Marek Visits LEGOLAND California

Welcome to Marek Media! Okay, let’s go to the park and have some fun buddy! Birthday boy! Ready to have some fun buddy? Let’s go on all the rides because your old enough now to go on a lot of rides. 3 years old. The birthday boy! Hi, Marek Jr! Are we on the boat ride? Oh, look it. This guys ready to box. He’s got his boxing gloves on. The fairy godmother. And there’s Cinderella in her beautiful ball gown. It’s Aladdin and the Genie. It’s the three little pigs. Bye! That was fun! Did you like this ride? Did you enjoy yourself? Say yay! Yay! Just taking it all in. huh buddy? Here we go. There’s rabbits and corn. Do you like this train ride buddy? Yeah honey? Wave to daddy over there. Look, mommy’s right here. Hi honey! Are you going to drive the car? Steer it buddy. You got it! Good job! Look at you! You did it honey! What a big boy you are! Yay! Watch your step. Here son, get a license. Okay, get it from the man. A card, look. Grab it! Thank you. Okay, come on baby. You’re the winner. High five! What does your driver license say? Always remember to wear your seat belt. Go in the police car. Okay, go! You can sing that Blippi song. Oh, police car! Somebody crashed? Oh, you have to go help them, huh? Wave to daddy! Smile, hi! Are you a knight? You go ride your horse? Prince Marek Jr? You have to stay on the ride. Okay, don’t get off. You have to stay on until the man helps you, okay? Have fun honey! Bye baby! Hi son! Marek Jr hi! Hi honey! Hi Marek Jr! Was that fun? Look, mommy’s right here honey. Was that fun? Yeah? This way buddy. Okay, thank you. Yay, look at you! My birthday boy. Let’s go on some more rides, yeah? I go giddy up. You went giddy up? Giddy up! Lunch time for Marek Jr. He got a grilled cheese, some chips, an apple and a drink. Taking a little break, huh buddy? Filling up our bellies. Are you having fun so far birthday boy? That’s your drink. Press it. See? The elephants shooting water. That’s pretty neat. Is that a pirate ship? Cool O, the little, um. People are coming out of the church. They got married. The wedding chapel. Son turn this way! Okay, come on. Bring it over here buddy. You tried, it’s okay. How are you guys doing today? Good, how are you? Oh, look at the birthday boy. He’s got a bag full of goodies. Let’s go show daddy what you got. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe!

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