Looking through the LEGO Christmas 2019 Catalog (US)

hey everyone I have here a Lego
Christmas catalogue for 2019 this is a United States version it is the thickest
most comprehensive Lego catalogue that I have had in my hands or seen in person
in quite some time so I thought this would be a good time to spend some time
just going through it and sharing my thoughts about what is here I’ve done
some catalogue walkthroughs run throughs flip throughs in the pasts that a lot of
people have liked so you want to see it then buckle up it’s gonna be a wild ride
no it’s it’s not gonna be a wild ride it’s gonna be very very chill if you
don’t want to see it well just click away it’s no problem not everything is
for everyone you know and just start right here with the Christmas specific
stuff this is interesting I had not heard of this so Lego this year has
announced that they’re getting into recycling of used LEGO pieces that’s an
interesting thing and then this is a donation thing that they’re doing a
charity based thing for every ornament built I’m assuming this is an N storia
in-store little event that they’ll be doing at physical stores they will
donate a Lego set to a child in need now I’m assuming that they’re going to be
donating very small sets but you know what to a kid who doesn’t have toys
maybe yours it’s just is in a hospital and has a you know a really tough time
that they’re going through in their life where they’ve had family troubles are
you know they’re in an orphanage or something
a small Lego toy is something that can bring so much joy I’ve worked with a
number of of charities in the past and just the amount of joy that they’re able
to share even just distributing a ton of the smallest of LEGO sets is tremendous
so that that is a really good thing no matter what even if it’s not that
successful it’s a really really good thing
advent calendars I have not even paid any attention to in quite some time and
you’ll notice that I haven’t done any reviews on them in quite a while because
there was a time when everybody was doing all the advent calendars and every
single day you know for the the the twenty first twenty five days in in
December there would just be so many of these things
flood YouTube and I did that a little bit cuz people were asking me to do it
but I just got tired of it I think I got tired of it before most folks did it
just it just didn’t feel good to me let me know in the comments what you think
about advent calendars in general I just feel like they’ve become a bit past say
at least the the lego ones for a time they were they were really popular I
actually did purchase for myself the Star Wars one just to get the figures
that are in there and I’m not even gonna do any video on it or anything cuz I I
got it for me just to have to have the figures anyway this thing was super nice
I think some people kind of pooed on it didn’t like it because it didn’t have
regular human minifigures in it and doesn’t necessarily fit directly into
the the the long going holla’d your winter or Christmas village kind of
theme but I don’t know I just think it’s such a charming thing that it’s good I
have not looked at any DUPLO sets in quite some time and I feel bad about
that I feel like I should go back and look at some more loot DUPLO stuff I
have on me right now to DUPLO trainsets one of them is
probably a few years old by now one of them is maybe one year old you know they
don’t even show those here I’m surprised they put so little DUPLO into the stuff
to see if there’s any more but it doesn’t look like this there’s gonna be
because DUPLO is still a really good thing it’s a good product line it’s
well-loved it gets purchased a lot that’s for sure maybe they just feel
they don’t need to push it so much because it kind of sells itself but yeah
I need to get caught up on that the Toy Story stuff I personally just wasn’t
interested in either however I did purchase two of these I purchased this
for myself to get some green army man I wanted them and also these red these
red wheels in particular and I most recently purchased this I think it was
just this past week or the end of the end of last week I got this to get
another white motorcycle and Duke KABOOOM just I don’t know cool dude cool
looking figure pieces to use for other things but I’ve I’ve never been a toy
story fan my and these being Super Junior eyes sets I
just feel felt like they wouldn’t be of that much interest to my viewers in
particular I think that was it a good choice just you know because anything
that I do is gonna take away from time that would go into anything else I
always have more to do than I have time so that’s kind of why I often prioritize
especially these days that I can’t review everything because they make too
much the space stuff from what I’ve seen in stores the space stuff is sold very
well and I’m very happy to see that and you know I’ve talked about it plenty and
reviewed all these things and I think this was a good one not every single
thing they did was perfect but overall I think that it’s good and well timed with
the popularity of space exploration and commercial space travel now be exploding
quite a bit in the popular conscience the fire stuff will always get people
complaining why do they keep making more fire stuff and yet it keeps selling and
these stores that I’ve seen in person have not had a lot of dust collecting on
on these sets and I think they did a decent job with the fire sets in general
yeah the the main fire station is not the big one is not the most expensive
one not at the most expensive fire set for this year that distinction goes over
here and so it is smaller so that was definitely understandably disappointed
disappointing to folks looking in from the outside but I think it was probably
not as disappointing to kids who got this fire station who don’t just sit on
bricks set you know brick epd or whatever and just compare things based
on their size or comparing things to things that were made years ago because
you know they were kids years ago and now they’re holder to
regular modern kids who are getting Lego stuff today I think that that fire
station was not bad at all this stuff not quite so much
I think the patrol car did sell pretty well understandably I’ve still seen some
of these on shelves I think this was the worst seller out of all of them
just from what I’ve seen you know I could be completely wrong on that just
based on you know seeing how how quickly how frequently store shelves appear to
be restocked I don’t feel like this was a particularly strong season for for a
fire assuming for a police in particular they tried to tie in and make it make
sense with the little little animated series that they did this year
you know why sky police and it’s kind of a silly thing had brought some you know
some understanding to it but I don’t know it just feels like it didn’t work
out all that well I haven’t seen this set selling that well myself but then
not a lot of them have been made and I’m sure that there wasn’t a great amount of
expectation for this to sell hugely I feel like amongst Lego fans it has been
received very very well one of the better received sets aside from these
really nice minifigure packs and then this one you know every time I look at
the marketing pictures for this the the actual you know official pictures and
stuff it looks so much nicer to me than it does in person you know I reviewed it
and this I I I always I look at it I immediately think oh lodge there’s a
lodge there that’s cool and it with all the stuff they put in the background and
how they pose things at different levels I think it looks better than it actually
is in real life and that’s that’s a shame I don’t feel like they were there
intentionally trying to mislead there any more than advertisements generally
do I mean look at how much stuff is in the background here but that’s still a
pretty cool set but just here I just feel like this was a disappointing to me
a disappointment to me I haven’t built this and I should I got it
I just haven’t built it and I should the Train stuff and I have so much plastic
track I’m looking forward to using actually some of it this coming year if
all goes well I’m going to be using a bunch of plastic track and it’s going to
be glorious and it’s going to be awesome talk about that more later what do you
think about the current trains why have they not shown the cargo train here
they’re showing the passenger train which is
which is okay for what it is it’s not great but it’s okay it’s not bad you
know but the cargo train set yeah more expensive but it’s so much cooler
there’s so much more that you could do with it
all these relatively small sets $20 and less I think worked out pretty well
this friend stuff is fantastic ah I have not seen friends stuff selling as well
in general this year I don’t know what happened I don’t know
why it it feels like it has lost some of its some of its hype
maybe you just there’s so much of it out there because it did sell so
fantastically well in its earliest years but it feels like it has slowed down
quite a bit not a big fan of this sub-theme over here I don’t feel like
that was done all that well this is kind of nice but this part the stuff that
they do is roller coaster track in general is not particularly exciting
this one is well loved by by older fans but you know we are the least we alder
fans are the least important people amongst Legos fans we think of ourselves
as being the entirety of the Lego fan o sphere but we heard that the smallest
part what matters is what the kids think what the kids like I think this is an
exciting looking set for what it is these not so much that’s kind of a
complete house I know it’s open on the back but that’s a rarity so it’s a good
thing the juniors style set this one I guess if you’re hmm I don’t know I still
don’t like most of the friends vehicles I’m just at least land vehicles frozen
to I know nothing about personally I know absolutely nothing about I think
that this looks pretty cool I like the color scheme here and but just I I know
nothing about the source material so I really can’t say much that’s a really
cool set though just the fact that it’s different it has it has mechanical stuff
to it and it’s got a really nice horse that’s translucent and you know it looks
charming you can store stuff in it I think it’s a good idea I like that
that’s my that’s my personal favorite of all the frozen 2 sets that they’ve
offered up at least so far classic stuff have they done you know I feel like they
haven’t done as much of the the pure classic stuff this year as they did last
year they pushed a lot with some of the special mixed pieces you know just
general pieces little boxed sets but not quite as much this year
overwatch talked about that plenty Avengers
talked about certainly plenty I feel like these sold a little bit better in
general than I expected given given that there was a lot of question in advance
about how much they would they would actually tie into the movies but then
again kids don’t think younger kids don’t think quite so much about those
specifics when they’re looking at these at least from what I hear and what I
have always heard from kids listening to them in the aisles while I’m there
picking out stuff listening to them talking to each other and talking to
their parents you know it’s it’s about what’s in each set and it’s usually
about the figures those are the main things that that kids are looking at and
and caring about figures next any major vehicle like that vehicle I would never
hear a kid talk about that car or that helicopter ever ever they would
definitely talk about all of the characters ant-man being small if they
noticed it and the things that shoot you know stuff like that
motorcycle I don’t think I would hear that talked about very much it’s mostly
about the figures and some of the larger things and the settings the things they
can do overall with with the sets the DC things the Batman anniversary
stuff I felt was pretty strong looking forward to the e not UCS Batmobile that
will actually be the Burton mobile because this is totally not burn mobile
it looks nothing like the Burton mobile so says the designer there’s nothing
about this that that brings to mind the Burton will be oh nothing nothing about
it at all whatsoever yeah you look at the details but I mean look at the whole
thing come on well do you what whether you wanted it
whether you wanted to or not you’ve stepped into a war with the Burton
mobile on the legal Batman anniversary this has not looked like it is done well
maybe in the education space but I I see the boxes that represent these just
sitting on shelves getting pushed back getting knocked over never never brought
back it just feels like this has not worked out so well I feel like for
younger kids it’s good let’s see ages 7 plus yeah 7 2 so let’s say 6 to 8 I
think is the ideal age range for this to really to really pull them forward once
you get up to about 10 to 12 it it gets a little bit too easy and too simple
yeah just not interesting enough just my personal opinion and I haven’t seen a
lot of hype and buzz about it the creator stuff continues to be pretty
strong I never did that I thought about it but it didn’t interest me personally
enough that helicopter is big and it’s strong decent use of space on the inside
too but that one I feel like hasn’t sold all that well either I don’t know
there’s something something that’s not strong about that – I don’t know what it
is Harry Potter have talked about this stuff plenty by now other than that
pretty strong continuing to go from strength to strength oh yeah another
the Hogwarts castle via the big one is still around and they should hold on to
that for quite some time because they can make a lot of money off of it you
know just on an ongoing basis big big set with a big profit margin I’m
sure this thing is super cool is just looking at today
brick sets interview with the designer of this brings in a good amount of
additional insight into what he was thinking about why stuff was done and
this big it’s interesting this becomes a lot more contextually relevant today for
the current state of Star Wars with the upcoming release of the rise of
Skywalker because we have these the old I class class one one class I class
class I would have what is it what is it the older generation version of them but
upgraded with the what used to be synthetic khyber now his bled khyber
powered dreadnought cannons on the base of them that would be interesting to
find out how he how Palpatine got so much that such powerful stuff in there
how he was able to bleed all those all those crystals to power that stuff up
and to see if they actually will be able to blow up planets with a single Star
Destroyer or if it will require multiple of them you know firing in unison I’m
glad that there’s not gonna be another Death Star though gosh I’m so glad
there’s not going to be yet another flippin death ball from the Empire cuz
three is too many I’m sorry that’s one thing that bugged me quite
quite a lot about the force awakens probably what I liked least about the
force awakens was the fact that they had another still bigger flippin death ball
with a giant you know planet killing cannon for effectively the Empire and it
got destroyed again easily that bugged me so much it was so huge compared to
the original and it was destroyed it just yeah I’m
not happy about that a lot of people talk about what they what they leave in
their head cannon and what they leave out from their own personal head cannon
for Star Wars for me it’s star killer base I’m leaving out
that’s that’s not in my my head cannon first Star Wars it’s just too too
insulting to me this is cool for r2 the fact is you can’t do all three droids is
very sad and makes me a little bit angry that they advertise this so strongly as
a pack of three droids but you can’t have three droids you kind of have to
take the whole thing apart in order to make three different ones that actually
work I’m not too happy about that honesty you know it’s based on the boost
system which is fine I think that the boost system is used pretty well here
but I just can’t have all three droids even on display not too happy about that
will I ever get this I feel like I would like to someday but higher priority for
me personally it is a UCS Star Destroyer because I saw one the original one was
actually kept on top of a cubicle at PayPal when I first worked there I want
to say 2007 inch or so and I wasn’t even into Legos before I got back into Lego
for the second time as an adult and that thing was just so impressive to me ah
just looks so good but it doesn’t you know honestly it’s
because he was a giant Death Star the fact that it was Lego wasn’t that
important to me to be honest so maybe at some point I’ll do you know make make
models big bottles like foam core models or something of things that I want to be
large just so expensive and so heavy and so hard to find places to put such huge
models like these that even just for me personally it doesn’t make sense
Kent I can’t justify it I can’t do it hey inside Wow
even looking at these pages here with all this stuff over here that’s
complicating things and then then bringing in
the additional graphics that they use on the boxes rather than focusing on the
sets themselves like this part of showing the the you know the the device
the smart device the phone or whatever in the picture and making it fairly big
is really good that’s very important and I want to see I wish I wish there was a
little bit better connection between what I see here I can I can see it there
yeah that that works although it’s not quite large enough this works a little
bit I feel like they could’ve put a little bit more focus on the set there I
just immediately create the connection for our eyes but overall just the
graphic design work and the layout work for marketing for this beam just
continues to go from weakness to weakness in my opinion because this is
confusing these things are confusing and they just add noise visual noise this is
good there we go that’s what I want to see you know these little insects are
small enough that okay yeah they have to do this but it’s it’s a little bit it’s
a little bit redundant because this and this are supposed to be the same thing
but then this isn’t fully in context because it doesn’t serve a set then this
does show the set there’s just too many things that they’re trying to do it one
time like pick like I don’t know make this bigger and then just do that you
know put a little more focus on this or whatever could have been done better but
at least you see the sets here much better so that’s good so I didn’t like
the set go ahead good I haven’t seen the ending
episodes second set of episodes for this season yet myself I’m sure that they are
out there pirated from other countries by now but I haven’t personally seen
them just yet looking forward to that yeah i’ve seen all the kids coming
through trying to ruin the story for everyone who hasn’t seen it with the
spoilers for the second half which is really lame that people feel like they
need to do that but yeah where are the parents I say this I am NOT going to get
still not interested in it still just not
enough to me good set of figures the t-rex looks pretty good not as good as
the prototype in my opinion but it’s 250 bucks and I don’t I don’t need to spend
250 bucks on on a dinosaur and nobody needs to hear my thoughts about it
either nobody needs me to spend 250 dollars of my money to tell them what I
think about it because I’m not gonna tell you anything that you don’t already
know and hey you know just from looking at it you already have your opinion made
up it might be entertaining a little bit to hear what I have to say but it’s just
not worth it not worth the time and money it’s not so the stuff I went
through all this and it’s good that’s another little project I need to work on
at some point in the future is getting my my dinosaur exhibit my dinosaur
display together because right now it’s it’s Jurassic world falling Kingdom
themed but I need to get some additional stuff in a need to convert it more over
to the direction I want to go with it if being an old dinosaur sanctuary that was
found underground and all this stuff all this stuff here I’ve covered still need
to do Paris they’re not showing here but you know of course you got to focus on
the United States based stuff in the most recent sense we’re just fine you
know for these two obviously that’s not the United States I know that what about
this uh this thing I think is pretty cool I was I was looking through the the
brick set reviews for this and just recently just this week came out with
the the explanation of how the ctrl+ system works with that what happened it
that looks pretty good and some of the different control
schemes that they offer up through that app look pretty good to me I still am
sad that app use is required for this because I love being able to have
something tactile to actually be able to control something that I know will never
be deprecated that’s why I’m going to continue to get older Technic stuff
older cables and you know just motors power power
functions and 9-volt IRRI stuff and some of their switches even and everything –
to automate stuff and even you know Mindstorms was able to be programmed
without you know to some degree you could do some stuff without apps I just
I don’t know Lego is such a physical thing you know and that’s one of the one
of the cool things about it’s one of the wonderful things about it is that you’re
you’re doing something that’s that’s real and this stuff is not it’s all it’s
all virtual and I just worry about it going away at some point you know and
they stopped updating a particular app because that vehicle is no longer being
sold I mean power functions didn’t even last
that long to be honest you know each generation of Mindstorms is not lasted
that long but at least older stuff is still able to be used with the original
equipment I’ve been very interested in this since the beginning and it’s great
to know that just a single gear swap of two gears makes it actually off-road
capable I want to do some I also like the fact that the suspension suspension
is actually tuned to work it’s not super stiff like most toys that have
suspension are where it’s not actually gonna do anything unless you physically
push down on it this actually does soak up some terrain and the the tires can
move around one day I I want to do a working RC off-road something like this
in Lego I know there are so many different ways to do it I might end up
doing it custom myself but I do want to do that to some degree and have it
actually work and be good this thing never interested me personally I just
looked at the brick set review for it this looks better than I expected I
actually like this more than I thought I would does rely a fair bit on
non-technical I think it’s I think it’s pretty cool in $200 does not seem
unreasonable for the amount of stuff that you get there to me personally you know this one I I
don’t know why but I feel like I didn’t see the second version of it until
relatively recently you know the other option for it and I love the fact that
the alternate model for this gives you two things you can actually carry along
because it’s that’s the one thing that I liked least about this model was the
fact that there’s only one vehicle to actually carry you know you build this
carrier they can hold at least for at least four vehicles maybe five you know
if you get small enough ones of this this general size but it only came with
one I don’t need it to come with I wouldn’t ask for it to come with five I
wouldn’t ask for it to come with four three would be nice you know so you can
have one here one here and then one on the top you know just to kind of have
all the bases covered right because this is one unit and this is another unit so
you want to have one vehicle in the trailer you want to have one vehicle in
the main thing down low and then you want to have one up top either here or
here just to have it all the bases covered
so you’re using all the stuff that’s there but the alternate model at least
does that doesn’t give you as much space to carry things along but you can carry
multiple things at once and I like that so I think I like this better then and
all this because you can do more with it and that is that not like a gyro like a
modern gyro version of an 18-man it’s kind of what it looks like to me I did
get that I just haven’t built it I don’t know if I ever will just cuz of time it
you know it’s getting kind of old like nobody fewer people care about in people
who do care about I’ve already passed judgment or I’ve seen plenty of other
reviews from technic specialists so the value of me doing and stuff is down
relative to the amount of time that I could use instead working on my city or
other projects all this stuff I’ve covered it’s pretty good it’s pretty
good it’s my least favorite right there by far but the rest is pretty good I
hope to continue at that level this is a nice spread here these are all things
that the designers of them I think can be proud of and the team in general can
be proud yeah this is this is Lego doing really
really good work here at a large scale which allows you to do bigger details
this in person to me still looks pretty dang boxy doesn’t look enough like the
real thing it looks so much more like an actual db5 here then it doesn’t person
to me it looks so much more boxy just the lighting I think helps to accentuate
the curves here but also the price of this was rough to me but the build is is
good this one is better in my opinion this is good for what it is I’m gonna
use some silver that’s pretty good relatively plain relatively basic but
still good and looks really nice on display I still have this built I don’t
know what to do with it probably gonna just take it apart and sell it because I
have enough of the coaster pieces that I’ve gotten in grey for anything that I
wanted to yeah I’m definitely you know I’m not gonna do a theme park again in
my and my main city that’s for sure it’s just over done that now this I actually
hmm 200 bucks though I could use this in a future project so I may yet get this
there there’s hope that I may get this before it goes out of production again
this is great I still haven’t put together probably won’t keep it
long-term but it’s still it’s still really good of course I still have all
the modular buildings put together how do people think about about the
today about the shift to 50s 50s style for the era that these things are
replaced in now I wonder I’m actually curious what people think if you if you
want to want to say what you think about that move in general when it first
happened you know it there was a little bit of split some folks were happy to
see them trying something different some folks wished that they would just
continue on with the same theme so that things would feel better together like
this this works okay but this just stands out so much against the 20s and
30s mostly thirty zero stuff that they
they’ve done in the past it’s no I guess it kind of depends on
what they do next you know whether this will continue to stand out and other
things will fit in better or if we’ll really see a continuous pushing it in a
direction that is obvious and that makes more and more buildings stand out to
where you can’t have just a nice long row of modular buildings that look like
they all go together this set I probably haven’t talked about this in in some
time maybe I have I might have mentioned it but this said I have kept together
because my wife loves it it’s just on display in our living room I put a
colored light behind it so it lights up the wall behind it and we you can change
the color and it’s all those remote control one so maybe once a season or so
I just changed the color on the pink or blue or cyan or something you know you
just change it up I actually haven’t done orange I should probably do orange
for this holiday season my wife is also into Halloween in particular for
decorations and stuff yeah I’ve talked about this too much so I’m not going to
talk about that anymore talk about this plenty these plenty this I feel is kind
of just falling off the map like he came out and there was some interest in it
and then at just all went away I haven’t seen anybody talking about it since this
yes this a little bit this not at all interesting and that’s it got friends
yeah I know nothing about friends other than one reference that they have in
here the lipstick for men they have a reference to it and in this set
somewhere I think it’s on a sticker or something I remember that from when I
played on TV it was funny but other than that I have no interest in the theme
whatsoever I think it’s a cool set of a set you know but yeah I can’t offer
anything on this why have I not reviewed it because I know nothing about the
source material I can’t give a good review I just I’m not qualified it’s
it’s useless I am I offer no value thank you to the folks who say no Jane you do
offer value even if you don’t know I preciate that I don’t concur and I just
don’t feel good about it I I’m not confident that I can provide value it
it’s an uphill battle to get me to go past that all right that is it
rambling from me maybe I know just my thoughts I’ve got nothing else I’m
actually a little bit just continually continue to be disappointed that there’s
not more DUPLO stuff in here because I was looking forward to seeing more stuff
that I have not talked about not looked at in the past year but not so much all
right well that’s that thanks for watching if you made it to this point
I’ll talk to you again yeah pretty soon

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100 thoughts on “Looking through the LEGO Christmas 2019 Catalog (US)

  1. Could the Friends stuff be selling less well because the themes are less stereo-typically girly? With all the aquatic, racing and fairground stuff being more active and adventurous maybe it's not being picked up by parents and grandparents for young girls in the same way the school, pet and music themes were. I certainly hope that's not the reason but it used to sell very well because it was marketed as "LEGO for girls".
    I, personally, was always a little jaded against Friends for being "girl LEGO" when as far as I was concerned LEGO was gender neutral but it proved me wrong in being fantastically popular so maybe the less "girly" themes are hurting its sales? That would be really sad but it wouldn't be a surprise to me.

  2. I think there is value to someone reviewing something that they're not interested in the theming off, since it can help inform people who might just like the appearance of something. The Friends set I understand not wanting to review since outside of friends, who is going to buy that thinking "yes I want this half bit of a coffee shop

  3. I’m not into the advent calendars but I bought the Harry Potter one because it has exclusive parts and I’ve got the rest of the Harry Potter Lego line. Big Harry Potter fan!

  4. Where did you get this catalog? Pretty much everywhere else online still shows the pre-holiday catalog as the latest. I think you must be the absolute first to show this thing, and that includes Lego proper: https://www.lego.com/en-us/page/static/catalogues.

  5. Death to the dreaded soulless apps!!!! Physical controllers with levers and switches is the way to go. I did make a custom 2.4Ghz setup for use in custom boat builds and it also works great to power land vehicles, however you need to make a shaft adapter in metal for that.

  6. I would love for Lego to release an advent calendar that is actually a SET. Each day is a new set of pieces and a few steps. instead of a bunch of micro/mini builds you get something of substance. But I doubt that would be profitable.

  7. I wish that Jurassic Park set had a vehicle with it. I'd honestly get it if it had a couple Explorers in it so you could make a nice display with it.

  8. The diner is the only modular building I have so far. The theme was simply to good for me to ignore. And it is rare that I buy sets that expensive. Though I will be getting the treehouse that one is also to good to ignore.

  9. I Love the Advent Calendar, specially the Star wars ones. Its a really shame in my country Lego only sell the first two years, and soldout almost immediately. And in the next years just vanished like isn't selling well. I don't know what they are thinking on Lego

  10. I'm really happy with the modulars' switch to 50's architecture because the original run ended on it's 10th anniversary and thus it had 10 sets, which is just really well rounded

  11. I enjoy watching you because 1 your quite nice to listen too and 2 I don’t buy the classic Lego things usually ; I’m a fan a Lego friends but watching your reviews let’s me know if it’s worth to get something else other than my usual. I’m quite into hidden sides but not really anything else.do wish they focused on the Lego friends, not more than the other sets but more then they usually do for this specific line.

  12. On the subject of the boost Star Wars droids, it is disappointing that you can't have all 3 builds at the same time. However, if that is how it was designed, wouldn't that have made it prohibitively expensive?

  13. 18:30 I have this set (75192) myself… very nice set! Continuity error in the packaging, though. Depicted is Han and gang being chased from Cloud City by TIE fighters, but at this point in TESB, Han had already been frozen in carbonite 😉

  14. When I looked through the catalog the other day. I had the feeling that I liked the ads from the 80-90's so much better since you could actually see the set and didn't have to look through a bunch of computer animated pictures to see what the set actually consisted of. I believe it is a little too embellished now.

  15. JANGBRiCKS, please review the LEGO Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 sets that you own. I know they are LEGO Juniors based and should really be branded as this theme and then as Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 as a subtheme, but I would still like to hear what you think of the sets, that you own. Thanks.

  16. I love it when you look through catalogs or magazines, please continue to make them, thanks for all your hard worK JANG

  17. I'd be interested in a quick review of the Advent Calenders, even if you didn't actually get them. I went with Harry Potter this time as the Star Wars one looked disappointing.

  18. That's a shame, been waiting for the Technic Porsche RSR. I don't watch other reviewers 🙁 I understand the time factor though

  19. I know you don't want to keep the modular buildings in your city, but I would love to see them all on display and lit up. I just think it would look incredible! Just a thought!

  20. IKR I watch like 30 min. just to see blind bags. He does have awesome vids…I wish I could make vids like him. Oh hey Jang could you check out my channel and tell me how my LEGO vids are please?😆😉

  21. Like each year, Lego makes a LOT of sets, some of them super cool, some cool and some not, there's no perfect set and I don't expect you Jang to review every single set that comes out, you'd have no time for anything else! But it's quite cool to see the sets that have come out this year, I only have a few of them because of money and space constraints, but I'd buy a lot more if I could. The fire sets look really nice, it's always been one of my favorite themes in Lego, the Friends line is getting quite interesting, I love those colors, they are very appealing! Space sets are one of the best of the year, not quite Lego Classic Space, but that's the closest we can get at this time. I also have the Hall of Armor set from the Avengers line, it's one of the best in my opinion, not to mention the Speed Champions, can't wait to see what 2020 will offer in this line. I think the Ideas Tree House is one of the greatest sets made this year, I'd love to get it! Thanks for sharing this catalogue, Jang! Love the sound of your voice as well!

  22. Love how Emmet and some LEGO movie 2 stuff is on the cover yet it is mysteriously absent from the catalog, you would expect at least two pages wouldn’t you?

  23. Emmet, Susan, and one of Rex's Raptors are on the cover, but no LEGO Movie 2 sets inside the catalog. They could've at least shown off the last 3 sets that were released.

    Also what do you think about the Wyld-Mayhem Start Fighter set? I'm curious.

  24. I really like mid century modern and 50's Americana, so I love the Downtown Diner. I'd like the next to be a roadside motel that's Howard Johnson-esce

  25. My comment on the FRIEND'S set is that it looks like Ross is butt naked in the promo picture. I feel like they should have done his positioning different.

  26. I'm tempted to pick up that Duplo airport just because the passenger jet reminds me so much of the old Fisher-Price plane from my childhood. Just me showing my age?

  27. Jang, what do you think about the Legend of the Bionicle Ideas project reaching 10k supporters? Sorry, off topic

  28. I think the Downtown Deli was a mistake, especially the Friends colour scheme, but the Corner Garage is just great. I bought it on the day it came out. The best sets are still the earliest ones though, where the focus was on the streetscape rather then the interiors. They are, after all, for 16+.

  29. Thank for this. I have some LEGO Christmas presents to buy so these reviews are coming in handy. My 5 year old grandson and I built the LEGO friends set. It was a really fun build. Lots of figures which he likes. He likes to play with the set when he comes over. Ironman did stop by for coffee which I found hilarious.

  30. You can definitely display the 3 starwars boost set droids simultaneously. The only major limitations are:

    1. Theres only 1 motor
    2. The accessories for the droids, ie mostly the different buzzsaw blades for the gonk droid can't be built simultaneously

  31. Hi Jang, not sure if you will read this comment. Anyway, I just randomly watched a Youtube suggested video for one of your MOC. I know you may want to focus on sets review in recent years, but have you considered to create a new channel for your MOC design?

  32. I like all kind of adventkalender. Lego, chocolate, Barbie, self-made, you name it. As long as the content is worth it. I got my Harry Potter adventkalender on sales, so I'm good.

  33. JANGBRiCKS 27:22 I think your asking to much for that one set to include more then one car. The car in the set is the same size as the other cars in the same line so encourages people to buy those other sets which a collector would do anyway. I can imagen a kid getting this truck for Christmas or birthday and then spending his Christmas money on one of the other cars to go with his truck.

  34. Re: the shift to the 50s in modulars, I guess it's nice for variety's sake but I like the 2 newest ones much less than all the others

  35. Just got this today. 5:08 haha they accidentally put the Burger Bar Fire Rescue on the page twice. When I saw both I was so confused, I though my eyes were playing tricks on me.

  36. the newest catalog i can order from lego in germany is the christmas 2018 catalog which is really sad i like looking at them

  37. The day they come out with a set featuring The Legend of Zelda will be the day I finally buy anything Lego. Until then, I will live vicariously through Jangbricks videos.

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