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Now here we are at the Star Wars models. There are some models from the “The Empire Strikes Back”. This is the winter part with many snow. Look this big AT-ATs. They are great. Look the details. Obviously there is a lot of work in it. Look there back. There is the space ship of Vader. There is a small scene from the “Return of the Jedi”.
Follow me. The light may be bad. Look the forest scene with the Ewoks from the “Return of the Jedi” This small forest from the Return of the Jedi looks great, – There is a button.
– Let’s press it. Look. It is when, the Ewoks are fighting with imperials. Legoland train is coming. You can hear it. Come with me. Look there are so many details. There are so many intresting scenes. Look from this point it is a better view to Vader’s ship. Kylo Ren in the VII – VIII episode has a similar one as Vader. But he’s is black. We are waiting for Episode IX. Here is something from the New Hope. Han Solo’s ship from the New Hope: the Millenium Falcon. From the New Hope. It looks great. The details are fine. Look, the building also. If you don’t saw the New Hope. You shouldn’t miss it. Here is another scene from the New Hope. Look this village. Obi-Wan, Luke. Here is another button. Push it… There. This is the cantina scene. The musicians. There is Chewbacca. There are Han Solo and friends. There is 3CPO. There are two other characters from the film. And Obi-Wan…. Let’s go over this side. Here is a huge model. A Star Destroyer. It is very big. I dont knwo how much time is to build a model like this. Look ther is a small ship flying around. It is from the episode VII. And here left on the ground you can see the ship from Kylo Ren. Marci tol it also. It is smiliar to Dart Vaders one. Look this button. He wanted to kidnap BB 8. They are collecting the drodis. Kylo Ren is arriving… From his space ship. He has a blaster pistol. Here is a scene from the Revenge of the Sith. Press it. There is moving an blinking. Here’s a crashed star destroyer. Ray collects small electrical parts from crashed machines. She will take the parts to the village and sell them… She gets some food for them…. It was her job. To collect some electrical trash from crashed ships. Then sell them… She scans all the crashed machines, ships in the desert for such kind of valuable parts… Come with me. This looks great as well. Look there is Yoda. The old master. Look this figure.
This is absolutely built from Lego bricks. But this is a plastic tube…. The light sabre… But the all other is made from Lego. What is here? Behind of you? Attack of the Clones. – Episode II – Attack of the Clones
– I like it very much. In this they want kill Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padme. And press the button… There is moving something… They want to kill Padme. A fight is there. Anakin is also there. Here is Obi-Wan who kill this creature. This looks like Alien… From the movie Alien vs. Predator. Come on. Here is the scene where they fight outdoor. The other funny creatures supports them… A complete army… Look, this space ship is moving also. There are some Jedis. There is master Windu. I hope you can see them…. With the light sabre…. Here are many dorids. Yoda’s team. Heres is from Episode I. I dont know. Who is it. Sorry… Ther are many droids. This scene looks great in the film also. I guess that’s why they build it here. Droids, Obi-Wan and more famous characters. But i don’t really know… They will attack the droids. They are coming with space ships. And there is something moving. Look the driod transporter ship. Yes, there are many droids. Look here is a window. Come on, let’s see inside. I guess there is the master of Obi-Wan. There is an other space ship.

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  1. Látszik, hogy oda vagytok a Star Warsért! Jó, hogy Oli is beszélt egy kicsit. Sajnos a hang minőség nem volt most annyira jó 🤨.

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