Legoland Kingdom Suite

Hey guys Tripsy Travel here today we are previewing the family suites at Legoland Hotel, California Today we’re looking at suite 101 which is a family suite in the kingdom section first of all we have our cute little welcome mat You’ll notice the themed carpet which leads right into our themed area for the kiddos Includes their own TV Some fun lego sculptures And bunk beds every kid’s favorite They even have a kid size peep hole for safety which is a nice touch One of the things I like best about this suite is they have these little treasure chests. When you check in they’ll actually give the kids a scavenger hunt through the front of the hotel in the lobby When they’re done with the hunt it’ll give them a little code they can plug in down here They can open up the box, and there’s toys and prizes inside that they get to keep, keeps them occupied Nice little mud section here and for suitcases So a little convenience section we have a coffee maker your coffee in the morning There’s also some refreshments. These are actually complementary if you want them to replenish each day it’s only five dollars not too bad This little guy here is actually your ice bucket super cute Some Legos down here for the kids to play with and keep them busy We have this adorable family bathroom Actually has all of our lego Friends right here on the shower curtain wallpaper You can see they kept with the kingdom theme, they have a lego crown hanging Good size for a family. That’ll take us in here to the master suite So for the parents they have their own TV a nice desk area One of the cute touches is this newspaper they leave behind for you Theme to lego which I thought was a nice touch right down in here You’re gonna find your full-size safe along with a refrigerator and then a sitting area Again, it’s fully themed all through this area as well nice little view a little snail lego sculpture And the master suite that actually is a king-sized bed Everything is themed here too, and this is a good-size room, lots of room for the kids to play and spread out. So again this is the Legoland hotel in California They have amazing packages that will actually package the theme park tickets with your suite here at the hotel and the hotel is Super convenient you can walk right into the front of the park from the hotel And they have lots of amenities and extra touches to make your stay extra special, so call Tripsy today and we can get you booked.

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