McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy – Building Blocks – Dog

Hello everyone and welcome to Nicky’s
Toy Box! today I will be building this McDonald’s toy, building blocks dog. I got
this McDonald’s toy pretty recently, let’s see how it looks. There’s 8 to
collect a dog, a turtle, a cockatoo, an owl, a tiger or lion, a bear, a
Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Stegosaurus! It’s just five little pieces and then
these stickers with some instructions on the back. First we put down the feet
and then this piece, I believe pops on top. Then we have the tailpiece, the headpiece and then the back. There we have our little dog now he
needs a face. It looks like you can choose between this one or this one. I’m
going to use the brown puppy dog. Now we have the face and the little
toenails. Let’s put on some spots! I have now used all the brown spots but
I want the black spots on my dog as well. Let’s add them too! There you have it, a McDonald’s toy
dog and the fun thing about it is you can add the little sticker dots anywhere
we want them thus you customize your new toy pet the way you like it. Let me know
in the comments below if you like the way I customized my McDonald’s toy and
what would you have done differently.

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