Linear motion and robotics

My name is Bastiaan Freie, I’m the
business unit manager of MCA and today I will tell you all about linear motion
and robotics. Machine builders come to MCA when they are
working on the design of a new machine. We help them to create the best solutions in
linear motion and robotics applications. For MRO [maintenance, repair and overhaul] customers we have a great
stock of linear guides power transmission and also electric motors
and frequency inverters. Why should Rubix customers automate
their production processes? Well first of all, these days it’s very hard to find
people who want to work in production. Also, with the automation it is possible to
increase the production capacity and it is possible to produce 24/7, so that brings
a lot of cost savings. When we meet new customers or when Rubix
colleagues introduce us to their customers we start talking with
engineers. We talk about the design of their machine and their requirements. With that we make calculations, we make 3D models and we create a quotation for the
customer. We also offer to write software or
help with assembly or installation of our components. At this customer here today
we made special software for the Yaskawa frequency inverters, which drive the motors
of this vegetable machine. If you want more information about MCA
our you see customer opportunities then give me a call on this number
or send me an email and I or one of our 54 engineers will contact you.

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