Legoland: Endlich! | Show 2016

Finally the time has come! We’re at Legoland Germany, the place where our new show will see its premiere! The four weekends of training have been successfull and the Legoland Arena will see some action later! To be exact: ten times Ten shows awaiting for the visitors and us And until then we will take a look on what’s happening backstage for our new show 2016: A Spark of Hope Let’s go! Here we are backstage, sort of the brain of our show. Better to call Stefan the brain of our show Because he’s controlling the whole show from up here! Starting with the music, sound-effects and the most important things: lightsaber-sounds Stefan, how is it working, what’s your setup, how do you prepare and what’s your job during one of our shows? First of all I use our laptop to kinda direct the whole show and the surveillance of all lightsabers. Here’s an external soundcard which processes the saber-sounds in real time Most important the receiver to catch the signals of all sabers. which has to be place in visual range to the stage to make sure every signal gets to the software That’s quite complex… you see we’re using a lot of technology for our shows and you shouldn’t underestimate what Stefan has to do during a show. He’s sweating as much as the protagonists on stage Not an easy job to trigger soundeffects and watch the saber settings. It can always happen that one or more sabers getting damaged, that’s why we always have replacements on stage. and he’s able to activate them and reset the damaged ones via radio-control. The software, which Stefan developed in cooperation with his brother is world-wide unique and the best thing to have for our shows. I’m very happy that Stefan is already a part of our team for four years. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away Narrator: Many years after the battle of Endor the galaxy changed … Luke Skywalkers plans to rebuild the Jedi-Order have been crushed when one of his own students stood up against him. This is Luke Skywalker. The Jedi-Order has fallen. *actual German dubbing actor of Luke Skywalker* May the Force be with you! That’s it! Our new show is ready and it was a blast! The Star Wars Days at Legoland Germany have been a highlight as always The last thing for me to remain is to say THANK YOU to my team and our awesome assistants! Thank you, Markus! Thank you, Jasmin! Thanks, Chris! Thank you, Alex. Thanks, Dino! Thanks, Hannes! Thanks, Hendrik! Thanks, Stefan! Thanks, Kai! Thanks, Caro! Thanks, Jenny! Thanks, Tanja! Thanks, Sandra Thanks, Werner! Thanks, Kirsten! Thanks, Tom! As you can see and as you noticed over the past few months we put a lot of effort in our shows. Click on the thumbnails to to back and experience the making of our show, again. and maybe we will meet on one of our next events! Visit our homepage, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or write us an e-mail. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube!

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20 thoughts on “Legoland: Endlich! | Show 2016

  1. Werdet ihr euer Kylo ren lichtschwert, welches ihr für die Show zum kämpfen benutzt habt oder einen Prototypen des Lichtschwerts auf eurer Website zum Verkauf anbieten? 🙂

  2. Love the fights! Could you post more practice videos in the future with English sub titles? And could you do the dialogue for the new show in English sub titles cause I couldn't understand anything.

  3. Hey, ich finde es toll, dass ihr mit so viel Enthusiasmus und Liebe zu Star Wars an solche Schaukämpfe herangeht. Mir als absoluter Noob, wenn es um Schaukampf geht ist nur eine Sache aufgefallen, an der ihr eventuell noch arbeiten könntet. Die Beinarbeit. Sie wirkt ein wenig als Mittel zu dem Zweck Schläge zu verteilten und sich auf der Bühne zu bewegen. Mein Tipp hierfür: Ruig etwas in die Knie gehen. Dazu Bewegung nicht in viele kleine, sondern in große auffallende Schritte aufteilen. Schaut euch am besten einmal Interwievs mit Jacky Chan an, in denen er über Beinarbeit redet. Zu jedem Schlag sollte ein Schritt gehören. Und genauso zu jedem Block. Ich glaube wenn ihr das beachtet w7rden eure Kämpfe viel flüssiger wirken. Und wenn man Schläge mit Schritten verbindet lässt sich das auch besser lernen. 😉
    Naja bei Jacky Chan sieht man was ich meine.
    Trotzdem geniale Bühnenshows!

  4. ich han die show live gesehen und ich finde das zu wenig lichtschwertkämpfe waren
    (logisch das ihr das auf 10 tage nicht schafft ist nur n kleines Feddback)

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