Marvel Studios’ Black Widow Toys!

[MUSIC PLAYING] We are looking at some Marvel
Studios’ Black Widow inspired toys here at Toy Fair 2020. I’m in the Hasbro
showroom right now. So let’s take a look. First off, we have our Titan
Hero series, 12-inch figures. Of course, we have Black
Widow in her new snow suit as well as Taskmaster. I love this blast
gear, because we know Taskmaster has mad skills. That’s why there is
a bow and a sword and a crossbow tucked
in that backpack. Next up we have the Marvel
Legends series figures. These are six-inch,
highly detailed figures. We have Black Widow in
her classic black costume. We have Yelena Belova
ready for action in her new white costume. And we have Black Widow
in her new snow suit. We have Taskmaster
complete with gear. And we have the Red
Guardian, who is my new fave. One of the coolest things
about these figures is that you can pose them
and play with them in so many different ways,
because they have so many interchangeable
cool pieces, gear, and even special effects. But sometimes maybe you
want to be your own hero. That’s why we have
Power Move series toys. We have the Black
Widow Stinger Strike Gauntlets, where you can
projectile your own stings across the room. I also love this
Taskmaster mask, complete with a skull look. And of course, we
have this awesome toy that I’m excited to play with. It is the Taskmaster
Stealth Slash. And let’s see what
action it can get into. Let’s go find more
Black Widow toys. I found my way over
to Funko to check out some of the Funko Pops inspired
by Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. I think we should take a look. We have Taskmaster with bow
and arrow ready for action. We have Taskmaster,
put up, shield ready. We have Yelena Belova. And I love the
detail of her braids and her new white costume. We have the Red
Guardian, all shined up and ready to get into battle
with his awesome iconic shield. We’ve got Black Widow
in her new snow suit. And we have Natasha Romanov
in a more casual day look. Now, one of my favorite
things about Funko Pops is how adorable they are. They’re super collectable
and their heads bobble. So they’ll agree with
anything that you say. You can preorder
all of these Funkos now from your
favorite retailers. That’s it from Toy Fair 2020. But what was your
favorite toy inspired by Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. Tells us with the hashtag
Earths Mightiest Show. And be sure to see Marvel
Studios’ Black Widow in theaters on May 1st of 2020. I’m Lorraine Cink for
Marvel, Your Universe.

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82 thoughts on “Marvel Studios’ Black Widow Toys!

  1. Perhaps Taskmaster's shades enable him to use an interface that mimmicks that fight pattern analysis system, the one Friday used so that Stark could analyze/predict Cap's fighting style in Civil War?

  2. Where is the Titan 12inch "black" Black Widow? They could have made a variant instead of just the White version…

  3. I still need an Endgame version of Black Widow for Legends and Pops to complete the original six. Come on now Hasbro and Funko Pop!

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