LEGO WORLD (44) – Die Eisenbahnstrecke [1]

Part 44 The Railway Line [1] Hello Friends, welcome to a brand-new episode of LEGO World on my Channel. Today it’s about the Railway, more specifically it’s about the expansion of the railway track. I want to use the available space in the best way, so I have to go in the underground. Looks good… Not to be missed of course are so embellishments to make it look more realistic. And this is precisely how it goes on in the next part. Till then… have a nice time and stay creative.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO WORLD (44) – Die Eisenbahnstrecke [1]

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  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu 1,1 Millionen die sich das Video angeschaut haben. Hoffe es hilft ein bisschen bisschen beim Finanzieren der Lego World.

  3. А почему ДСП.а не МДФ?
    Это же не экологично.а ещё немцы.

  4. E aí fera belezinha se você puder me dá uma força no meu canal se você puder se inscrever eu vou ficar muito grato com você. ……… eu já sou assinante do seu canal no YouTube eu vejo os vídeos seus se você publicar eu sou assinante o seu canal tem muito tempo eu vejo os trenzinhos que você complica e eu estou precisando de um apoio seu se você puder

  5. Wonderful fantastic trains are my favorites just like the cars in scale. regards !! maravilloso fantásticos trenes…. me gustan igual que los carros a escala 1/64

  6. Superb
    From where I can buy this Lego world…??
    Once my cousin watched Lego world Since then, always he insists on the Lego train.

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