M-ATV – military LEGO Armorbrick kit (REVIEW) [Рус. Субт.]

everyone team America’s here my name is Max and today we are presenting you one of the most anticipated models of armored brick team yet if not the most anticipated this is the MATV kid by armored break some of you guys have already ordered this kid to be a custom order therefore you probably already have the m80 d by armored brick in your collection for those of you who have not seen this kid yet here is our video let’s start from the very beginning and let us tell you a little bit about the original MATV the MATV is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected m r AP so for those of you who asked the question if MIT V is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected or m r AP honor our latest post on instagram so yes indeed MATV is a m r AP all right ma t v– is a vehicle developed by the Oshkosh corporation for the m r AP all-terrain vehicle or ma TV program this thing costs approximately four hundred and seventy thousand dollars if not more the speed of the MA TV is 65 miles per hour or 105 kilometers per hour this vehicle is extremely popular useful and therefore is used not only by the US military forces but by other countries as well for example such countries as Bahrain Croatia Iraq Poland Portugal Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates United States which because done in Yemen I guess it is safe to say that this vehicle is probably used by other countries as well and they’re listed elsewhere it is also important to mention that like M 977 hampt this vehicle has a lot of different versions and here are some of them for example MACD Special Forces MACV solved ma TV engineer ma TV comment and ma TV utility we have the most common version represented as our Lego kit now let me guys show you our model closely [Music] now let me guys walk you through all the details of our armor break MATV key first of all let me say that this kit moves freely and very easily so you can obviously play with it the turret of our vehicle rotates 360 degrees you can also a spot of the gun on the turret of our vehicle but I need to point out that this is just the breech arms barrel however you can order the original m2hb gun by brake arms on I’m a very calm [Music] because the MATV key but our rubric contains the amount for the original m2hb gun by brick arms here it is let me also tell you guys that the m80 VT by armored brick contains the brick separator the original one by Lego company all right with that being said let me also show you guys that this kit is highly detailed and it is exactly like the original MATV the shape all the angles are extremely close to the original MATV the design for this kit was created by one of our bosses good nick of alia so please give him a round of applause for this kid a lot of you guys also asked us if there is some room inside of this vehicle yes there are forest seeds for your minifigures inside the cabin of the MIT weakened by armor break there is a one place for a minifigure on a theater rat of this vehicle or rather in the turret of this vehicle and the place for even more minifigures in the back of our vehicle the other popular question is if we can open the doors and yes we can guys as you can tell I will try to show you guys this kit also has a steering wheel inside I hope you can see it guys so via all together this is a wonderful kid by Ira brig by our team our designers we make Ophelia and Whitney Kafka do it is safe to say that this is my favorite kid buy armor break now you can order this kit on our website armor break all the links will be down in the description let me also remind you guys that recently we have uploaded our new series on our YouTube channel armory blocks episode 1 in those blogs you will learn more about our company armor briga bout twins our founders upcoming kids and more so please stay tuned and support our new series don’t forget that at armored brief we have a special or custom order option if the kid you want is out of stock or it is nowhere to be found that is not a problem because we can create any kid you want all you need to do is contact us via Instagram Z and what’s Airport email all the links will be down in the description as always describe the kit you want us to create and we will happily do it for you also check out our Instagram page because we irregularly post some fire photos videos and keep you up to date with all other breaking news thank you guys once again for watching this video we hope you enjoyed this video as well as our brand new MKT naked by armor break looking forward to seeing you in the next video guys have a good day goodbye [Music]

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