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LOCATION: LONDON – PRESENT DAY- ROBERTS LONDON Hi Guys welcome back to London today I’am starting on the bank of the river Thames I’am
on the Victoria embankment just opposite the London Eye as you can see it is golden hour
the sun is just setting as the sun sets I want to head up to one of London’s most famous
squares Leicester Square and yes first things first its pronounced Leicester it may not
look like it on paper but to nail it you just have to imagine it is spelt L E S T E R Leicester
it is a source of great amusement actually when tourists turn up and try to pronounce
it from the written word we get asked where Leicester Leicester all sorts of variations
of it where it is it is good fun to ask them to repeat themselves but yeah I’am going to
head up there and give you a little tour of the square I think it is common knowledge
that for a long time Leicester Square has been a magnet for tourists but repelled Londoners
in equal measure and there are a number of reasons for that but in recent years it has
changed a lot actually when I was growing up it was a dump it has always been famous
for and a great place to go to the cinema some of London’s biggest and best cinemas
are in Leicester Square discount theatre tickets are there the official discount theatre ticket
shops are there and when I was a teenager growing up it was a great place for night
clubs but they are all gone so yeah I think it has always been a little bit its always
been a little bit of a mystery what attracted the tourists to Leicester Square but it did
in large numbers it does but not so much Londoners I had some good times there when I was a teenager
in the nightclubs but that was a bit of a problem for the authorities I think and they
they set about shutting them all down obviously me and my friends would go clubbing and everyone
would spill out of the clubs well everyone would get everyone would drink as much as
they could in the pubs before heading into the clubs because drinks in clubs are expensive
and then they’d either for those that didn’t get in or later on spilling out of the clubs
invariably end up in Leicester Square doing what drunk Brits do various state s of undress
fighting slinging fast food around throwing up and I think it is one of the sort of I
guess the crown jewels of British tourism for unknown reason and it was an image they
didn’t really want so yeah they set about shutting down the clubs in recent years and
not renewing licenses and so yeah sadly today there are very few clubs left either in Leicester
Square or the surrounding streets but anyway enough about the nightclubs yeah we will head
up there I think most Londoners will be like what are why are you going there and what
are you going to do when you get there I guess we will just have to go and see what the tourists
do when they get there McDonald s and M&M’s yeah I’am not going to go to the cinema and
I’am not going to get discount theatre tickets but I think what I’ll do is I’ll head up there
and take a look at what is going on and then maybe afterwards I’ll give you a little tour
of the streets the perimeter of Leicester Square because there is quite there are some
quite cool things and quite interesting good things to do just around the edge of it even
if there is not a lot to do in Leicester Square itself but yeah Leicester Square right now
definitely looks the best its ever looked because they got rid of the nightclubs they
put in wardens when I was growing up the gardens in the centre was basically a home for a place
for London’s drunks to lie and drink super strength larger super strength cider and they
would bark incoherently at anyone that went near them but yeah they put wardens in to
get rid of the the drinkers and the clubbers and also before the 2012 Olympics they spend
I think about fifteen million pounds tarting it up it is on a slope and I think the council
have always had trouble paving slopes it was just an uneven mess so they resurfaced the
whole thing with granite and so it looks pretty cool right now they re-landscaped the central
gardens got rid of some of the less relevant statues and cleaned up the ones that remain
and along with that there has been a lot of building work going on and a lot of development
and that is some of that is complete and some is nearing completion so yeah it looks the
best it has ever looked so it is just around the corner here so lets go and check it out
OK that is one of the entrances there to Leicester Square if your coming from Trafalgar Square
down there or from the river but I’am going to head further up Charing Cross road here
to Leicester Square tube station because I guess if a lot of you are coming here you
might come via Leicester Square tube station so we will head just up the road and there
is an entrance into Leicester Square just opposite the tube station so we will head
just up the road and then into Leicester Square OK entrances to Leicester Square tube here
and here and Leicester Square is right here you’ve got the Hippodrome on the corner here
it is a casino today growing up when I was a kid it was a nightclub a massive nightclub
yeah welcome to Leicester Square OK as you can see all of these shops here and here are
either fast food or half price ticket shops theatre ticket shops what I’ll do is we will
walk down and I’ll show you one of the main reasons Londoners come here and that is half
price theatre tickets but I’ll show you the official theatre ticket shop there is another
one on Broadway in Manhattan I think it was called the half price ticket store but now
it renamed after the one on Broadway in New York I think it is TKTS its at the bottom
near Trafalgar Square lets go and check it out OK there is a you probably can’t see it
but you might be able to hear it there is a Swiss glockenspiel on that edge of Leicester
Square it is a remnant of the Swiss the Swiss tourist centre that was there it is five O’Clock
now which means we will hang around until six I’ll try to capture it going off in an
hours time but yeah the Odeon cinema here lets go to the ticket booth Leicester Square
well this whole part of London was once owned by Westminster Abbey until in 1536 when King
Henry VIII in an act called the dissolution of the Monasteries appropriated their land
and their income in 1630 this land was sold to the second earl of Leicester and he built
at the time one of the largest houses in London here that is where the square gets its name
from the Earl of Leicester the Square or field in the centre was deemed common ground and
surrounded originally by residential properties this was a fashionable part of London to live
in until the late seventeen hundreds when the wealthy began to leave the houses were
replaced by shops theatres museums and the area gained a reputation as an entertainment
venue OK this here is the actual official discount ticket store outlet I think there
I think there is only one I might be wrong you can check out there website but yeah it
was the first and is actually supported by the theatres but lets head into Leicester
Square gardens and check out the statue and water feature OK just in time they are shutting
the gates OK besides the central statue of Shakespeare you’ve got Charlie Chaplin here
today Leicester Square gardens is effect a city of Westminster park and like all city
of Westminster parks they have opening and closing hours and the opening hours change
throughout the year you can check the city of Westminster website for full details but
in effect they track daylight hours all the parks shut just before it gets dark including
Leicester Square Gardens OK now I need to figure out how to get out of here OK most
of this was done re-landscaped the granite flooring all the new grass areas was done
for the well it was completed in time for the Olympics this building here was completely
gutted it was nothing to do with that but they kept the exterior and just rebuilt the
interior it looked amazing when it was being done in 2010 work by Westminster council began
to improve Leicester Square reduce the amount of nightclubs and promote the theatre and
cinema here after seventeen months of work at a cost of fifteen million pounds it re-opened
to the public and there has been constant development ever since but Yeah there is still
a fair amount of work on going when all this is done I’am sure it will look amazing even
better than it does now but yeah this is the best it has looked in my lifetime OK today
this the Lego store is a huge draw as you can see the queue they sell Lego but you can
queue up and play with Lego I think when you are in there the queue is unbelievable OK
we’ve got a street performance there about to start the this building here when I was
a kid growing up this was the Swiss centre they demolished it in 2008 I think and built
a W hotel which features M&M world but yeah when it was the Swiss centre they built this
we will try to capture that in an hours time when it rings six lets go to M&M world that
is what the tourists do when in Rome do what the tourists do yeah M&M world was M&M world
I got the personalised M&M’s lets see if I can show you they sealed them in you might
be able to make them out through the cup OK it is struggling to focus on the M&M’s but
I got Roberts London printed on one side and the union jack flag and London written on
the other kids will love it in there there is anything you can imagine possible with
M&M’s stamped on it right outside Lego check it out there is a huge Lego Big Ben a Lego
Big Ben and it is working telling the correct time Westminster tube sign and a Sherlock
Holmes I would go in it looks like they’ve got an actual tube train in there made out
of Lego as well at the moment but the queue is crazy it goes it snakes all the way around
Leicester Square check it out I think it might actually be a little bit more interesting
in there than M&M world because at least they’ve built some amazing stuff out of Lego OK so
yeah M&M world that is actually the W hotel the entrance is around the corner of the building
Lego we have the gardens there a street performance going on here a huge crowd and the nickelodeon
store there I can see I don’t know if you can make it out sponge bob a sponge bob taking
photos with kids yeah as I was saying earlier I think it has always been a mystery with
Londoners what draws tourists here I mean it is easy to see why kids would love it Lego
M&M’s Nickelodeon McDonald’s Burger King Pizza Hut Chiquitos and obviously for Londoners
the main draw is the cinema you’ve got the biggest cinema the cinema with the most seats
and movie premiers are held here but apart from its central location but why there are
such huge crowds here is a bit of a mystery I’am sure your familiar with the saying if
if you build it they will come this is almost like the reverse of that people just keep
coming so they have built stuff they don’t know what to build but they’ve built stuff
OK while I’am waiting for the waiting for the Swiss clock to hit six I’ll show you the
main draw here for Londoners which is the cinemas you’ve got a VUE cinema there just
down here arguably the cinema that dominates Leicester Square the Odeon a huge art Deco
looking well a very modern building but it is Art Deco looking in design check it out
the Odeon if any Londoners haven’t been here for a while looking at this footage of it
they probably wouldn’t recognise it as I said earlier it looks better than it has it looks
better now than it has certainly in my lifetime especially at night all with all the seating
around the square up light and even during the day the re-landscaping of the square another
cinema here The Empire theatre there was an Odeon cinema at the bottom down there but
they recently flattened it and they are building a hotel which apparently will have two cinema
screens I’ll show you one of my favourite cinemas which is up here towards Chinatown
just off Leicester Square the Prince Charles theatre check it out it is just up here the
Prince Charles never really cut it as a as a Leicester Square Cinema so it kind of resorted
for while to playing adult movies before my time I certainly don’t remember it doing that
but more recently it plays classics cult movies and movie marathons so it will do back to
back like Lord of the rings James Bond all night long but yeah it is great to come and
watch some old classic movies in a cinema also it is great value for money I think tickets
are for non members are about ten pounds so yeah on the board right now they’ve got a
special edition of Mad Max Big Trouble in Little China Die Hard the first one and a
few other classic and indie films but yeah lets head back down to Leicester Square itself
and hopefully check out the Swiss clock the glockenspiel striking six OK right ten to
six I’ll see you in ten minutes when this thing will go off OK as you can see the Swiss
clock the glockenspiel is just closing we haven’t missed it I captured it it goes on
for over six minutes I thought it was never going to end so rather than showing you that
now I will insert it at the end yeah see if you’ve got the staying power to watch six
minutes of glockenspiel I thought as we’ve pretty much covered what Leicester Square
has to offer I’ll show you what is on the perimeter of it we have covered what is in
Leicester Square itself as I’ve said for us Londoners it is kind of a mystery why the
huge crowds are drawn there but they are I guess we should be thankful that it kind of
keeps them it is like an adult play pen for tourists it keeps them occupied while we can
go and do the more interesting things all around and about but yeah I thought I would
show you some of the more interesting things around Leicester Square you’ve got the entrance
to the W hotel there and we are just walking into Chinatown here which is very interesting
especially at this time of year we recently had Chinese New Year and Lantern festival
so it is decorated for that it looks incredible check it out OK I’ll head down the main street
of Chinatown just over there you have Piccadilly Circus as well but this year the big neon
lights the signs are being replaced so it is just blacked out at the minute it is not
as interesting as it is most of the time so rather tan heading there we will head down
here Chinatown looks pretty cool huh I’ve made plenty of films about Chinatown bakeries
and restaurants and what not so check those out on my channel I’am not going to stay here
too long we going to head straight through to the other end and I’ll show you some of
the things to check out this runs parallel with Leicester Square so I’ll show you some
of the things at the other end of Chinatown and the other end of Leicester Square OK right for the purposes of this video I’ll
actually head back down into Leicester Square but normally when I’am walking around town
during the day I’ll cut through Leicester square if I have to at night now it is heaving
with people so I usually use roads like Gerard Street in Chinatown and yeah all these little
roads above and all around Leicester Square to avoid the crowds in Leicester Square itself
but this is a film about Leicester Square so I can’t avoid it OK right we will head
out just to Leicester Square station this is Charing Cross road if you head that way
along Charing Cross road you’ll get to Denmark Street if your into music if your into musical
instruments that is defiantly worth checking out if you head straight ahead you’ll end
up in Covent Garden so yeah that way you end up at Tottenham Court tube Denmark Street
is on the way and then Oxford street on the left that way is Seven Dials and Covent Garden
this way the way we heading out of Leicester Square your heading towards Trafalgar Square
the stand Charing Cross but I’ll show you somewhere just on the edge of Leicester Square
here one of my favourite places to get relatively fast food but a little bit more healthy than
some of the options in Leicester Square itself Gabby’s Deli But yeah all these little alleyways
off Charing Cross road all run into Leicester Square itself where we are heading is just
there I just need to cross the road I was heading to the crossing but I’ll risk my life
in the traffic OK I’ve made films here before and I’ve mentioned this before Cecil Court
a picture opportunity for Harry Potter fans I think one of the movies was part of one
of the movies was filmed there they sell Harry Potter money in the money shop were are headed
to Gabby’s deli OK I definitely recommend Gabby’s I’am not vegetarian I’ll eat anything
but yeah I got Falafels and Hummus in pitta bread lets see if I can show you this tricky
super great value for money where we are that there is one of the entrances one of the alleyways
into Leicester Square so everyone is in there enjoying there burgers and pizza Gabby’s is
I think it was founded by a chap from Iraq originally back in 1965 you wouldn’t have
wanted to be in Iraq in 1965 would you lets face it look at that loads of amazing salads
in there so yeah considering how many Youtubers are profess to be vegan and vegetarian and
what not I’am surprised they haven’t made I’am surprised Gabby’s hasn’t made more appearances
on YouTube the pitta bread is a little bit tough I’am not going to lie it is biting back
but yeah the filling is great falafel hummus and mixed salad so yeah super healthy option
right here Charing Cross Road Leicester Square right back to Leicester Square and lets see
I’ll show you the grand finally the glockenspiel OK I’ve kind of avoided talking about this
bit Irving street it is lined with restaurants and you know what they say if you’ve got nothing
good to say don’t say anything at all so I’ve kind of avoided it but having said that it
is like the rest of Leicester Square it is the best it has ever been in my lifetime the
fish n chip shop doesn’t look bad you’ve got a subway there and subway is what it is you’ve
still got a couple of restaurants with the sort of touts outside trying to grab you people
in which is always a sign of desperation but yeah they were all like that once yeah fish
n chips subway you’ve got a steak restaurant here which I’ve not been in so I can’t tell
you if its good or bad but there is a queue and a Wagamama and Wagamama’s is pretty good
so yeah it is the best it has ever been it is still not a destination though OK no trip
to Leicester Square is complete without a trip to McDonald’s if you haven’t tried one
of these little burgers bacon double cheese burger you are in for a treat let me show
you open this without dropping it they always look just like the picture look at that bacon
double cheese burger one pound forty nine four hundred and forty five calories touch
screen ordering available in dozens of different languages all major credit and debit cards
accepted and cash if you get off the pane your jet lagged your tiered you want something
familiar it is excusable other than that you fly half way around the world and end up in
McDonald’s your kind of missing the point but lets try the bacon double cheese burger
why did I say bacon just a double cheese burger one pound forty nine you cant go wrong OK
I’am going to enjoy my double cheese burger and I’am going to show you the Swiss clock
glockenspiel going off it goes off for six minutes when that is done I’am going to take
you to the pub there is a reason to stay in your seat watching a glockenspiel for six
minutes the promise of the pub afterwards OK I think it has finished I thought that
was never going to end OK if you made it through six minutes of glockenspiel well done that
is it for Leicester Square I’am going to head to the pub the Radisson hotel there the Hampshire
fantastic location never stayed in it but I don’t need to I live here fantastic location
what else is there half price half price theatre tickets from TKTS I think it is the only official
half price or discount ticket store in town and it is there so for Londoners half price
theatre tickets are here and the cinemas some of London’s biggest and best cinemas are here
I guess the Lego store M&M world yeah we have seen the best of Leicester Square today McDonald’s
Gabby’s I like which is actually I tried to stay inside as much as I could Leicester Square
just to show you exactly what is in it because once you start walking outside as we did with
Chinatown and Gabby’s where do you draw the line you just keep going most people do just
keep going so yeah I hope you enjoyed that look at Leicester Square the pub we are going
to is just over the road the Chandos I guess I should mention the national portrait
galley there the entrance is well there is an entrance here and also on Trafalgar Square
which is just there to OK the Chandos just here there is a traditional pub downstairs
a traditional pub downstairs I’am going to pop upstairs there is a little door on the
side that takes you upstairs it is a little bit quieter up there I thought someone just
got run over there but they were just banging the back of the taxi yeah the opera above
is a little bit quieter than downstairs lets go and get a beer this is a Samuel Smiths
pub they make there own beer they make there own everything and that makes it great value
no brands other than their own pretty good OK I definitely recommend The Chandos upstairs
or downstairs Samuel Smiths pubs as I was saying they are a brewery and they only sell
their own beers in their pubs and what that means is they run lovely traditional old British
pubs three pounds fifty a pint and it tastes they obviously only sell their own brands
their own brews so it is not they are not recognisable names of beers unless you are
familiar with there pubs but they all taste just fine and yeah prices for London I mean
Leicester Square there Trafalgar Square just down there and Covent Garden is there but
they have got quite a few pubs all over the country and all over London so yeah check
out there website and see where the nearest one is they are unbeatable value your not
going to get a pint of beer for three pounds fifty anywhere else around here and that really
isn’t the reason I go there it is just a nice pub I’d go there if the beer was five or six
pounds a pint like most pubs right until next time Toodles! And that five or six pounds
is if you are lucky especially here that is another great spot there if you go down inside
there there is a cafe in the crypt of St Martins in the field church there and they do a lot
of work to help the homeless so where as in Leicester Square they have wardens to keep
out the homeless and the down on their luck if you go in there tea and coffee food and
drink in the crypt of the church the proceeds actually go to help the homeless so yeah defiantly
worth checking out I’ve made video s about it Toodles!

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  1. I was born in NYC, grew up just outside it, and your comments about Leicester Square had me laughing in sympathy because it sounds just like how most New Yorkers feel about Times Square. Loved the video, thanks. 🙂

  2. Great! I always look forward to your video blogs Robert. Excellent, thanks for bringing London into our rooms. Wonderful Film editing

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