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So we’ve shipped students but let’s move
on from dorm rooms and teen angsts and focus more on the professionals. Today
I’ll be shipping some of our favorite UA teachers and pro-heroes and make us some
super-powered babies. We officially met this first pro hero on the raid of the
League of Villains hideout. Edgeshot may be known for his snazzy ninja costume
but he’s also got a really powerful quirk, Foldabody. We see him slide through
the door to the hideout like a damn pancake and then he twists into a thread
and pretty much lobotomizes a Nomu. He’s obviously a formidable hero if he
made the Infiltration Team in the first place. Let’s pair him up with Kamui
Woods,one of my favorite pros. I mean come on,
the guy looks like a canoe. AND we’ve seen his Lacquered Chains Prison move a
couple of times and it’s pretty cool. And their baby might be the most powerful
one we’ve made yet. Okay I know what you’re thinking: how could Origami Boy
and Groot make the most powerful baby? Think of it like this okay, Edgeshot has
the ability to stretch, twist, and fold his body into any shape imaginable. And
Kamui Woods has the ability to control and generate the wood covering
his body. And when you combine the abilities you get the ultra powerful
Quirk I like to call Toothpick. Okay yes that might not sound super intimidating
but hear me out all right. This baby will be able to launch into the air, morph
into a splinter and lodge themselves in a villain. While splinters are definitely
annoying and kind of painful, this baby can do way more than just piss villains
off by getting wedged in their palms. After successfully infiltrating the body
of the target they’d be able to expand and grow into a beautiful, luscious and
extremely deadly forest. And if you’re growing a forest out of some bad guy’s
body, they’re most likely not gonna survive the experience. While turning
villains into plant food is definitely not hero-worthy, I’m pretty sure this
baby could find a less deadly way to use their Quirk. I mean they could JUST be a
toothpick but murder forest is always an option, I’m just saying. Okay so I have a
big soft spot for these next two pros because they are both absolutely
horrifying to look at. More so Ectoplasm than Cementoss, like Cementoss is
just like a square boy but like in real life that would be like really
weird. Good old Cementoss with his block ass head and Ectoplasm who, like come on,
you’re a math teacher man why do you look like Red Skull mixed with Inspector
Gadget. Despite these teachers’ looks, I feel like they’re good guys and they’d
make a pretty strong baby. Also I’m pretty sure that Ectoplasm stole
Naruto’s Clone Jutsu and is now just passing it off as his own Quirk. Anyways,
what happens when you combine Ectoplasm’s Ecto-clones and Cementoss’ ability to
control cement? Cement Clones, of course. This baby would be able to create clones
by driving their hands into any surface made of cement.
Unlike the clones Ectoplasm produces, our baby’s clones would be much stronger and
sturdier. They’d end up being like the sand or rock clones from Naruto. Aaaaand okay I met my
two Naruto reference quota, we can continue. But how many clones could this
cementy hero make? Well if Ectoplasm really pushes himself he can make about
36 clones, but he’s using that gross goop from his own body to make the copy, so of
course the number he can summon is limited. His kid however could use any
surrounding cement, making the possible number of cement clones almost limitless,
depending on how much material is nearby. Like, like think about it, if this guy was
in a parking garage he could probably generate like 10,000 clones. And for
better or for worse the baby will probably inherit their fathers’ strong…..
features, I mean they’re really ugly. Okay this next ship might seem a bit weird
but trust me these two would make a beautiful baby together. Of course I’m
talking about Ingenium and Nezu. Confused? Well don’t
be, because the truth will reveal itself. Alright so think about it, Nezu is the super
cute and super smart principle of UA. And you know he’s seen some s*** because
just look at that scar across his eye. Then let’s take a look at Ingenium,
before his…..horrible accident. He’s the Turbo Hero who can run at super speed. so
what kind of baby would he have with Nezu? But what hero do we know that’s super
fast, blue and an animal that’s capable of speech? Yes that’s right,
I’m talking about Sonic the Hedge- Yes I’m serious, Sonic. Well if you let me explain! Listen
the combination actually works pretty well if you think about it. Ingenium
has the ability to move at superhuman speeds and Nezu is a super smart
talking animal that looks sort of like a hedgehog, if you squint really hard. So if
you were to squint really hard at their kid, they probably look like Sonic. And
okay sure Nezu has white fur not blue but
seriously, this is an anime. Hair dye exists…fur dye in this case. And sure
Sonic would technically have jets on his legs, but it’s close enough. I really like
Sonic and it would be great if you would just let me have this one. Okay I’m not
shipping these two heroes just because they’re old. Okay maybe I am but I think
they would make a really cool baby with some really cool quirks. I’m looking at
Deku’s mentor Gran Torino and UA’s nurse Recovery Girl. So at first glance
this ship doesn’t seem to make any sense. For one thing, Gran Torino uses his Quirk
to inflict pain via a swift kick to the face, while Recovery Girl heals people. So
how could they make a good hero baby? Well instead of using a kiss to heal,
this baby would kick you. Yeah using Gran Torino’s jet-like feet, they would
fly around saving the day by kicking the sick and injured directly in the face.
Okay I’m not some sick masochist, okay? Their kicks would have healing
properties too. As soon as they kick you, you begin to heal. Also remember what
Recovery Girl said about her powers: the greater the injury, the more stamina and
energy you use when she heals you. Well her baby’s powers would work in a sort
of similar way. The greater the injury, the harder they have to kick you in the
face. That makes sense right? The point of their power is that it both
hurts and heals. It’s essentially the physical manifestation of an oxymoron.
Still I think it heals more than it hurts because at heart, Gran Torino and
Recovery Girl are big softies. I mean if it wasn’t for them, Deku would still be
injuring himself every time he used One For All. I guess this baby’s power could also work in different ways. Like maybe in
order to be healed, you’d have to give them a foot massage or something. The
better the foot massage, the faster you heal. Or even worse you’d have to kiss
their feet to receive healing. Okay boy I don’t care how bad One-For-All beats me
up I am NOT kissing some random person’s feet. Let’s just stick with the baby-face-kicking thing that’s better in a sense. If you can’t get enough of
these babies, take a second to visit GetInTheRobot.TV to sign up for our
email updates. You’ll get some sweet desktop and phone
backgrounds featuring these custom illustrated bouncing babes. So this next
ship has two awesome pro heroes for parents. With a dad like Best Jeanist, you
know this baby is gonna have style. I mean the guy pulls off a denim
turtleneck that looks like tiny-belted jeans. And we’ve seen Mount Lady use her
Quirk to square off against some of the strongest villains we’ve encountered so
far. So how does Jeanist’s Quirk Fiber Master pair up with Mount Lady’s Gigantification? To be honest there’s a lot of ways you go about combining their powers,
but I think it’d be hard to argue against what I’ve come up with. This baby
could use his dad’s fiber powers, combined with his mom’s powers of
gigantification to make really really big jeans. I don’t think you get how big
these jeans could be. We’re talking the size of a building. This Quirk could be
called Ginkgo Jeans. Now before you call me out for going on a nostalgia trip,
this Quirk wouldn’t just help this baby fit into a circa 1997 Smash Mouth video.
It actually would be really useful. With Ginkgo Jeans, this baby could expand
their fabric to cover, well, just about anything. Imagine getting caught in a
giant circus tent that’s actually just this baby’s humongous jeans. Yeah you’re
f***ed. Jeanist could manipulate fibers strand by strand, meaning this baby could
easily trap and bind villains. And not just one villain. If Mount Lady and Best
Jeanist had this baby helping them at the Nomu Factory, things might have gone way
differently. And if this baby could somehow make Ginkgo Jeans fashionable
again, they’d truly be doing the world a great service. Alright enough joking
around, it’s time to talk about the only actual canon ship on this list. Is the
fact that these two have so little in common that makes them a great ship. Yep
I’m talking about Eraserhead and Miss Joke. These teachers have a great rapport
during the licensing exam and I gotta say that I love seeing how easily Miss
Joke could get under Eraserhead’s skin. Yo you know she’d grill him for wearing
that sleeping bag around. And I wouldn’t mind seeing UA’s glummest teacher crack
a smile every once in a while. I mean there’s absolutely nothing better than
watching two people overcome their differences, find love, and inspire a
million fanfics. Eraserhead can temporarily erase
Quirks and Miss Joke’s Quirk, Outburst, allows her to force people to laugh. So
what do you get when you combine the two? A super emo baby. Like her father, this
baby can take something very dear from her opponents and like her mom, her Quirk
messes with emotions. This baby can basically erase an opponent’s happiness.
I call this Quirk Despair. And it would really be a bummer. But there would
be some limitations. Like Eraserhead, this baby would only be able to use their
Quirk for as long as they can keep their eyes open. So as soon as they blink the
target gets their joy back. So imagine a dry-eyed, super-powered emo baby walking
around making people sad. Honestly I think dad will be proud, even though this baby
is pretty much a Dementor. Just think of them stalking the grounds of UA in
black robes searching for their next victim, probably with some eye drops. Okay this baby’s starting to sound less like a
hero and more like a villain? But if she wields her Quirk well she could probably
bring a lot of battles to an end without using any violence. So you just use
crippling sadness instead. I don’t know about you but after what he did to Best Jeanist,
I’d love to see All For One crying like a millennial with crushing
student debt. That got a little too personal.
I am sorry. Thanks for watching! I’m Kurt and if you want to see more videos like
this, subscribe to Get In The Robot, your Anime Explainer.

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