LOL Surprise Doll Custom UMA Octopus Transformation Descendants 2 Movie

hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house today
we’re making a brand new custom LOL surprise doll I have LOL surprise
touchdown and we are going to turn her into Uma from The Descendants 2 movie
I’ve already made a few custom Uma models with Equestria girls minis and Shoppie
dolls have you seen them if you have let me know down below in the comment
section but instead of making an LOL suprise doll version of Uma we’re going
to make her into a transformed octopus version that means we’re going to add
tentacles for her legs before we start here is today’s trivia do you recognize
this LOL doll stay to the end of the video to see if you’re right alright
let’s get started the first thing we’re going to do is
remove touchdown shoes and shorts then we’re going to wrap a flat piece of air
dried clay around her waist and legs to make a skirt now with a large log of
clay we’re going to cut it into four equal pieces then we’re going to cut
each of these pieces in half to make eight total pieces these will be the
tentacles taking each piece we’re going to roll them out so they’re long and
narrow and pointy on one end then we’re going to gather the tentacles
and press the ends together so that they will dry as one piece of clay we need to
blend both the inside and the outside to make sure the arms will not fall out once that’s done we’re going to put it
back down and rearrange the arms now we’re gonna make a billet dent in the
middle then taking a male doll we’re going to press her into this dent and
build up the clay around her legs we’re also going to rearrange the tentacle now with a small flat strip of clay I’m
going to add a layer of her dress over two tentacles this is part of her ball
ground so it’s very flowy as a final touch I’m going to use my dotting tool and
add some suckers to the bottom of each arm this is a little tricky to do
because we want to make sure that is the bottom of the arm that we are dotting and here we have it the clay is dried
and you can see how the arms look supercool waving all around
Uma so it’s a paint we’re gonna start from the top of us start by pinning our
hair and we’ll move on down the body we’re going to paint it a dark brown
base layer over the brown we’re going to add these
streaks of teal aqua and turquoise then we’re going to darken the colors
with more brown on top we’re also going to recover her eyes
brown then with a bit of a stone on the q-tip
we’re going to take off these green stripes on her face now for the body we’re going to start by
painting the suckers on the underside of our body a very light pink color then we’ll fill in the suckers with
white back on top we’re going to paint her
dress in aqua turquoise color for the arms we’re going to paint it in
aqua color as a final touch we’re going to add some
gold to our dress and finally we’re gonna paint some
gloves on all right everyone so we are done with
Uma in her transformed version what do you guys think I think she turned out
super cool these octopus arms are just so so neat so they are just underneath
her dress and they’re just waving all over the place so we have a few sticking
up we can kind of see the underside of it and the bill suckers and there’s a
few you can just kind of waiting around and about here’s a close-up of her hair
it is dark brown but we have streaks of turquoise and aqua all over it of course
it’s all over her bun – and she has dark brown eyes and her dress is a turquoise
color so her dress is more blue in her arms already octopus arms are more green
so that it stands out a little bit and on the bottom come just looks like this
so she has the pink underside of her arms and then the rest of it is an aqua
color so super super cool I really love the way it turned out
and now for the answer to todays trivia this LOL dolls name is shortstop did you get
it right so let me know down below in the comment section what you think of my
LOL surprise Uma transformation and if you liked
this video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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47 thoughts on “LOL Surprise Doll Custom UMA Octopus Transformation Descendants 2 Movie

  1. Whats her name whats her name… UUUMMMAAA! hihi :3 But did you know there comes a Descendants 3?! I AM SOOO exided!!! oo.. soryy forgot 2 say that the Doll Uma is super amazing!!!

  2. Me too I love UMA Disney Decendants 2 movie request by Moon-Chan (Moon Games) also my favorite Anime thing video out of Gacha Studio on ItsFunneh Channel XD: #FunnehSSquad!? NOT CLICKBAIT THIS TIME AGAIN

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