LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD – MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT / How To Customize Pretty Barbie Dolls Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome to my new doll repaint video You’ve seen of course already from the thumbnail the today I’m going to make the little red riding-hood doll but trust me this video is gonna be quite special and first of all, Because today we’re cooperating with my mom again But this is also quite a special collaboration not like always, I’m making the face, my mom is making an outfit and nobody sees it But like I told you it in my video last week in the beginning of November I spent almost two weeks with my parents trying to organize their own filming place, the studio for my mom and today we will be able to see for the very first time on my channel my mom’s Work-in-progress, how she’s made an outfit and some accessories for this doll But this is gonna happen in the end of this video kinda in the second part, in the outfit making part and This is not the only special thing about this video today Because there are lots of cool things going on lately and the first thing is the week ago my channel has got 200,000 followers Can you believe it guys? Me not personally!)) I refuse to believe it because when you start your channel from zero and first you get your one follower, two followers, 5 followers 25 followers is already a serious Milestone to get and then 2 years later you finally get up with 200,000 followers It’s crazy guys. I just don’t know how to thank you because it’s all because of you Thank you for all your trust in me, for your trust in my art and my dolls Just thank you for being with me And it’s also the Thanksgiving week and it’s also the Black Friday today And also anoother thing, my Instagram also got 50,000 followers last week and it goes really fast, now it’s almost 70K So guys, I think we have really more than enough reasons for a giveaway! So today I’m going to give away this golden doll that we’ve made a couple of weeks agohere on my channel All the rules how to enter and everything. I will explain at the end of this video, but this is a worldwide giveaway, I take all the calls. So approximately everyone can enter but the details will be in the end because this intro becoming a little bit way too long and I think it’s time for me to take my pencils, to take a doll, to take acetone and start the transformation. So watch this video till the end because in the end we are gonna see the first blogging/vlogging experience of my mom and also all the details how to enter the giveaway and to get this One-of-a-kind monster high doll made by me. So let’s go! And by the way, the idea of this makeover I’ve got when I saw this tiny basket for sale in our local market It’s exactly the same like big ones, but Barbie doll size So I just had to buy it and now we will make a doll to match the basket For my repaint I will use these Frankie Stein doll and it seems her previous owner was a little doll customizer She has already removed her lipstick and we are going to remove all the rest right now First her outfit then I cut her hair very short And I make her head soft with my hair dryer to be able to take the head off You see now the head is very soft, the glue is melted inside and if I squeeze the head some of the short hair already just got removed from themselves and the rest of it I’m going to remove using my tweezers And I got lots of nasty glued hair like always With a very sharp knife I cut of the pin from her neck and then with pure acetone I remove her makeup Then I spray the doll with three layers of Mister Super clear sealant and I let each layer dry for 30 minutes I’m now I’m going to change her skin color because I’m not sure if green is the best skin tone for a Little Red Riding Hood girl and I’m going to use an app to pick up the best color to neutralize the green The app is called Color Lab and here in Harmonizer I find the color that matches Frankie’s skin tone and it means that I need to use this dusty rose color to cancel the green To get this similar color I mixed together pink and white pastels and then I applied two layers of the mix to the doll’s face And between the layers I used like always Mr. Super clear sealant After the two layers of pink you can almost not see the green skin color anymore so now I want to apply also two layers of this light burnt umber pastels to create a natural pinkish light skin color Now I think we have a very nice basic skin tone and before I start contouring the face I want to draw her eyes and eyebrows And then with a little bit darker pastels I draw the natural shadows to give the face some extra dimension and to make it look more realistic Now I can take my pencils again and start working on her eyes, eyebrows and lips more detailed. And I begin with the eyelids And now we can finally add colors, I’m going to give her green eyes and quite dark juicy lips I sprayed my work with the sealant again and on the next layer I start drawing the highlights I still want to add a touch of cranberry color eyeshadows to her eyes I don’t really know why but the Little Red Riding-Hood story is happening in fall time for me, in my mind I don’t even know if there is something about it in the actual story, it’s probably my own idea But that’s why I’m making some kind of a fall look today With an extra sharp black pencil, I draw the bottom eyelashes and add still the last details to her eyes With white acrylic paint I add the reflections to her eyes and then I can let the head rest for a while Because now I’m going to work on her body First I sand it with nail buffers Then I wipe all my own fingerprints and other dirt off with an acetone free nail polish remover then I spray it with three layers of Mr. Super clear sealant and then I repeat exactly the same steps. I took to blush her face Now you can see how they all look together next to each other the original body, the body after basic color correction, and the face after complete contouring and blushing So now we still need to add shadows and blush to this body as well Before putting the head and the body back together I still want to make a wig for her using dark synthetic hair I think this dark brown will give a pretty contrast next to her red hood Now let’s put the head and the body back together, attach the false lashes and add gloss to her eyes and lips Now, let’s go back to this tiny basket you’ve seen in the beginning of this video. It’s time to fill it in I think I got a white towel to cover the bottom of the basket and then using white self drying clay I’m going to make a couple of croissants and an apple I let them dry for 24 hours and then I color them with acrylic paint trying to make some more or less realistic looking food And I also covered them with a layer of acrylic varnish Do you remember the legendary camper I’ve assembled a year ago on my channel I think I want to steal the two jars of jam from the camper to put them into the basket today So and now let’s put everything together she has a tiny blouse decorated with lace a black vest a skirt a white apron also decorated with lace A pair of white socks and the red riding-hood of course And now it’s finally the moment of truth! My mom is ready to present her first workshop right now. She will show us how to make the Riding Hood for our doll And by the way, it’s a really high-quality red silk We’ve bought it together with my mom and I’ve seen it with my own eyes It had an Armani stamp on it, like on the side of this roll of fabric So I can tell now that my Little Red Riding-Hood has the hood from Armani And I will also give her these black shoes We have also decided that our girl just cannot travel alone through the forest So my mom has made a companion, a friend for her. They have very complicated relationships but after all I think he just adores her and her croissants And before I show you the final end result. I still want to explain you quickly the rules of the giveaway You can enter the giveaway from today, from the 23rd of November, to the 10th of December and the winner will be announced in my doll repaint video on Friday, on the 14th of December So the winner will get his doll right on Christmas, I think You must be at least 18 years old and if you’re younger, you have to ask your parents permission Because I will need to know your full name and an address to send the door to the winner Then you need to subscribe to my channel Hit the bell button Put a like under this video and then share it in one of your social networks YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram and what else is there and then in the comment under this video you need to write ‘I participate’ and your nickname on Instagram or Twitter Then I will be able to contact you in case you win. And also please write in this comment how long are you watching my videos? How did you find me? What are your favorite doll makeovers on my channel? Let’s celebrate the 200,000 followers The winner will be picked randomly from all the comments and this is a worldwide giveaway with free shipment I take all costs and also just one entry per person is allowed So good luck everyone and now let’s get back to the doll of the day and let’s see finally the end result This one will be for sale today and I want to try to sell her not via etsy like always but via eBay because like this more people will get a chance to get this doll otherwise on Etsy my dolls are sold always in 10-20-30 minutes and all other interested people are just too late. They have no chance to get one So let’s try to do it through eBay and see if it’s gonna work better for you and for me as well So the link will be here under this video in the description And this was my video of the week, you’ve seen everything yourself and now, it’s your time to tell me what do you think about this doll and about my mom’s first YouTube experience. I will wait for you in the comments So let’s chitchat. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button of course even if you’re not entering the giveaway and of course, please like this video if you enjoyed it Thank you so much for watching my doll repaint and see already very soon in the next week Friday video. Bye

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100 thoughts on “LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD – MONSTER HIGH DOLL REPAINT / How To Customize Pretty Barbie Dolls Tutorial

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