Lego Zombie Epidemic – Episode 5

Jason: What are we going to do with Ryan? Noah: we will have to kill him Jason: there must be some cure or something like that John: i can take you guys to AVD Striker: AVD? John: I worked there with Scott John: I was a janitor, and Scott was a doctor John: that’s where the virus came from, maybe there’s a cure inside there Jason: Let´s go! Scott: I stop the bleeding, but he doesn’t have much time before he gets infected Scott: he has 1 hour Noah: let´s go then John: it´s here Scott: we still have 30 minutes John: let’s split into pairs John: Noah you come with me John: Striker and scott go to the left John: Ryan and Jason go to the right John: got it? Striker: wait a minute ???: HELP PLEASE ???: there is a creature worse than the zombies in here Striker: what the hell happened here?!? ???: one of our scientists betrayed us and infected the entire lab! ???: my entire platoon was killed by this creature ???: you need to help me, I can’t get out of here alone! Striker: is there any cure here? ???: yes ???: the cure is in… Striker: we have to warn them … NOW! Scott: THIS CREATURE WILL KILL THEM ALL! Jackson: not so fast assholes Jackson: No one´s going anywere! Noah: Virus L72 John: no, is not this one Noah: god dammit John: did you hear that? Noah: yeah John: let’s go back, maybe we are not alone John: holy shit Ryan: urgh… come on, i can make it Jason: almost there man Jason: ok, here we go! Ryan: let’s go with it Ryan: what the hell was that? Jason: i don´t know ???: give ???: the virus ???: NOW! Ryan: the looters are here Jason: Let´s go then Ryan: dammit, what the fuck just happened? Striker: Jackson just came and… Striker: we tried to fight, but we dont make it Striker: im sorry Ryan Ryan: i will take you out of here, hold on! Scott: Oh dear god… i cant see! Scott: They… They beat Striker and threw acid in my eyes! Ryan: Come on Striker! Stryker: Ryan, I won’t make it man… Ryan: trust me Striker, i will take you out of this hell! Striker: Ryan… you know what to do Ryan: NO, it will work, come on! Jason: Ryan… he will turn, we have to kill him Ryan: NO… WE CAN`T DO THIS! Striker: do it god dammit! Striker: I don’t want to become one of them Striker: please… please just do it Ryan: Goodbye, my friend… CONTINUE…

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