Lightning McQueen’s Crash Scene | SIDE BY SIDE Toy Play | Pixar Cars

– (Announcer A) 40 laps to go
and race leader, Jackson Storm is making his way onto pit
road with McQueen on his tail. A good stop here could mean the difference between victory and defeat. (tires squeal) – (McQueen) Come on, come on, come on. Faster, Guido. Come on, I gotta get back out there before he does. Guido, hurry up. (tires squeal) – (Announcer B) What
a pit stop by McQueen! (engines rev) Man, he just got the lead! – (Announcer C) But can he hold onto it? (car sounds) (orchestral music) (engines rev) (McQueen sighs) – (Storm) Hey McQueen, you alright? Listen, don’t you worry pal. You had a good run. Enjoy your retirement! – (Announcer C) Storm takes back the lead. – (Announcer B) Unbelievable,
McQueen is fading. McQueen is fading! Fading fast! – (McQueen) No, no, no. No! No! (McQueen sighs) (orchestral music) (McQueen sighs) (tires squeal) (car crashing sounds) (Sally sighs) (metal crashing) (tires squeal) (metal crashing) (sirens) (sirens) (somber music) (upbeat music)

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