LEGO Worlds FREE Easter Content!

Once upon a time bunny girl slept in her
exquisite house. Oh no children, it’s the mischievous bunny boy…what’s he up to? Wake up bunny girl he’s hopping off with
your golden egg! That cheeky bunny boy has gotten off to a
head start. He could be at the Rabbit Warren,
the Egg Fair or the Farmhouse. It’s time for funny girl to go on the great LEGO World’s egg hunt. It’s the egg-cellent Egg Fair but bunny
boy is nowhere to be seen Wait he’s behind you chicken boy! He could be inside that cracking
Farmhouse bunny girl. Oh no…he’s making a run for it using the
Egg Car – – scramble after him bunny girl! These free-range egg-scapades are
exhausting… Looks like bunny boy cracked his car
into the Rabbit Warren… He’s making a run for it stop him buddy
girl. Bunny boy was only yoking around – he
cracks me up. All these egg-sciting Builds will be
available to download in LEGO Worlds throughout March. That’s all the yolks!

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79 thoughts on “LEGO Worlds FREE Easter Content!

  1. Yeah…. For some reason, the characters from the brick builds are not showing up after placing the models. I've got all available models but haven't been able to get the Chinese New Year figure, or the figures from the first two Easter models. I think the last update on PS4 has messed up a few things because the night trader has also stopped showing.

  2. Awsome brick builds, will you guys bring back NINJAGO im one of those people who missed the brick builds

  3. So cute i love this <3 …but 3 things
    1. I didn't see any baby chicks which are apparently coming to the game
    2. There are 3 missing weapons in the game
    3. I seen this rainbow brick build going around on Twitter for the past month are we getting that eventually? I sure hope so
    P.S. kinda sad that there are no St. Patricks Day brick builds considering its this week 🙁 but apart from that i'm loving the Easter content so far its EGGCELLENT 😉

  4. We wait no info for survivor DLC update not heard last time Lego worlds post in last summer no news please you can info let us know

  5. Could you guys add a dino dlc around when the new jw comes out,you can have all kinds of dinos in a jurassic jungle,add jeeps,and all kinds of dinos

  6. this game is really something special, sad its not getting the recognition it deserves. two things could use improvement imo, slightly lenthier quests and expansion of procedural generation radius, its sad when i find a beautiful cliffside or beach etc. and back up to look at it, it disappears. otherwise my 3rd all time favorite game

  7. Help, for some strange reason the controller disconects automatically. Help. Im playing switch versión 🙁

  8. ever since the time of the ninjago brick builds no new brick builds will ever get placed
    i want easter, chinese new year, and ninjago

  9. Mas vale que arregleis el juego, estafadores, que hace más de dos semanas consegui el ultimo bloque de construcción para el trofeo Delicia de Diseñador, despues de MÁS DE 200 COFRES ABIERTOS solo para esa última pieza, y el trofeo se quedo glitcheado, asi, sin mas.

  10. why is there stuff locked in the sandbox mode? is this a bug or intentional? (not everything is locked, but a bunch of stuff is, and i have all DLCs)
    i know the Pug-z rocket used to be available in sandbox but now isn't.

    (i did have the save file broken once, had to go back 1 or 2 days but fixed it, i don't think that should affect it)

  11. please bring back the stuff from last year again on xboxone/ps4 to the showcase? cool game I'm a master builder with 111 gold bricks so far…1207 discoveries.

  12. Another wish in my list:
    Please make a school with some subject stuff,teachers and students!That would be very awesome…
    And more Lego Ninjago and new Lego Star Wars content^^

  13. The MLG bunny suit guy whants eat the egg dragon XD YES O MY GOD AAAAAÁA SMOKE WE EVERYDAY SANIC

  14. I bought the downloadable content,monster Town, and classic space and i didn't get any easter brick builds or any Chinese New Year brick builds it's 2019 and i don't have it.

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