overfill it with
pudding. Okay. Or else it’ll get too thick, and probably won’t dispense, I’d assume. Okay. So.It’s funny
how the pudding kind of smells like hot chocolate. I does, totally does. That’s enough there. Then,
I’ll pour it in. Ooh. I’m like nervous I’m going to spill it. Okay. There we go. I’m needing two of these, so
there’s one. It is actually going to be pretty thick if you think about it. I know. Like how much pudding there
is to milk. That’s how you make pudding. You mix this with cold milk and it makes pudding. Heheh.
Yeah. Yeah. So it’s, you’re basically drinking liquefied pudding. Like more liquid than pudding. I
don’t know. Hmmm.. Heheheh. I don’t know. We’ll see. Okay. Yeah. These things are always interesting,
but they actually do taste pretty good. So now we got that. Okay. And now, we will stir. Okay. Let’s
stir. Ooh! And that’s actually. Wow! Look how fast this goes. Wow! I can’t believe it. That golden arch
is mighty. Looks like. It’s a mighty arch. Okay, oh wait. Wait, wait. We’re supposed to put this back. There’s
also like spilled out the top. Wow, I can’t believe how well it works! And it looks really, really
chocolaty! Mmmmm! So, we’ll stir this for a couple of minutes and we’ll kind of thicken too as it mixes.
Okay. And then we’ll dispense. That is so cool. It is really cool. I can’t believe how brown it is. I know. Okay,
so now, the best part, the shake time. So, there’s a little like kind of cutout here at the bottom where you
put your cup, and I’m a little afraid, but you got to pull this out. Okay, a little pull. Okay. Here we go.
Oop. Whoa. Whoa. Okay. There we go. You got to like, and, okay, so it is really liquidy. Ooh! So, it’s
more like chocolate milk. What! Yep. Than a shake. Let’s put our lid on here. Oh, cool! And they’re like
all reusable. Yeah. Yeah. So I got my lid and then, let’s do a straw. There we go. Okay. Tadah. Okay. So, we’ll
do one more one like that. Okay and then like do one with whipped cream on top. Okay. So. Yeah, there
we go. Hopefully, I don’t mess it up. Okay, da-tadah! Oh no! A leak! Okay! Once again, let me. It’ll
leak all over. Pour some out. That’s so funny. Hahaha. Okay. Here we go. Heheh. It’s not too bad, though.
Yeah. It does make a lot of shake. Yeah. There we go. Ooh! Yeah! That’s what we want. That’s what
we want right there. Let’s fill up this last one. Then we can put a lid on. Okay. There we go. There we go. Yeah,
nice and messy. Yeah. Nice and messy. So, it kind of makes two at a time, I guess. Yeah, yeah. Okay.
There we go. Should we, I guess we’ll just do a straw. Yeah, there we go. There we go, and then, a straw.
Lovely, lovely! And now for the taste test here. Ooh! So, here’s my shake. It’s less ice creamy
and more, I don’t know. We’ll see. Okay, let’s just test it. Ummm. It’s like a very, um, chocolaty. Hahahah!
Milk. I don’t know what you think! I got to try it again. Mmm. It tastes like a . Yeah, it’s like a watered
down pudding. Yeah! Or a very chocolaty milk! Or a very chocolaty. It’s not bad, it’s just oddly
thick, I’d say. I don’t know. Mine’s not too, it’s kind of, a little bit. I have pudding chunks. Hahahahah! No, it’s
okay. Hahaha. Um, okay. I don’t know. Let me. It’s almost like so interesting; you have to keep on trying
it like. Mmmm. Umhm. It’s not bad. Yeah, okay. On third sip, it’s not bad. Yeah, it just tastes like
very chocolaty sweet milk. Yeah. Anyway, like this video. Like, like, like! Subscribe to the Disney CarToys Channel.
In the comments, let us know what other recipes you want us to do, and we’ll try it out! Yeah,
there’s a lot of them. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video and click on the question mark to
watch a mystery video. Thanks for watching!

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