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(birds) Storieswithdolls: It’s 8:00 in the morning. And the girls from the Storybook club are
ready to start their day. Curious Q.T: (yawns) I slept so well last night! Heartbreaker: Me too, and I have a lot of energy to start the day! Hops: What book can we read today? Troublemaker: Ooh, I’m the first one to make my bed today! Heartbreaker: And I’m going to be the first one in the shower! Troublemaker: Hey, wait, that’s not fair. You haven’t even made your bed! Heartbreaker: All right, I’ll make it, but nobody can use the bathroom before me! There, now nobody can complain. (knocking) Voice: Who’s in the bathroom? Hops: Huh, who is it? Heartbreaker: It’s me, Heartbreaker! I said for nobody to take the bathroom before me while I was making my bed! Hops: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you when you said that. But, I’m almost done. Aw, bummer, I couldn’t enjoy my shower today. I don’t like it when they rush me. Heartbreaker: Finally you’re done (laughs)! Oh no, Hops! You forgot your ears! Hops: Oh, oops! (laughs) That’s what happens when I get rushed. Heartbreaker: Oh, I’m sorry. Hops: That’s okay, thank you for telling me about my ears! Hops: Mmm, breakfast was delicious! Now it’s time to read stories! Troublemaker: Hmm, which one should we read today? Storieswithdolls: Hi, friends! Stories With Toys and Dolls here!! I promised you that I would make a room for every club of the LOL dolls. So, I’m keeping my promise! Today is the Storybook Club’s turn! Since these dolls come dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters, I wanted to make them a room with an Alice in Wonderland theme. That’s why on this wall I used red hearts
as a reference to the Queen of Hearts. And on this wall I used paper that looked a little wacky, as a reference to the hare that is always late. Boys and girls, my sister loves Alice in Wonderland! So she gave me the idea to make a tree like the one in the Wonderland Woods. And to put the names of every doll on the signs and to point them in the direction where their beds are. So here on the left side we have Curious Q.T. and Heartbreaker! And on the right side we have Troublemaker and Hops! (singing, “You’re a Troublemaker”) Their beds are red and white to symbolize
the Queen’s roses. They are originally white, but the Queen has them painted red. So, that’s why the beds are red and white. And here’s their reading corner, because they love to read of course. I put a little rug here so they don’t have
to sit on the cold floor to read. That’s also why I bought myself a rug. I put some books on the table. And here the window overlooks a scene from a storybook. We can see a fairy tale castle in the distance where princesses and dragons probably live. And going back to the Alice in Wonderland theme, there are red roses here on the window sill. And here we already saw the tree. By the way, I love this idea my sister gave
me, it looks so cute!! Doesn’t it? And now let’s go over to this Playmobil playset that I used for the bathroom. Here it is already set up, but we’re going
to be going through it piece by piece. Here’s the bathtub that can also be used as a shower. And we can move the shower head around. And here’s the tub where we can pretend that the doll is taking a nice, relaxing bubble bath. And you guys know that Playmobil toys are very detailed so here is the fountain where the water comes out of. It has this shampoo and conditioner. And I’m going to make a confession friends. They kept falling while I was filming the
video, so I just stuck them on with glue (laughs). But don’t worry, I used a glue that
isn’t very strong and it won’t leave any marks. See? I easily pulled off the shampoo and it didn’t leave a mark on the toy. Another piece I really like is this piece
of furniture. It looks very realistic, and it comes with
these little baskets where we can put stuff like clothes or towels. And here in the middle there is a drawer where we can put soap…. or make-up…. And this set also comes with these flowers. It comes apart as well, the flowers can come out. The leaves come off, and we can take it out of the vase. In the video, I used these flowers to decorate the furniture. It also comes with this chair, and I’m not
sure what it’s for, because I don’t have any chairs in my bathroom (laughs). I’m thinking it could probably be used to do things like beauty treatments, or dye your hair, or stuff like that. It comes with this towel. A beautiful rug. A sink to wash your hands, really detailed
with the fountain and the dish. And here we have a drawer that opens for real. And I put some things that the playset came with in here. Some of the accessories. This little hand mirror, a tube of toothpaste, and a toothbrush. The set also came with this, which is like
a medicine cabinet. It even has a mirror. And inside I put more accessories that the set came with. It has another toothbrush, a cup to rinse your mouth, another cup for the other toothbrush that I put in the other drawer. And it has this jar that you can put cotton
balls, or hair clips, rollers….. And here we have the toilet, this one is a
little more simple because it doesn’t have a tank. And usually toilets have tanks. But, the lid actually opens. And it has toilet paper, and it has this brush that we can use to clean the bowl. (music) Friends, I love you all so much! I made this room for all of you with lots and lots of love! And I can’t wait to read all of your comments!! Also, If you liked this video, don’t forget
to give it a like at the beep!!! (beep) Friends, if you want me to keep doing more videos like this, don’t forget to give this video a like. And don’t forget to subscribe to be one of my first million subscribers ever!

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