Lots of Safari Animals Toys Collection – Learn Wild Animal Names For Kids

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hey Guys! Racetoytime here! Today I’m going to show you my safari animal collection Okay, let’s get started Here’s a pride of lions Here’s a tower of giraffes Here’s a dazzle of zebras Here’s a herd of elephants Here’s a crash of rhinos Here’s a herd of gazelles Here are the Gemsboks Okapis Impala Lesser Kudu Wildebeest Pangolin White lions Cheetahs Leopards Meerkats African buffaloes Hippos Crocodiles Ostriches Aardvark Hyenas African wild dogs Honey badgers And lastly we have African porcupine Okay, well I hope you guys have enjoyed this video Let me know in the comments which safari animal is your favorite in this video Do not forget to subscribe! And also click that bell icon to get notified every time we upload a new video Before you go click on those videos on the screen to watch more fun videos here in this channel Thank you for watching! Stay tuned!

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