MAGT – I Danmark er jeg født (og jeg blir’ hjemme)

*G-flat major Got your pitch? Yep! I am born in Denmark and I’ll stay home With my kids and dull relationship I listen to the voice of my Government And Søren Bridgestream, Denmark’s new David Attenborough So quit your trips to the café A quarantine must still be upheld Even if you miss drinking beers with friends Don’t forget hand sanitizer And practice your home baking Your cactus is in desperate need of water Your wife could use some attention too But don’t forget to keep your distance to one another So make sure to give that cactus some extra love And what is more Danish Than playing with Lego around the kitchen table For the Lego-Deathstar must be assembled, all of it Luke Skywalker He’s going to stay inside Your apartment is also quite filthy Your toilet is arguably disgusting But now is the time for you to experience How it actually feels to clean at home And when you go for groceries Buy only what you need A roll of toiletpaper can last a week Steady on my friend Everything will be fine again 🙂

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27 thoughts on “MAGT – I Danmark er jeg født (og jeg blir’ hjemme)

  1. Sådan! Har delt den på Facebook. For vi må gerne være med til at dele sociale budskaber ud via social medier

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