Hey guys, what’s up! Here we are at Designer Con in Anaheim, California. And I said I didn’t know if I would be able to record, cause this time I have none to do it for me. So I thought of not recording but then I thought I might as well just use my cell phone… I don’t know if the sound will be good enough but at least I’ll have something to share with you. In a moment I’ll leave my booth to show you guys around, cause honestly there’s so many amazing artists here. I’ve seen a lot of great toys from the best artists and I want you to check this out. Like I said don’t expect too much from this video, but I said I wanted the channel to feel more alive and having stuff to show you, even if the video is not perfect, is a step in the right direction. At least you’ll get a glimpse of how Designer Con was. It’s Sunday today. This event lasts for three days. Friday is preview night and only people with a VIP pass can enter. That night was a little bit slow for me cause VIP pass owners usually know what they want beforehand and it’s usually the hot stuff. There’s always toy lotteries from popular brands. So for me it was a slow night, but Saturday was honestly amazing. The whole day was super busy with people coming to buy and chat. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. I’m really happy I decided to come here. So today’s Sunday. I couldn’t record yesterday because of how busy the day was. And well, in almost every event Sundays are a slow and boring day, but actually there’s quite a lot of people here. As you can see. And it’s been a good day so far. We’re back home in Spain, at my studio. Honestly I got back from DCON with very good feelings. It had been a good while since I visited the States. This was my second visit. The first one was in 2014, when I attended SDCC just to see what the toy scene was about. I think SDCC is no longer good for toy makers but it used to be one of the best events for art toys. So I had my first resin toy, Don Antler, and like I said I went to SDCC to see what the toy scene was about and meet toy designers. So, since this was my second visit to the States and it had been so many years since the first, I was feeling… I wouldn’t say anxiety, but I was a little bit nervous cause I didn’t know much about the event. I mean I knew Designer Con is a great event, but when you go to an event for the first time you never know how it’s gonna work for you. There’s a lot of competition and so many amazing artists after all. You never know, right? But honestly I’m extremely happy. Even though I have to admit that I wasn’t ready for such a long trip after a tiresome year, I had a great time in California. I could finally see my good friend Chogrin again. And let me talk about Chogrin a bit cause he’s an artist that’s currently working for Disney Studios but he also has his own original projects. Here’s a few examples of his work. I’m sure you’ll love his cartoony style. I’ve known him for a good while, but we live super far from each other so we haven’t been able to see each other in years. He’s taken good care of me while I was in California. Thanks Chogrin my dude. You took me to Disneyland so I could see the new Star Wars area. It’s so amazingly well done. You feel like you really are in the Star Wars universe. Thanks again, man! Make sure to follow him on social media, cause we’ll be working on a collaboration this year and I want you to stay tuned. And honestly one of the most wonderful things about going to art events is seeing and catching up with people. Just like that. I mean the art toy work is so solitary, you just stay at your studio and work alone the whole day. So when I get the chance of talking and meeting other artists and fans I really appreciate it. Now I want to show you the stuff I got at DCON. It’s not a lot cause I’m a disaster at toy events and I barely leave the booth. Why is that? Well just like I told you, I spend a lot of time alone in my studio, so when I go to these events I appreciate talking to people and I like staying at the booth cause I like being there when people come to buy things or just to chat about anything. The good thing about being at the booth is that when other artists come to say hi I don’t miss them. Thank you so much to those who stopped by. I know some of you watch my channel. I was lucky enough to get some gifts from a few of these artists, and I’ll show them to you cause honestly there’s really cool stuff! One artists I could catch up with is Doug Hardy, whom you may remember from the Tokyo Paint Party video. He gave me one of his Witch Cat Lulu soft vinyl toys for my wife Cristina. It’s a DCON exclusive. It’s a clear vinyl with a few touches of airbrushed paint, and stuffed with plastic hearts, moons and stars. It’s so beautiful. Thank you, Doug! One artists I finally had the pleasure to meet in person was Chris Hillseth of Ragnar Squad. And he gave me this resin mini figure of his character Ragnar. The story of this character is that he’s a kaiju, but kinda like an underdog one? he’s still unexperienced in the art of mayhem. He has never had the pleasure of destroying a city. Till he found the gauntlet of power. Sorta like Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet but for kaiju. And this gives him the power he needed to destroy entire cities, so now he’s all excited to unleash his new powers on a city. To be, or not to be, that is the question. I got this Calaverita from the Beast Brothers. Carlos and Ernesto East are two Mexican artists I’ve been following from before I started making my own toys. I remember watching a few videos of them painting Kidrobot toys back in the day. I saw their work and it really made me want to do my own thing. I had the pleasure of meeting them at DCON and they’re both so funny! I had a lot of fun meeting them. They gave me this Calaverita to customize. I’m thinking I should make a video on how I paint it. Just like those videos they made that inspired me to paint my own toys. Cause who knows, it may inspire others to do the same thing I did. What a better way to do this than using their Calaverita? One more artist I knew from social media and got to meet in person is John of Videovomit. John is a guy who, just like me, loves toys and Japanese culture and sofubi. So he decided to take the risk and start creating his own figures. He has a few different toys out, but my favorite is probably his Toxic Rider. It reminds me of late 80s and 90s toys. It’s a really nice toy, made in soft vinyl in Japan. Just check it out. It’s so cool. It was great talking to you, John. I’m glad we finally met, man! Andy, my partner from Watari Dreams, gave me this small toy. This is a Meats from Retroband, but this version is from Unbox’s “Unbox and Friends” blind boxes. I got the colorway I wanted, which is the most similar to the original. So…I guess I got lucky! Like I said, some subscribers of the channel stopped by as well. Shout out to KingMare. We spoke for quite a while about art toys and the channel. And he brought me these gifts: stickers of his character and a cool button. Thank you so much! It was nice to meet you and I hope to see you again soon! Also, my friend Chogrin gave me this pin with the design from his Guillermo del Toro toy. It’s an original design where Guillermo del Toro is depicted like an idol… I mean, Guillermo del Toro IS an idol! But I mean an idol as in an statue. Del Toro is represented with six arms and each arm is from a monster he has created. And actually thanks to Chogrin I met Jeff of Bleeding Edges, who gave me this pin of his character Bearrito. Just like that. Bearrito. It’s the mixture of a burrito and a bear. That’s genius, isn’t it? He actually made a toy of this character too. These art events are great for catching up with friends too. It was the case with my pal Cory of Science Patrols. Who I saw again at DCON. And he gave me this sofubi micro figure of his character Wild Hunt. He has created a series of skeletons, with different heads and pieces that you can mix to create different figures. Cory was also super kind and gave me this soft vinyl toy of the Japanese yokai Karakasa. Thank you, Cory! And finally, I had the pleasure of meeting the girls of Toi Hecho en Mexico. They are Audrey Huertas and Jenny Cherry. Audrey Huertas gave me a toy of her character Tochin. Super cute. And Jenny Cherry gave me her Daruma. Daruma Neko? A Daruma with cat ears. This is a DIY version. I feel like art toys are starting to get more known and respected in in Mexico and I’m so happy about that. I hope more people follow, not only collectors but also new artists that promote this art. And to finish this video I want to show you something I didn’t show you before. By the end of 2019 I made some new figures in keshi. I’ve already talked about keshi before. They are rubber figures that became quite popular not only in Japan but also in Spain, with figures from, for example Dragon Ball in the late 80s. I had been wanting to make my own keshi for years but I didn’t have the chance. But last year I was given that chance and of course I ran to my friend Jesús, Dante Rockford. You’ll remember him cause he sculpted the Animatronic Wananeko figure. So I talked to him about this project and sent him some sketches I had for the first keshi series. It has four characters: Wananeko, Dorobanii, Akita Shatei, and the Ghost Bat after possessing a samurai armor. You already know cause I’ve said it, but Dante Rockford is a beast sculpting. He’s so good and fast, and he always understand what I want real quick. Soon after I sent the sketches he send me these 3D screenshots back. And here’s the final result. The real keshi. They are available on my web shop in blue, flesh, which is the classic keshi color, yellow and green. The set gets you all 4 characters. I want to make series 2 very soon. And for that I want to involve you guys too. My idea is that I will design a few characters and start a poll so you guys choose which ones make it into toys. Dante Rockford will turn your favorites into 3D and they’ll be made in keshi. This way you’ll kinda like participate in the process and see it from my drawings to the actual toy. I think it could be fun. That’s it for now guys. I’ll be recording a new video next week. It’s gonna be a bit different. Cause Making Toys is not just about art toys, vinyl toys and sofubi. I’m also very interested in the world of “regular” toys. As you know it’s something that has influenced me since I was a kid and I’m still interested in normal toys. This new video will be a visit to one of the oldest toy shops from my town and an interview to the owner. We’ll discuss about the current state of toys, and about the owner’s collection. He’s obviously a collector too. I mean, he has a toy shop so he’s been keeping some of the toys he liked. We’ll see some of them. He has some very interesting pieces, and some really funny ones. And I mean like factory mistakes and all that. I think it’s gonna be a very interesting and fun video. I hope you guys enjoy it. For those who are new to the channel, you are very welcome! I love having new people seeing the videos. Feel free to subscribe if you like what you see. And for those who are already subscribed…some of you told me you weren’t getting notifications when I upload a new video. That’s because you need to hit that bell button. That will turn notifications for new videos on. You know I won’t spam you with new videos. I only do new videos when I have something interesting to share. So don’t be afraid to hit that bell. See you on the next one! Adios!

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