Lego Worlds – Revenge On Boat Thief, Gold Brick Level Up. Part #3 [KM+Gaming S01E32]

Oh! Why is the… That was funny What?! He took my boat! He took the boat! Now this is my chance. My chance to k…NO! I forgot. Boats like these are fast. And he knows that… And he knows that skeletons can… not… go to boats like that. I just have to keep on jumping and then I can fall like him. Ugh No No Maybe he is going to land on land or something? nope not… Oh wait! No! I just had to take it. Because it says if you want to press triangle or not Yes, I do This is double jump oh come back wait There he is! There he is Okay, punch him nope, I just… I just can’t punch him like this Ah no duh yes oh I need a shark This is a shark AGH Eat him alive! Eat him! Eat! Eat! Okay, when he is down to one heart left, I think I am going to kill him Bare Hands! Why isn’t he dying? why? no yes Die! No no no Do not.. NO Yes! Oh he got one heart, okay. go to him go to him I can’t only a human Bam A human can go faster than us skeletons Why you… Why you? Oh, is he climbing? He can not… climb from me because humans… No! That’s not a thing you can get? Ugh, I’m just going to have to, like… …go on to land. Uh Okay, anyways… go on to land Change to my guy No hats Oh, he wants a gem. A ge.. A blue gem. I will not give you any! because you you Oh come here That’s what you get for being a steal your stuff criminal. And only criminals are at the pond, so I’m going to go somewhere else. so if they walk in place… The bat! I thought that was a bat. It’s not! Let’s go over to the green. Because the green means something. Oh, no Wait, there’s something… Oh, there, that’s another scuba diver. I can not… Why can I not scan that? like a [plant?] Ah I hate that anyways… I’m going to go over to, like, the submarine. I’ll just [inaudible] going to go over to [inaudible] and…like… Go in to things. I think I can scan the shark, actually. I haven’t tried scanning the shark Oops, can not scan the shark. An item Look at me I like, I just liking look at me anyways Go underwater! We’re going deep We’re going deep Is this like a… This is new, I haven’t been here. I’m just going to zoom in because that feels like… actually underwater Oh, I feel like I’m in… I feel like I have a VR headset on me but I actually don’t VR is the thing whoa Get out Now don’t leave I think I have to get out of… I’m just like… hanging around Not loose all my bubbles. Okay, anyways… This is awesome I like just being, just like, in a submarine I actually think that’s cool because… in a submarine because it said, like… on a paper, or something like that, that… Let me see. Oh It’s over there. Anyways… This way because I’m just going to look at stuff… WHOA! I’m just going to ride this, I guess. That was easy The just catch a… thing that I needed what I needed on land because I have seen one on land Dun dun dun. Oh that’s funny That’s how he attacks. I’m the one in the…Oh NO…you didn’t. you killed that guy okay Where is it? Oh there… When it’s gold, when there’s like a gold thing, it means something… no it doesn’t Oh, this is where I spawned as a skeleton I’m just going to… Oh I can’t because I have to be a skeleton OH! Aw, little dolphin! Awesome, I can be around the groups too. Yeee [non verbal singing] I want to see how it, like, does this… Oh, sorry if I hurt you. so cute I want to scan one of these But they’re also fast Oh, I’m going to…ah fish I don’t have a fish sorry I’m going to copy this It’s not going to move without… thing NO No That’s it come back here Oh, you’re right here no. come back It’s annoying OH! How did the dolphin… The dolphin just killed that guy in one shot. I cannot scan it anyways… OH! Why is the… that was funny what? I, like, UGH, like [mic audio, usb, dropped and had to redo connection] I know! ARGH It’s not a troublemaker, but It’s like a thing that you have to chase in order to get… …something, like a gold brick. come back or like, items for building. It’s like, from the swamp It has like, those little creatures I like. yes Hi! I need to talk to you Oh no He’s escaping, come back. Oh yeah give me this gimme give me ah scan it ugh come here. This is my item ugh Oh, there we go! So what I’m going to have is my sword out because there is lots of, like, villians Charge! Oh wait, I don’t have my weapon out. YAH HA I just like sword so much Hey Uh oh I get a gold brick! oh wait that was the last one no wait I’m an explorer builder go forward Now we can go to more lands and stuff, but… first we have to show you the land because there’s new lands and blah blah blah after you do the last one bam What? Bye everybody! and I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, please leave a like and hit that bell icon!

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