Blockers, from Monterrey, #WEAREHUNTERS!! Hey Hunters, what’s up? Today we’ve got a very wacky top! the 5 rarest and most expensive Jurassic Park figures! I’ve got this hype at its highest for dinosaurs! perhaps it’s just nostalgia or the design of this toyline! but while we find out, let’s start with this violent top!! in the 5th position we’ve got the Mobile Command Center from Chaos Effect! this vehicle was made by Kenner in 1998 before Hasbro took command of this line! in my opinion, Kenner will always be better! Vintage Rules! it’s a playset that every child would wish and today, it’s considered one of the greatest treasures among collectors having it complete is a great achivement but finding it boxed is hitting the jackpot! it’s valued around $300usd! almost $6,000 MXN! in the 4th position we’ve got Carnotaurus Bonebraker Lost World’s toyline released various relics back in 1997! but nothing compares to this dino with attacking jaws! the packaging is awesome, I reckon Jurassic Park chose the perfect colours to catch the attention! the nicknames of these beasts are great, such as in this case: “Bonebraker” this piece is among the hardest to find! so it’s highly sought after among JP collectors Would you be willing to pay $600usd for it? exactly, around $12,000 MXN! in the 3rd position we’ve got Carnotaurus Demon! this retro gem drives me crazy! from its packaging to the deadly figure! its details and colours make it look evil! I think the bad guys will always be the most appealing of each line! it was made by Kenner in 1994 and, in case you did’t know, the hardest to find piece is the battle wound! yes, this bit of flesh that was easily lost! in mint condition this piece is highly priced! say, around $700usd to capture it! indeed, almost $14,000 MXN! in the 2nd position we’ve got the fearsome Omega T-Rex! this dude belongs to the Chaos effect collection made in the late 90’s it’s the deadliest predator of all, it has no enemy! the fact of being able to eat big stuff makes it super bad ass! this piece is a repaint of the Bull T-rex from Lost World but what a repaint! I assume Kenner, in a desperate attempt to continue a ferocious business, created this variant but finding it boxed today, is almost as difficult as finding a real dinosaur bone! its electric colours are pure nostalgia! and if you’d like to have this stunning lizard in your collection, you would have to pay $800usd! yes, $16,000MXN! and in the 1st position!!! we’ve got the Trasher T-Rex from Chaos Effect this 90’s gem represents its era with this beautiful neon colours! despite not being a success when released, today it’s the greatest treasure of the whole JP collection! this beauty is a repaint of the T-Rex from The Lost World in previous years but really, it looks amazing like this! we all know that genetic manipulation in Jurassic Park is cliché but with this dino, they really deserve a round of applause! to catch this treasure of Modern Archeology in your collection, you would have to pay $1000usd! yes, $20,000MXN! my favourite of this top was No. 1!!! leave a comment telling me what’s yours! tell me what tops you’d love to watch! and if you like watching them, please share this video and subscribe! good luck in your hunts, you’re watching Madhunter Channel!

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