Legoland Németország – Tret-o-Mobil – Legoland Günzburg

I hope we will be the next here. With this small vehicle, we can do a small round trip above Legoland. We must wait now a bit. This track goes over the restaurant also. It goes around, we will see many attractions from Legoland. It goes on a track, you must pedal like on a bicycle. If you dont pedal, it will not stop. Then it will be only slower. So you can’t stop on the middle of the track… To make a traffic jam… There are many people here… No… We should be the next. But they got in first… Some VIP peoples. Oh no… The VIP family can go now… We should be the next…. I’m looking forward to it… To padle… Very. Very. If you were ask: Where is Oli?
Oliver is the cameraman now. Behind the camera. Truly. I’m so excited…. Come on… Come on… Come on… I’m so excited…. I hope there are not many VIP peoples. We need to belt ourselves with the seat belt. I remember so. I’m so excited anyway. I’m excited… I’m excited… Very. Ok, that will be our pedal car. We will get in it now. Hello. Oli. Cameraman, please sit there. Thanks. And now i guess we are about to go… I am on it. I’m pedaling now… I want leave the station with full gas… Yes, here in Legoland you have to be patient. You have to wait everywhere. If you are coming to Legoland count on waiting a lot here. Many many people are here. Ohh, look. We will go there also. It is far, i don’t know if you can see it. Or not… There is a pyramide like building. I guess it is to far, you can’t see it yet. But it will be immediately visible for you. It looks very nice. There are… Some buildings that we saw already. But from bellow. There is an arena with a stage. Somethimes there is music performance or other harder things… Last time when we was here was a bigger party there. On the anniversary of Legoland was also a big happening in the arena with loud music. Music. Jujj. Yes, it is a bit hard to pedal here… Yes, let speed it up. There is an other attraction. You have to pull yourself up to the top. And then down. I would like to try it today. You must pull yourself to the top and then slowly down. Look there is a giraffe. Have a nice day giraffe. Looks great. There is a train. It is also too far, not really visible for you. Here is a small playground. A water playground. Looks great as well. Uhh, it is hard. (We are very old now…) I remember on it when we was younger. We played on this playground in sommer. I remember. Ok, here you can see it better. This is the Kids Power Tower. You must pull yourself to the top. I’ve tried it once before. I remember on it. I’tried it long time ago… But i will try it again.. Here is a small zoo. I like it very much. With Oli we was there. But i don’t know if Oli remember on it. We was already there before 2 years. Somewehere here is the attraction with the dragons. From the Lego NinjIt is called Flying Ninjagos. Yes, there is the zoo. I remember, the gorillas as they roared… Was funny… There is it with the dragons…. Look…. From the Legon Ninjagos when a many dragons are flying though. And they cover the sky… I think, it is the same scene. Yo can sit on a dragon. You can fly with it very fast and high. And here is a bigger playground, looks like a ship. There is the Lego factory. In the lego factory you can watch a short film about how they produce the small Lego bricks. There are also real machines and they produce Lego bricks. So it is a small Lego factory… Look there. So many people are waiiting to the Flying Ninjagos… Look there. It is very hard. I guess, they need minimum 1 hour to wait to get on it. Here at Pedal-a-Car was not so many people. Here we will a little bit speed up our car. Come on… Come on…. Ahh… here they brake our vehicle… Here is the attraction with the knights…. It is very nice also. but it is for smaler kids. Looks great. Yes. It’s look like we were in a Lego town. With many Lego figures around us. Here are others they started before us. This is the end of the track. We can’t pedal anymore… Here is written: “LEGO” Here is the arena again. From here you can see it better. When there was the anniversary here was a huge party with music, perfomrance. That was cool. We was also there… Some years ago, here was a man with stilts. He was very high.
We scared from him… He sang something. A man with stilts…. There is a castle. It wasn’t built long ago. There are also some new attractions. Unfortunately, you can’t see it here. That is a ballon attraction. We will try it after this. Bellow us, or this track is a Lego police station. Look this building there. There is a maze. You are the bad guy… You must escape from the police station. Loke there are a big Lego logo. Like on the real Lego bricks. Looks good. Check it out. Pretty good panaroma is from here….. You must see it. You should visit Legoland at least once in your life…. There is a dragon rollecoaster… Some years ago there was my nose wounded. He hurt very much because he crushed… Healed slowly too… Look there… So many people wants to get in…. More and more people will be there. At noon it will be full… I guess so…. A lot of people there. If I were there, i couldn’t stand it. It is a very long queue now… Here we are slowing down.
Look the car befor us. Looks cool….
It’s like being from Lego. It’s like being from Lego. All the details look well… Yes, you can’t pedal here… Because it makes no sense. You must here not pedal anymore…. I think it looks very nice… There you can see a huge dino like figure. I don’t know, maybe you can see it…. There a big dino like figure. In summer splashes the water from the pipe. Ther is also a button. You can pres it and the water is coming. I remeber on it. Befor 2 years in summer we played with the water there. There is the maze. The police station. The blue building there. A police station with the maze in it. You must escape. We are there. We can unbelt ourself. Ahh, ok, it will be autamtically. This place is like a Lego. And it’s good that this place is in Germany. In Europe. Hungary is also in Europe. So it is not to far from Legoland. Danemark, USA, Japan they are very far from Budapest. Here are new things, attractions every year. Last time more and more things based on Lego Ninjago. Because Lego Ninjago is becoming more and more popular. Thanks.
Bye. It was great!

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