Making Paper Doll Ornaments – DIY Christmas Craft Tutorial – Tonner Miss Unity Dolls UFDC

Hi and welcome to Vintage Doll Collector. Today I want to share with you a process I
used for making paper doll Christmas ornaments. One of the doll clubs I belong to made these
ornaments to decorate a tree as part of a fundraising event. We decided to use Miss Unity for our paper
doll. Miss Unity is the symbol of the United Federation
of Doll Clubs, and has been made in many forms over of the past 50 years. Jeannie Sieg, one of our club members, took
a photo of this Miss Unity doll in her underwear, and printed it out on card stock. The doll she photographed was made by Robert
Tonner, is 6 1/2″ tall and made of resin. She had made up a simple pattern for the clothing,
a skirt that would wrap around the doll, and three different bodices which would be on
the front of the doll only. I had five dolls to make, so I made five copies
of the pattern. Here’s what the skirt will look like. And here are the bodices. I decided not to use the one with the skinny
sleeves. But the one on the right here makes her look
a bit like Popeye. I ended up cutting the sleeves in half so
she ended up with some short sleeved dresses instead. We had decided on blue and white as a color
scheme for the decorations. Jeannie bought some royal blue crepe paper
and silver foil paper trim for us to start with, but we were encouraged to use any materials
we wanted within the color scheme. The silver foil is actually a double row which
made a very delicate trim when it was separated. I procrastinated a bit on making my ornaments,
and after a few weeks I noticed that the crepe paper had faded a bit. You can see the left hand side is lighter
than the right side, which was covered by the paper pattern. So I went to my fabric stash and pulled out
some blue and white cotton quilting fabrics. I used a glue stick to glue the paper patterns
to the fabric. This is a glue stick I bought at the dollar
store. Do not buy these glue sticks! It left little lumps of glue all over the
paper. After covering the paper pretty well with
the glue, I stuck the paper to the fabric. Then I traced around the skirt pattern, using
a Sharpie, leaving about a quarter of an inch all around to turn the fabric. And then I cut it out. In order to turn the fabric neatly over the
curved shape of the paper, I clipped the fabric at the two corners of the U shaped where I
goes around her waist. I also clipped around the curve of the hem. I applied glue around the waist area, to both
the paper and the fabric, and turned it to adhere. Then I did the same to the two straight edges
on either side of that, which will be the back seam of the skirt. And finally I did the same to the curved hem. Here is it with all the edges of the paper
covered. See all the little bumps of glue the glue
stick left. Nasty stuff! Fortunately it didn’t show on the fabric side. It looks quite nice from the front. Then I repeated the process to make the other
four skirts. Now they need some trim. I used Tacky Glue instead of the glue stick
to do this. I ran a bead of glue on the foil trim, and
then positioned it on the skirt. It was a bit tricky and a bit messy, fortunately
Tacky Glue dries clear. I put a little of the foil trim around the
waistline too. This time I put the bead of glue on the fabric
instead of the foil. To give some variety to my ornaments, I wanted
to use some white cotton lace in addition to the silver foil. The one on the bottom is meant to be used
with ribbon run through the middle, but I’m going to cut it apart and just use half, so
it’ll be more in scale with the doll. Here’s a bead of glue around the hem where
I want to position the lace. Obviously, I can’t draw a straight line too
well! And here’s the narrower lace in position. You can see the glue right through it, but
it’ll dry clear so I’m not worried. I used the same lace on another skirt, but
moved it up a bit from the hem for a different look. And here’s that wider lace after it’s been
cut apart. Pretty, don’t you think? I used the wider lace on the striped skirt
too. While the skirts were drying, I started on
the bodices. I decided to go with two long sleeve and three
short sleeve. I cut them a little longer than the pattern,
just to make sure she didn’t have any midriff showing. I glued the paper patterns to the fabric. I didn’t need to draw a seam allowance around
them, just cut right up to the edge of the paper. Here they are all cut out. And then I put some trim on to match the skirts. Then I glued the bodices directly to the dolls. Then I took a break to let everything dry
completely. To put the skirts on, I had to carefully position
them over her torso but under her arms. You can see it better on the back. Then I put glue on one side of the back seam. Turned both sides over and pressed the glued
side on top of the other side. The Tacky Glue dries pretty quickly, I didn’t
need to hold it very long at all. I forgot to take a picture, but I also glued
a loop of navy blue trim to the back of her head so she could be hung on the tree. And here she is all done! They came out pretty good I think! I like the fact that each one is a little
different. With this one I put some of the cotton lace
around the waistline, but it was too big and stiff to really turn the curve well, so I
only did it on this one. The silver foil was so delicate I was able
to put some of it on the sleeves as well. Because the card stock makes the skirt stiff,
they can actually stand up by themselves. Every one of the dolls made by the club members
is unique. This one is done with the crepe paper, with
sparkly silver trim. I like that she put the trim in Miss Unity’s
hair too. This one has the crepe paper with the same
silver foil trim that I used, but she has a glittery sheer fabric overlaying the bodice. This version has the paper pattern making
the skirt, with fancy gold trim, with the bodice covered in royal blue fabric and trimmed
in white lace. This one is similar but with different trims
and more ribbon. Here Miss Unity has the skirt of crepe paper,
but pleated to give a different look. The bodice is a lighter blue felt, with an
interesting gold trim. Here’s a beautiful illustration of Miss Unity,
backed with white felt. This Miss Unity is dressed in white, with
big polka dots on her skirt, with a tulle overskirt. Her white bodice is overlayed with the sheer
glittery fabric. I like how strips of the crepe paper were
pleated to make cuffs. Very creative. This one is dressed in white felt, with various
gold trims and the bodice covered with the glittery fabric. The strip of pale blue felt at the hem looks
great. Here she’s used white felt for the bodice
with a blue skirt, with crepe paper and the silver foil for the trim. This Miss Unity has the blue crepe paper bodice,
with a white skirt covered in tulle, with a narrow white lace trim, very neat looking. Here she’s got a white felt bodice and blue
skirt, with bands of silver ribbon. This one has a bodice made of a floral fabric,
with a white skirt. The gold trim is a foil paper. Here she’s all in white, with dark blue sequin
trim. Another very elegant style with the crepe
paper. I believe the trim at her waist, which looks
like bows, is another foil paper. I love this one with the pleated skirt and
the white lace trim. This member got creative with paper doilies
to add interesting details to Miss Unity’s dress. Here’s another one, with the crepe paper set
of beautifully by bands cut from paper doilies. Here she used a shiny blue paper as the base,
with red and white doilies. The touch of red was carried through to bows
on the tree, made of blue and white ribbon, with a red cardinal ribbon forming the center
of each bow. The cardinals are for remembrance of loved
ones gone before us. On the top of the tree we had a big red and
white bow. We put wrapped packages under the tree. This one is decorated with a real Miss Unity
doll dressed in blue. And this gift has Miss Unity dressed in white. And here’s the final result. We decorated the tree as part of the Festival
of Trees, put on by the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, NH, to raise money for scholarships
and other projects that promote forestry and gardening. They do it every other year, and our club
has been participating in the Festival for about twenty years now, doing a different
doll related theme each time. I was able to get a few pictures of other
trees during the set up. This one is made with PVC pipe! Ornaments were placed in the circles cut out
of pipe. This tree was made of pieces of wood, and
on the branches were little gnomes. Each gnome has a body of a piece of white
birch, with a faux fur beard, a pom pom nose, and a stocking cap. This tree had ornaments all made of pretzels! And this one had a red hat theme. One corner of the room was all decorated with
teddy bears. The volunteers put a lot of work into making
this a great event. Thanks for joining me today. If you try making some paper doll ornaments
of your own, leave a comment and let me know how they came out. If you want to be notified when I have new
videos posted, click the subscribe button and the little bell icon. See you next time!

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6 thoughts on “Making Paper Doll Ornaments – DIY Christmas Craft Tutorial – Tonner Miss Unity Dolls UFDC

  1. Elmer's Glue Sticks are the best and so is Tacky Glue! All the ornaments are unique and lovely and so are the trees and other Christmas decorations. You have inspired me to try and make some paper doll ornaments for my own tree this year! Thanks for posting! Take care & God bless!

  2. Thank you for the great video! It was fun to see what you and other Doll Club members did with a pattern, guideline and a few materials!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I sadly didn't win any of the dolls at the auction. But I am not giving up yet! 🙂 I hope you did good and they all found good homes to go too!! Thanks for making such a great educational and fun video! I hope to try and make one if I can find time! This looks so fun!! Thanks so much!!

  4. This was a lot of fun to watch:)!! I never made Paper Dolls, but I so remember playing with them as a Child:)!! Unfortunately, none of my paper dolls that I so loved survived to still be with me:(. However, I LOVED the way you made ALL of Miss Unity's dresses:)!! The gorgeous white lace and the aluminum silver foil trims were beautiful:)!! I also LOVED the blue and white lace doily dress @8:31 on the Christmas Tree:)!!! I never heard of Cardinals being used on the Tree to remember those that past away, but it is a beautiful thing to do. My Late Dad would have to be remembered with an Indian Thunderbird because he once worked in California on an Indian Reservation and my Late Dad loved to draw Indian Thunderbirds when he was alive. In addition, that is a wonderful event to raise money for forestry scholarships:)!! My favorite was the Teddy Bear corner, since I so LOVE to collect Teddy Bears and Teddy Bears just feel more like Christmas:)!! Thank you for sharing your lovely Paper Dolls and I hope that you have a blessed Thanksgiving:)!!!

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