Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage [EN ESRB]

NARRATOR: You know that old saying? Never meet your Heroes? NARRATOR: Well…I did. NARRATOR: And it… was…. AWESOME! NARRATOR: The Avengers were everything I imagined. TONY: Hello San Francisco! STEVE: Thor, Tony. Check it out. THOR: At once. TONY: Try to keep up. THOR: Are you waiting? TONY: Uh, yeah! Obviously. I figured I’d let you catch up TONY: Woah! This just got a whole lot more interesting. THOR: Let’s make this quick. TONY: Way ahead of you. STEVE: Thor, see if you can clear a path on the bridge. THOR: Aye. POLICE OFFICER: Go, go, go! POLICE OFFICER: We’ve got atleast three dozen armed men out here. We need backup. THOR: (War cry) THOR: Heh, you are not worthy. NATASHA: Tony, Thor. What’s your status? THOR: There are mortals trapped, and lots of small angry men with guns. TONY: Gah! I… just.. caught a bus! TONY: Maybe I should have had a bigger breakfast this morning. THOR: Out of my way! POLICE OFFICER: Thor! Thanks for the assist. We’ve got civilians trapped behind those barricades. THOR: Understood. Stay behind me. I will deal with them. THOR: This should be fun! CIVILIAN: Help me, please! THOR: Are you hurt? CIVILIAN: No, just stuck. THOR: Lucky for you, I am mighty. CIVILIAN: Thank you Thor! THOR: Get to safety. CIVILIANS: Thor! Thor thank you! THOR: Stay down. Help is on the way. MERCENARY: New target fellas, kill the god. THOR: Taste Asgardian Uru! TONY: Woah woah woah, thunder god. Who said you could have all the fun? TONY: Your turn! TONY: Gotta admit it, that was pretty impressive. THOR: Are you surprised? TONY: Oooo, cocky. I like that. TONY: Incoming! THOR: Shields…Quaint. THOR: Hahahaha, my turn. THOR: I’m not over, Stark! TONY: Hey! Get back here! STEVE: Just got confirmation. A SHIELD convoy was hijacked this morning. TONY: This from one of Fury’s morning briefs I never read? BRUCE: Come on Tony. Those are important. TONY: …Ok, whatever. TONY: Pulsar rockets? Glad Fury kept all my best tech in one place. NATASHA: Those rockets are going to de-stabilize the bridge! TONY: Yeah I know. I built the damn things. BRUCE: Cap. We should secure the Terrigen crystal. If that thing gets hit… STEVE: Already on it. TONY: (Groan) TONY: Stay behind cover. Tony: Alright! Which one of you B movie extras shot at me? MARIA: Avengers, the convoy is carrying classified SHIELD prototypes. MARIA: Fury is tracking down the full manifest TONY: Hill! How’s the cat? TONY: Tell Fury I really love being shot at with my own weapons. MARIA: We’ll keep you updated – and Goose is fine. TONY: Ha! I… didn’t know you were listening to that part. TONY: You’d think these idiots would be running away by now. STEVE: Can’t shake the feeling we’re playing catch-up. There’s something else going on here. NATASHA: What’s going on down there Tony? TONY: Oh nothing. Everything is just peachy. TONY: Just hopin’ these guys don’t have – TONY: Ugh! I take it back. They’ve got Pulsar Tanks. NATASHA: Going for a ride, Cap? STEVE: Someone’s initiated the security protocols. STEVE: The Chimera’s autopilot has taken over. NATASHA: Smells like a heist. We’re heading back. STEVE: Negative. Secure the bridge. Those weapons can’t get into the city. NATASHA: Copy that. You’re up Bruce. BRUCE: Yeah… HULK: (Transforming roar) HULK: (ANGRY ROAR) NATASHA: Tony, Thor. Got some of those flyers on me. TONY: Annoying little guys aren’t they? On my way. TONY: You know I was thinking today was going to be more fanclubs and funnel cakes. NATASHA: Focus Tony. STEVE: Avengers – talk to me. NATASHA: Those tanks are doing a number on the bridge. It could fall if we don’t take them out. TONY: Hurry up big guy. Can’t take much more punishment. TONY: Where’s big green? NATASHA: I’ve got eyes on him. Hulk, bringing in the Quinjet for landing. HULK: Hulk smash! MERCENARY: OH SH… HULK: Catch! THOR: Your inventions are dangerous Stark. TONY: Hey, those weapons were meant for the good guys. THOR: Is that supposed to be a joke? NATASHA: Not the time. Get your heads in the game. NATASHA: Cap, what’s going on over there? STEVE: Not sure Nat. Seems like the reactor is malfunctioning. STEVE: I’m getting strange readings on the monitors. Like we’re being pulled to a heat signal in the bay. THOR: Down! STEVE: Nat it’s going to destroy the cit- NATASHA: Repeat that Cap. I’m having trouble hearing you. STEVE: Nat, do you read? STEVE: All Hands, The Chimera is under attack. Evacuate the civilians. MERCENARY: Fire in the hole! MERCENARY: Go! Go! Go! MERCENARY: He’s alone! Take him down! NATASHA: Steve – do you read? STEVE: Nat? Nat! We’re being cut off. DOCTOR: Captain – we have a problem. DOCTOR: The reactor won’t stabilize. DOCTOR: The Terrigen molecular structure is breaking down into a gas. It’s extraordinary! STEVE: If you can’t fix the problem, get to safety. MERCENARY: Keep him occupied ’til they can take the shot! MERCENARY: I’ve got the shepard in my sights. STEVE: Shepard? MARIA: Avengers – if you can hear me, the convoy is transporting a highly lethal sonic disruptor bomb. MARIA: Our enemies intend to detonate it within the city. STEVE: The reactor… MARIA: I repeat – a sonic disruptor bomb. Secure the asset at once. GIRL: Abu? Abu? Where are you? TONY: Sonic bomb? Are you kidding me? I thought the U.N. outlawed those years ago. THOR: Let’s have a look, shall we. TONY: Now that is an entrance. NATASHA: Taskmaster. TONY: We need to get that detonator. If that bomb goes off, it could liquify everything within a 10 mile radius. THOR: Well, what are we waiting for? NATASHA: Tony! Thor! The cables! I’ll handle the freak with the detonator. TASKMASTER: Romanoff! TASKMASTER: From one former SHIELD. agent to another, keep up. NATASHA: Been a while, Masters. You get a haircut? THOR: The base of the bridge is secure. TONY: Guys! I’m getting discrete seismic readings. NATASHA: Tony! Truck! TONY: Got it! NATASHA: Hungry? NATASHA: I’ll take this! TASKMASTER: You know, I was hoping to face you. NATASHA: Funny, I’ve never given you a second thought. NATASHA: Come and get it! TASKMASTER: Not so fast. NATASHA: Aww, did I break your little jetpack? TASKMASTER: Doesn’t matter. I have this. NATASHA: Damn it. Hand it over! TASKMASTER: Come and get it! NATASHA: Taking your usual notes? TASKMASTER: What? NATASHA: Oh come on. The more I fight the more you learn, right? TASKMASTER: It’s called photographic reflexes! NATASHA: It’s called unoriginal! TASKMASTER: I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to kill an Avenger. NATASHA: Keep wondering! TASKMASTER: Here, catch! NATASHA: So you’ve stolen your weapons from SHIELD and your moves from my friends. TASKMASTER: And? NATASHA: That means I know just as much about you as you do me. TASKMASTER: Your dance ends now. TASKMASTER: Must be frustrating, always one step behind. NATASHA: You’re after the Chimera, aren’t you? NATASHA: What are you going to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? TASKMASTER: I’m after something much more valuable. NATASHA: You giving up? TASKMASTER: Not a chance. TASKMASTER: Where’s your investigation left you? NATASHA: That you’re not the brains behind this… NATASHA: and this smells like distraction. NATASHA: I’m done talking! TASKMASTER: Coward! NATASHA: What’s the matter? Don’t like surprises? TASKMASTER: Fool! I’ll adapt. NATASHA: Can’t learn what you can’t see. NATASHA: Next time? Take better notes. NATASHA: Guess you saw that coming, huh? TASKMASTER: You think you’ve won? NATASHA: What the hell are you talking about? TASKMASTER: Look around Romanoff. The world will remember this day. TASKMASTER: The day their heroes failed them. THOR: What’s happening here? TONY: The city is collapsing. NATASHA: Damn it, they played us. NATASHA: Steve, can you hear me? Get the hell out of there! TONY: Screw this. TONY: No… HULK: (Roar) NARRATOR: Some say they were set up. NARRATOR: Others, call them murderers. TONY: Do the Avengers pose a danger to society? That was the question Bruce! That was the question! NARRATOR: Well, We all lost something that day… NARRATOR: But that’s not how this story ends!

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100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage [EN ESRB]

  1. why are they running this game on the shitty ps4, when you have the powerful xbox one x to run it on. The fps keeps dropping below 30fps….

  2. Can we get another hulk game. Standalone like multi ulti distro or that one from 2009. Hes so much better when it's just him standalone. If they could somehow figure out a way to incorporate his chaos from those older games, along with a mix of unique gameplay from all the other heroes. Needless to say itd be fucking amazing.

  3. Iron man powers – flight and lasers
    hulk powers – stronk
    thor powers – sparky fingers and hammer
    cap powers – sheld
    widow – gun

  4. I really hope they refine the models and include never before seen Avengers, that is if Disney let’s them.

  5. yawn. boring gameplay and character design. Gameplay feels like something from the early 2000's. Character design is super lame too. And who put Blackwidow in the most dangerous possible fight situation. She is 100% human and would die in that situation. And cloaking ability? Her face and hair are all exposed. At least pull a quick mask over your face before activating an ability like that. Sorry guys. I wanted this to be good. but this was just awful to watch.

  6. Gameplay looks good, very pretty graphics. Only negative are QTE's (quick time events), but I suppose those are to be expected in super hero games now-a-days. Still tho, very impressed with this pre-alpha footage. Definitely still got me interested in this one. My bro and I use to play the Ultimate Alliance together, so hopefully we can do the same with this one.

  7. I'm pretty sure the hipsters and "progressives" here would unleash their fury if the Avengers so much as flick a booger onto the Golden Gate Bridge, let alone bashing it with a magical lightning hammer and shooting repulsor blasts everywhere. All Thor needs to do is make some lightning and thunder and all the baddies will go home. I live in San Francisco and we think the world is about to end when it's anything more than a light sprinkle.

  8. They should just detonate that sonic bomb in the center of the East Bay and get rid of all the troublemakers there. (Non-troublemakers will be immune to it because… reasons.)

  9. Хуевый каст вдовы и железного человека (и шлем у него хуже чем в фильме) во всём остальном респект!

  10. i remember 2 months ago everyone and their mother was hating this game. Now everyone loves it. Stop judging it from how the characters look.

  11. Well if thats it… then this game sucks as bad as the last movie. dated graphics, STUPID AI, slow fighting, terrible/limited skills… i mean if you advertise crap, its crap. If this is supposed to make me want to buy this… you failed.

  12. Why does the game look like a superhero version of Dead Rising 3? Starting from the beginning of the game even, to graphics/ graphical style, and the game's style…
    It all seems to reek of a shit superhero version of Dead Rising 3…

  13. 9:37 "AV10963"
    hmm… can't mean Avengers #109, because that was in ' 7 3
    the team first appeared in 1963… but what about the '0'?
    curiouser and curiouser…

  14. Oof, not gonna lie boys, this looks rough. I don't think I've ever been bored watching the initial gameplay presentation of something. That dialogue is so weak, everything about this game screams cash-grab, like an original movie game that had too much time in development. We got discount God of War and Batman Arkham gameplay from studios that had nothing to do with either project. I also heard the same sound effects looping within two punches in one combo like holy moly, and did y'all hear the audio clipping? Yikes, I'm all for true gameplay trailers, but this the best they have to show for it right now? Oh man. I feel like I was watching a PS3 game with PS4 graphics, there is no innovation or creativity that I can see anywhere in here, this is the same old song and dance we've seen so many times at this point. God of War without the solid and brutal feeling, Batman without the fluidity or combos. This entire project feels like it's banking on the fact that the cinematic universe has made us suckers for anything with an Avengers title in the last 10 years. In conclusion I think Black Widow said it best. 14:39

  15. Don't release this game as it is. It will be a flop. Get Ubisoft or netherealm studios to develop this game better. Heed this wise council. Out

  16. Judging it from the leaked gameplay it’s actually a lot more complex and looks way better the more you’re into the game which makes me wonder why they would show off such a poorly made gameplay footage as their first promotional material

  17. Thor can't fly on his own, he throws his hammer to fly. Iron Man's metal suit shaders need work they look like a 2000s game. And fucking give the game characters the movie likeness for fuck's sake! This is gonna be the typical tie-in movie game, it'll flop.

  18. As much as I like this, one minor complaint:

    Thor's Hammer, it doesn't sound very impactful, if you ask me…

    Hell, the Jormungandr in For Honor uses a hamarr weapon like Thor does, and that one sounds like it has more punch behind it than the actual Mjolnir!

  19. That game looks okay. But the fighting seems to be boring after 4 fights. The fight system looks kinda monotonous. Let's see, maybe they will add some more.

  20. Dialogue looks scripted as fuck this looks extremely linear gameplay. Marvel's Spiderman was better you had the freedom to explore the open world

  21. The only thing this game play did for me was, made me not care about any other Avenger besides the Hulk! Give me a New Hulk game!!

  22. wait so ironman is faster than thor…maybe spiderman does need to leave the MCU coz thats jus BS atleast sony treats its characters right

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