Hello, everyone and welcome to my new doll repaint video As you could see already from the thumbnail, today we are going to make a Billie Eilish doll And of course, Billie Eilish is probably one of the most popular singers at moment and even though you know I am not very much, myself, into those popular things Normally, I just refuse to follow all these hype and things But this time I can agree that Billie Eilish 100% deserves all this hype, all this popularity, because she is just good. The music is good, the voice is good, the way she performs is amazing She has the charisma, she has the darkness inside of her And is also 100% up to date So I really think she is an amazing artist and guys she is also very young so I think has a potential to become really a huge star, really a superstar So, while I am under Billie’s charms, I think it’s time for us to make a Billie doll And it was quite difficult, of course, to find a doll to this transformation because all this Monster High dolls and Barbie dolls there was always something off in them And the only doll that could give that Billie Eilish feeling has become this tiny Howleen doll first of all she has a little bit different body type she has this, more like, teenager’s body and is why she looks a little bit more like Billie Eilish to me than all this adult, big, with the long legs, model looking Monster High and barbie dolls And there is also something in her character that gives me this, you know, (Indie Scene?) vibe So, let’s work on this doll a little bit and let’s try to turn her into Billie Eilish Of course, in this kind of transformation we will not be able to reach 100% realism because this doll, it’s not sculpted like Billie Eilish I mean, like, the jawline will be different, the skull bones will be different the distance between the nose and the lips is not exactly the same but, let’s, anyway, try to push max out of this doll and what is the most important, let’s try to catch the spirit, the vibe of Billie Eilish And I’m going to start like always with my basic preparations you know, of course, all the first steps already very well if you’ve watched my videos sometimes First of all, I’m going to remove her outfit and then I’m going to cut her hair as short as I can and if you’re suddenly for a first time on my channel then, please don’t forget to subscribe we are playing here with doll evey week friday So, welcome to the family And, I will start the transformation Then, I’m using the hot air of my hairdryer to make the head soft and to melt the glue inside of the head And when the head gets very soft, I can disconnect it from the body and then, using my old tweezers, I pull the rest of the hair out Then I can remove all the paint from her face using pure acetone Okay, now it’s time for a little plastic surgery and first of all, I would like to adjust a little bit the tip of her nose to make it look a little bit more like Billie’s nose this part is a bit smaller and not so round like the doll’s nose so, let’s adjust it a little bit using my very sharp knife and some pieces of sanding paper And after this I’m also going to cut the wolf’s ears off So, now let’s also prepare the body fisrt of all, I’m sanding it with nail buffers to remove the glossy top from the surface Then, I clean it with an acetone-free nail polish remover And then I cover both the face and the body with a couple of layers of some light acrylics using my airbrush because I want to give this doll a skin color similar to the skin color of Billie Eilish After this I also sprayed the doll’s face with a couple of layers of Mr. Super Clear sealant like this I will be able to draw on this rubbery surface and while all these layers of paint and the sealant are drying I have already here prepared the pencils and pastels and you see that the colors are very normal, natural, very nude we are not going to make anything very special on her face today we are just going to copy the reference picture on the doll’s face these pencils will be enough for it and as the reference I’ve decided to use this from the Bad Guy music video because I really adore her hair color here and I think that her face expression here is very much Billie Eilish so, let’s try to recreate it And I begin like always, with sketching her eyes and eyebrows The eyebrows are going to be very trend, of course like dark, white, very wild I draw the nostrils and work a little bit on the shape of her nose and after this I’m going to move to her lips and this is quite a challenging part because I have to turn smiling lips into a half open mouth without any smile at all And after I’ve sketched all the main elements of her c face I can finally take soft pastels and blush it creating a more realistic looking skin tone And after this it’s time to add color with my watercolor pencils This layer I repeat it twice and now I can draw shadows and highlights and this step will make the face much more realistic and alive This time I’ve decided to draw the lashes both the bottom and the upper ones because Billie’s has a very natural makeup and there is no special accent to her lashes at all so I think false doll’s lashes will look quite alien here And now I also want to draw the blood under her nose I add reflections to her eyes using white acrylic paint and with dark red acrylics I give some extra texture to this blood under her nose So, now let’s also blush the doll’s body because it’s supposed to match the face And then, with red pastels I add bruises under her knees because you can find them both in the song and in the video Okay, now let’s make a wig for our Billie and here I got this acrylic yarn and I think it has approximately the same color like her hair on the reference picture, so now we are going to turn this yarn into hair and first of all, I’m going to cut it into shorter pieces and then, I’m going to tie these pieces of yarn around some barbecue sticks Then I split this yarn into single threads and after this, I’m going to brush it with this brush for cats And yes, brushing yarn with the brush for cats it’s actually my full time job And don’t know what happened Now, I just need to make them straight with my mini flat iron and the yarn started to look immediately like hair So, now I can cap(?) the doll putting it on some plastic surface and applying tacky glue to the cut edge A couple of hours later, when the glue gets completly dry I trim these glues edges and then I a wig for her using my glue gun, like always Now I’m going to cut her hair a little bit using this eyebrow razor and it’s just ideal for working with the yarn here So, the next step is making her outfit and today I’m create the pair of short pants, a shirt with buttons on the front a pair socks and, also, a pair of white slippers And honestly, it’s been really while since I made doll outfits myself ’cause nowdays, you know, my mom is mostly in charge for all these sewing and stuff but, anyway, today I’m going to show some class as well, I hope Anyway, I prepared here some white fabric already I have also adjusted the patterns So, let’s make it Oh, and by the way, I’m using this special marker to draw on fabric it disappears partially from itself and the rest you can remove with some wet tissues or something like this and please, don’t use regular markers or pens for drawing on fabric otherwise it’s gonna be really a disaster you will not be able to get rid of it so, first of all, I’m going to make the short pants, I think I’ve attached a piece of velcro to the back and now let’s make the creases first of all, I draw a line where the crease should be with the marker and then I iron it with a hair straightener Ok, now let’s make a shirt and I begin with connecting all the parts together I’ve attached this strap of velcro to the front of the shirt and on top of it I’m to add a couple of super tiny buttons just as an imitation these buttons are way too tiny to use as real buttons you see, even a very thin needle cannot go throught but they look amazing as a decoration and the scale of them is just ideal for dolls I just think I want to paint the buttons white like we can see on the reference picture otherwise these dark buttons take too much attention And now let’s also make a pair of socks for her Now I still need to make a pair of slippers for this doll and today I’m going to use a completely brand new material for this it’s called worbla and I’ve seen my beautiful fellow youtuber doll artist Hextian using this kind of material for his dolls and when I’ve seen how this thing works and what can you do, make with this I bought it just instantly, in the same evening, really so I really want to thank Hextian for this beautiful discovery, for the inspiration and if you suddenly don’t know his channel, if you don’t know his art yet I’m going to link it down bellow in the description box I’m sure you’re going to have lots of fun discovering his dolls and now let’s use this thing to make slipers for our Billie Eilish the main feature of this material is that it becomes very soft if you warm it up with a hair dryer or with the heat gun you can shape it then anyway and it gets very hard again, like it was in the beginning And I think I’ve made very decent looking slippers just in a couple of minutes of working now let’s cover them with a couple of layers of white acrylics then we will put the doll togheter and then we will finnaly take a look at the end results pictures Here is my mini Billie I think she has become perfectly recognizable after all this jump I’ve done today and first I wanted to say that I love her eyes, especially but, actually I also like very much how her mouth turned out and her hair looks really very good and the short pants in combination with these bruises under her knees look also very real as well as the slippers and the socks too I just really hope guys you that you loved her as much as I do and please, let me know what are your thoughts and impressions here in the comments down below because I’m really looking forward to hear your opinions today and I know it’s probably a little bit a crazy thing to hope for I know Billie Eilish has a busy schedule, I’ve checked her dates for this summer and yes, it’s extremely busy guys, but let’s try share this video and tag Billie on it who knows, maybe her or someone from her team would see it, then I would probably simply explode and can you also tell me who should become the next famous person for me to repaint I know you want to see the guys from BTS, but let’s wait a little bit till Matel releases their official dolls and then I will try to fix them so, subscribe to not miss this transformation in the future but who else should we make and this will be available for sale on ebay for three days so if you are interested in getting one of my dolls you will be able to find the link in the description box So, and that was my doll transformation of the week guys I really hope you enjoyed it today if so please don’t forget to support my art here on youtube with your likes, subscribe to my channel, of course and I will see you very soon, next week, friday, in my new doll repaint video love you guys, bye!

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