Lil Bombshells Series 3 DC Comics Vinyl Figure Surprise Toy Unboxing & Review

it’s time to open up the DC bombshells
series three fingers let’s do this hey guys me host supersorrell the
American and look I got the DC bummer shells canisters we got 15 of these bad
boys to open on camera today I’m so excited these are by current
Cryptozoic as I say it crip Cryptozoic as apart of the DC Warner Brothers
license and these are these are Funko four ones these are actually a different
company like I said it script has ink and these are vinyl figures though in
the same sort of style these were from 2018 and this is serious three in the
collection this is the one that includes the Joker which we happen to get well I
would by month or two ago in a geek box so we got this bad boy in the geek box a
little while ago so I already have a joker so any of the Joker’s I get for
Grammys dies before we go ahead and start today’s video let’s go down to the
desk cam so you guys gonna go supposed to look at see Wells and the Oh figures
are in this range so let’s go through the nest cam alright guys are these
other series 3 DC bombshells and if we take one of the little canisters down
here you can see sure this is series 3 it does include the weird-looking Batman
as was a bunch of other of our favorites including the Joker black in there but
they’re a Power Girl one the other and they’ve got a Harlequin if we sent it
right to the back here you can see that we can also get Starfire Ravager raven soup one looks cool as
well star Girl Power Girl the Joker I’m to once we have anyone covered yes I’m
guessing that’s Black Canary isn’t it and that’s gonna be bat woman
either way this is sick and I can’t wait to play with them so these are just one
pound each guys that’s right one pound each these were like eight nine quid
when they first came out then I’ll mark now is just one pounds at your local
bargain stores currently in pond so Parlin current have these for one pound
but kind of that’s why I got 15 of them so if they all might try and hopefully
get full wave they out they sneakily took them out of the craze I’m guessing
everybody we’re going in and just bye like a box of them a time to make sure
they’ve got a full set where as and they’ve now got used to
that and got wise to it and they’ve started putting them on the shelves and
loose canisters in my store so I don’t if he’s from the same wave a different
wave but either way we’ve got 15 chances makes it more fun and any duplicates or
anything like that I will be putting up there for trade or sales of anyone’s
interested in any of these let me know in the comments
but for now guys let’s go ahead and go back to life the main camera and let’s
break open at these awesome figures or I gotta just break these open so in true
supersorrell style people always say to me I faked these videos and I open
thousands of them and then only show the best poll on camera
this isn’t FIFA cards on xbox you know what I mean this is a physical product
it were too hard to do that yeah I promise you there’s 15 of them on my
desk and that’s all I’ve got and I’ll but I’ll open them all up here like this
so that nothing ever leaves the screen except the lid does the finger first one
is Batwoman jam so she was one of the exclusives and we just got her straight
off the bat yeah I already have some of these let me go and get those on so this
is bat Baumann who was actually in it was one of the exclusives in this line
as you can see that she’s that silhouette they’re so nice but you know
I already have these guys give me one second yes so a bunch of these I did get
in all the boxes like here’s a Harley Quinn plus the difference of Alec
members in this collection right yes the one in this question comes with the dogs
so there are different versions actually but that Batwoman won’t help sell I’ve
seen that before so I think I’m I already have her but yeah we’ve got that
I’ve got two different color variants as well of these cuz some of them like
color very exclusives same with Wonder we’ve got slightly color variations and
bass differences and then of course we’ve got hot girl we even got Lois Lane in one of the
series I’ve got a flash as well so yeah we have had some of these previously so
yeah that’s why some of these looks a million’s me actually write only the
next one sorry about that confusion I just either
you just done with a lie I’m sure about that one before I think I might have
done yeah we keep on to one side Browns double check because it is an exclusive
or one of the hidden ones anyway OOP yeah sorry keep this up here keep it up
here always keep it on camera take off the shrink-wrap all right got a
the number two power girl right I believe go girl
I actually have the higher run of DC bombshells and bombshells unite sent on
in the comic books I honestly bought every single comic
book in that room and I’ve even got all of Gotham garage as well it’s just
similar so yeah there is power girl oh that’s pretty cool but I’ve not got so
empty canister that’s guys this going to their bin
because I’ll be keeping so many of these as well all right next one next one who is not bothered
so okay so here is bada he’s definitely bharden Obama nobody
remembers that carries one off moving I character from risen either way she was
badass fun she even got the little stethoscope there as well really cool
figure rugs are really awesome noise as well check out my Instagram guys you
haven’t already and Instagram Koval slash supersorrell and where I will post
up some nice photos of these as well against Ted I’ll print off a backdrop
and doing some rhinos photos of these girls cuz these little vinyls are
awesome so detailed right Lilly nice tattoos oh yeah keep it on camera keep
it on camera oh we got a silver we’ve got power girl
in a silver form holy spot me wow power girl in all the
glittering glory like so cool what you can see what there’s like a glitter
effect of it as well so I’m gonna glitter old my hands long likely Oh soon
so that’s like a really rad one then all right next one Superman the hair he’s
Superman he’s a big finger he’s like very ripped as well look at this muscle
of wow I like Milo it looks really cool it’s like in 1920 like gentlemen with
the mustaches the way looks really cool happy with that let’s keep going
fifteen needs to break out running – no duplications I love ya but now I’ve said
that more likely will hairdo forget so let’s touch wood that doesn’t happen
here we go next one who yes I wanted this one ever since this line was
announced this is the one I was waiting for I’m hoping for
it’s the Batman dice so cool doesn’t have a mask though why doesn’t have a
mask on interesting but either way that’s awesome living light but just
sooo bit men I look so good this is like he’s even Kaif and stuff is Papa jacket
oh it’s so good right if I can just get Harley Quinn our life will be complete
cuz I already have Joker so life will be ultimately complete if you just get the
Harlequin now that’s quite a few chances to get it let’s do this
oh no it’s Superman we already have a Superman any duplication territory
it’s a second duplicate was ouch I think I do I’ve got got the the Battlement
pretty sure I got her in a previous set especially that not the color variant
one as well the black one so I got like a red one I think uh I read on my
admirer the calvarium the tail of the kept coming in geek boxes for quite a
while and the Z box that’s what ooh so that is star go see a star go
the pink goggle of lumber looks pretty cool very different
I’m liking that design nice yeah that’s a cool figure huh all right its chance
sound me well now so we’ve got two three five six we’re still got seven chances
guys seven chances of still grabbing the infamous Harley Quinn let’s not remind ourselves of Jared
Leto’s Joker a little though Suicide Squad one of my favorite films I love it
it’s cheesy but I like it speaking of these do you know I’ve been
watching on the Netflix this week I’ve been watching Teen Titans of titans
encourage the program oh it’s Barda yeah okay next up okay here we go Joker good one together McGann people
already got one okay fuck next up its key I love doing blind box videos I love
doing these and so much fun I don’t want to bought loads of these when the first
came out with series 1 and they like six seven pounds each and I bought like 20
of them I spent like stupid money on these in the first demo now that’ll
Series three so the most to do it well raisins Wow happy about gaining Raven shouldn’t
watch other eyes definitely Raven rubber Jersey and Raven caws is
yeah it looks sick I hope that really exact you a joke is Delta in this series
Joker’s dollar would be awesome his little vinyl tears
okay I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that one before
I get Raven once upon a time let’s go through my little pile inside these
little cubby holes here just are scattered so I need to kinda go through
them and see what I’ve got I might need save a couple canisters so I’m good I
feel that I need a couple of kind of scissors if I’ve got some duplicates
before I shove them right next woman Power Girl Power Girl
up right down to three come on Holly we need you fall isn’t a problem oh you
got holic where there’s gonna be in saying it Joe get two chances come on
Alec please be in here come on down do it for me what’s up with oh it’s not
Holly but it’s a silver Wow so ice we’ve got a silver Power Girl
Power Girl star girl star girl so that’s nice yeah or I lost kind of the last
hope so I’ll be happy if I get Harlequin or a
Starfire cuz I’m not Starfire yet either so come on please be Holly do it through
a roll please the plastic painfully slow come you know
come on every pray for me was a good ones go do
book of boys still about my know them how is that possible but I’m not deciding guys how can I got
to Silver’s we got Raven we even got the chase figure which was bat bat woman and
you know what I even managed to get myself some awesome figures like Batman
like Superman to go with the ones like Lois Lane and stuff so I am a happy boy
I’ve also got Raven did you know what I am just so happy we’ve got the two
syllables as well – they’re really cool so happy about that but guys what are
your thoughts on this bombshells line if you want to grab leave yourself you can
from your local Poundland just one pound that canister is worth a pudding at one
pound of canister just see what you get I’ve enjoyed opening these guys I hope
you enjoyed what enjoyed what should we do it thank you very much for watching
and always I’m your host supersorrell I’ll see you guys in the next video if
you have a Harley Quinn please treat me bye

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13 thoughts on “Lil Bombshells Series 3 DC Comics Vinyl Figure Surprise Toy Unboxing & Review

  1. I like these even though I don't collect, you should invest in some track shelving. It's relatively cheap looks good, shame to see a collection sit in plastic totes.

  2. The mystery ones are 1:72 so you lucked out there. There's a silver one of each of the first 10 figures. I bought a box of 12, but all the box lids were cut off, and ended up getting 2 Supermans. Did get a Silver Ravager though.

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