LEGO Worlds: Celebrate Chinese New Year with FREE Content – Temple, Garden and more!

We’re celebrating Chinese New Year in LEGO Worlds! With four brand new Brick Builds themed around the ‘Year of the Dog’. One will be released each week, so be sure to boot up LEGO Worlds… …regularly to ensure you don’t miss any of this fab FREE content. There’s plenty of locations to visit, but also some hidden things to find too. Take a look at the Description for full Brick Build availability. And be sure to Subscribe and be sure to say Hello in the Comments 🙂 How cool are these fireworks? 😀 That’s all for now. See you soon LEGO Worlds fans!!

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51 thoughts on “LEGO Worlds: Celebrate Chinese New Year with FREE Content – Temple, Garden and more!

  1. Ok this is getting weird and annoying they release this content but not survivor

    I would not be surprised if they cancelled the dlc

  2. Do a dino dlc and release when the new jw comes out,have sll kinds of dinos and diffrent ptersaurs,you can add a new biome like jurassic jungle or dinosaur desert

  3. Will you be bringing back old sets? I really want the police station and all the other items from that dlc but I missed it by one day 🙁 It would be cool if you had all the sets available on the Lego worlds website and we could simply sign in using our ps4/ xbox /steam details and grab them and they got added to our game if that's even possible! I've missed a few sets and it bugs me as I really want them! 🙂

  4. I love how you guys constantly support this game with free content! Keep it up, this is easily my favorite Lego game because of it.

  5. Hey i have a problem with my game on xbox one, everytime i log in, it always makes me select my language and set my safety boundries…im not sure if this is a glitch or what but i would love your guys' repsonse, thank you.

  6. Add different size wheels in objects menu please that would be great thanks for everything you guys have done your awesome

  7. Any chance of something star wars related???I know it could be very unlikely considering how Disney is but come on this is Lego star wars should at least be in it like maybe a few characters,new vehicles and perhaps a new world?

  8. This is sooooo cool AND fireworks?!?! OMGGGG!! Can't wait to get this into my Lego Worlds city! Happy Chinese New Year!

  9. Hellow lego worlds you need to add an update weres theres mor animals cheetahs deer tigets zebras whales hawk rino bufilo

  10. I can’t believe the amount of content this game is still getting this makes me want to play it again(I am going to do that😄)

  11. please bring this DLC and the 1950s DLC back! I have the game on Nintendo switch and I didn't know how to get the DLC models until after this and the 1950s DLC packs where retired! Is there some code I can use to unlock the minifigures and props and inventory that is still lingering on my system from the update?

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