Lego Worlds – Treasure Hunting with Things that go Bump in the Night. Part #4 [KM+Gaming S01E34]

okay oh god that was awesome hi everybody! welcome back to Kid Matters Plus TV and today we are playing lego world now um when I started before I was digging a bunch of holes and To get treasure chests I’m just giving you a moment that you guys didn’t see before because that was like…um… The time where dad got a bunch of treasure chests and I was like no way I’m going to find a bunch of treasure chests. so yeah… Here I am, going to find a bunch of treasure chests which, one’s right here. come on up Oop, Looks like it is down more. right there Okay, Let’s go down. Down! Argh! Bam okay oh Oh oh um um Looks like I got to dig more right hmmm and start[?] oh get the treasure chest now um This is going to be weird yup knew it and of course I’m going to glitch Um, mine not flying. not good and dad had this You can zoom in oh what’s that? Can’t find it now Right here what the… what!? I need to scan it from lego worlds gray rat it was a gray rat from lego worlds [of] course is a pool of water Oh oh god Oh wait! I remember finding… a monster here Didn’t I scan these before? Just hold on guys come here Die! Oh, that’s why it’s new…heh yeah Lady Cyclops just scan it in. How do you scan it? you have to get… good… and she’s attacking me now and I died. okay After you scan these, that’s the boy cyclops and that’s the lady cyclops After you scan them, you got to make sure you have enough money And then after you have enough… Oops not that one Where’s something Here you go. Where’s…Where’s something that I can do. There we go and after you do it you can add it to your world like that, press x and…there it is That’s where I spawned it. okay, now we’re going to get out of the cave. The only way is… Bam Jumpy, jumpy, jump jump, jump. Ooh, another cave. That’s why you need to go to this edge of the… …thing, so you can find more stuff. and… What’s in here? This is a rock Nothing else And up we go I went from the water.OhGod! come here Don’t fall off the edge… of the map come on come on oh yep They can steal boats, I think You just got to wait… and then… bam Got him Got him Give me that! Oops come here Yes!! Yes! Yes Yes yes. hey now we’re going… to a different planet. no I know I know I’m I’m really looking forward to see something um over on this planet But…Parachuting! okay. Oh God! That was awesome! Wait! I need to do that again there was a cloud in my way and you don’t..oh come here! There we go! Now I’m on a cloud! Yes I’m on a cloud I’m never coming of it I need, you need an Eagle to get to the other clouds and… Why is there a bat up here? anyways, we’re going to try… What!? so some of these people are up here? What the… okay you can get hearts can’t really see which all this happen is this is like a little glitch in it that’s fine Hey, Let’s go… Just going to… have to go… to that white mark until we are there Oh Land! Huh? two vehicles… but…what the!? Um Real weird And, a little trouble here It’s been spawn in all of this Oh! Yes bam Okay I didn’t know that before okay now we’re going to go over to this land. OH! Did you see that? That was a glitch, because you can go on clouds guys. But… It was a glitch because it went through the cloud. And by the way, in front of me is like this whole… huge thing that was the last episode I was like…those are… are things were from like from Star Trek come on You know you want to land. when you land, come on and land. Yea, I landed. Bird go away! Because there’s something that… in a video there was like… one of those… Statues that [?] Marcus found and now we’re going to see if they actually have eyes Going to go to one of them. and looks like they don’t so I guess So I guess if you want them to have eyes you can get the xbox and they would have eyes because… um… I… someone had an xbox and they were like OH and I was like… Oh wait…look right here these guys have eyes and they don’t Let’s say hello to Mr. Kitty. I’m just calling him Mr. Kitty. And yeah, I did paint the walls I painted the walls like a boss. I was just painting the walls crazy. with my paintpall gun Do I have my paintball gun still? Yep I do oh that’s new How’s that new when I’ve been using it? and camera Hello little kitties Little kitten or is that even a kitten? I don’t even know Motorcycle But also… This…is a different way not the way that I wanted it to go in now we’re going in the direction I’ve been doing some stuff, my world. okay I need…. 20 bricks. That’s going to be hard, ship. Nope, can’t see that. AAA yellow yellow yellow You see this? That is…Oh! I dropped it. There it is. It’s a transformer. I’m snooping to my dogs Drill! Drill it! It’s a drill! from transformers and it can drill down. come come I’m Daniel Tiger! go away See, this is a new planet! It is new Yep, new planet! What’s there? Oh. I do this just because it is around this spot And…Let’s dig! until…and we found it it’s so easy to find okay, what’s in it? Uh! and… what is it? Oh, I got legendary coordinates! Haven’t got that guys. Haven’t got a legendary coordinates. and there’s another one. Let’s see what’s in there. In that… place Okay, let’s dig down here. and, it’s right here. So, let’s dig down [?] If it’s that quick down then… Oh, no it’s not. At least I don’t think it is. Oh my god it’s surprise you [?] what’s amazing. Oh, this is…this is…um… Very going to be new. Oh good I’m just going to dig more in case I go into the ground. So I guess…where’s the hole? Going to be a long time down. Nevermind. I like this place I’m liking this place okay do I go from this side? I do! and I’m glitched In the floor Oh you’re going to fall…Oh I have a bow! I have a bow, my first. I have this and my sleeping gun. I like…I love this gun! I love that gun I’m going to grab it out because… It’s a helpful gun because it makes things go to sleep What the!? Is there another chest there? there was! Oh Oh [?] I didn’t know there could be a chest inside a cave oh New discovered thing, lava. in a cave You can always find lava in a cave. A gold brick Our items exploring this cave Whoa! that is very new! never go in lava guys Because this will happen ARGH! They’re getting…that’s… real bad. A glitch! Right there, floating. Floating blocks, there! Right there, see? Not even attached to anything. Just there, floating. It’s…It’s floating! Okay, let’s move on What is that? Oh, it’s a lady cyclops um get away from that. And…go through here. okay keep going. Let’s keep going guys. keep going Um, water water! let’s go up the water Because water is always a good sign That means no more hunting in caves anymore oh god! that’s…this is going to be hard I have a row boat to the island oh come on this is one of my favorite things to do with this…a row wait Ugh Okay go go go go go go I thought that was a treasure chest there. And there is. I didn’t want to be… I didn’t want you guys to say, like… “Oh there’s a treasure chest that you forgot” Oops Oh. What the… Th-th-th-th- That was a new cave right here what? this person wants a soccer ball Sorry, but I don’t know where to get a soccer ball. It’s always like this and let’s go down in the cave, land, and there’s the chest! This is a one and only… treasure chest What’s in there? a ball! What the guy needed. Get up there! WHOA Hey, I want to keep this ball Okay, I’m going to dig up now Oh, that’s much more better guys Much more better, more better And we got…we are free from the cave. But the bad part is… We’re drowning. Very… Very slowly Okay, now it’s night time Night time But it is not, outside. and fireflies Wait, can you scan fireflies? me either and…you…you can try to but it’ll never work Can you kill fireflies? No, of course you can’t I know… I know that… okay. We’re going to have to head forward! forward And… A heads demon A heads demon Let’s go get the demon Oh God! oh god god. no no no oh god Okay, looks scanned And he’s mine Okay, do I have the sword? I do not have the sword How do you get the sword? Oh, so I have him Oh god! He’s red at night time. His eyes glow red. But he really looks like… really looks like…um… He looks like… that… You can’t even see, but I’ll just buy him so I can show you what he looks like now going to be him oh there we go Oh, that’s Gabe’s skin? no. That’s mine Yea. Oh my god, that’s an item. I’m going to get that. ohmehgerd go get something, okay Okay, I’m going to go try and find stuff Over on the island. Oh Nevermind, I am on the island. I was running, there’s lots of skeletons. Spooky scary skeletons, they’re shivering down your spine. Um, this way there is something. Something very new. I’m going to have to do something for this. So guys, if you don’t know this tool… The cut out tool. Now, this is a tool that can.. Copy tool copy tool copy tool copy tool… ha ha ha ha oh ha ha ha ha ha ha I tried scanning it, but nevermind, it’s too big. oh my god people why do you want so many things! Squirrel, I can’t get you nuts! I’m sorry oh there’s a chest in here I’m glad I went up here What did I get? A gold brick. Okay, let’s go to our ship I’m going to my ship Before I do that, I’ll judge everyone I’m going to my ship so I’m going to say bye to everyone Buh Bye squirrels and everybody else here Buh bye! Bye!! BUH BYE!!! Thanks for watching everybody! I hope you enjoyed! Leave a like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon BYE!!!!! all engines running

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