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Most of our robots are 6 axis robots, 6 degrees of freedom with a payload capacity range from 3 kilogram to well over 1 ton of handling capacity. We’re working on robotics, on solutions and automation for nearly every industrial area. Aerospace, electronics,
general industries so we are all over the world. We use 3D printing with
MakerBot at a fairly early phase. As soon as we give models and data to our suppliers that make metal components, we start 3D printing robot parts. Because we can do that development stage with one-to-one scale printed components. By the time we have actual aluminum or metal parts, we have already made a number of revisions. Our printer is working nearly 24 hours. In 2016, we printed nearly 7,000 hours with only one printer and we had a success rate of 92%. To us it’s very important that a 3D printer is reliable. We have very very big covers
which take 80 hours or 120 hours. It fills the whole volume of the printer. We also use the 3D models to develop the assembly process. What kinds of fixtures do we need, what kinds of tools do we need. Print them out overnight and build
a fixture to the next day. Four years ago, I started to build up the Application
Engineering Team to develop new applications around the topics; sensitive robotics, human robot collaboration and mobile robotics. A.I.P. stands for Automated ItemPiQ. It’s an application where a robot combined with a camera finds parts inside a box and takes out the parts. During the development came the idea let’s use some parts 3D printed to minimize the weight. On the other side, we reduce the amount of parts. So, 3D printing is very important because every application is different and everything is customized. I think human-robot
collaboration is the future of robotics. Human-robot collaboration allows you to
combine the advantages of a robot with the advantages of a human being. Seeing, feeling, being able to react quickly. The 3D printing enables us to create
application tools in a very short time and therefore we have the chance to make short time schedules for our customers. I think without 3D printing, we could not be so successful as we are at the moment.

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