LEGO Winter Toy Shop 2015 Review! Set 10249

Hey Youtube, that is the Winter Toy Shop all
built, so now we can have a look at it. SO, what do we have, we have the shop itself,
the tree, we’ve got a little step ladder, a bench with some lights. We have 8 mini-figures,
got a jack-in-the-box and some toys. A helicopter, a truck, a parcel, rocket, teddy bear, a little
plane, a boat, a snowman, two larger trees and 2 smaller trees. The mini-figures: We’ve got the toy maker
in his overalls, we have, from the picture on the box this is a Dad, there is no print on the back and
by the looks of things this is his son. He could also be a carol singer as well with
that face, with the scared face you could have him singing as well. We have a lady here, she is arranging
the Christmas tree on the box. We have the two carol singers. The carol book, there’s
an alternate print there on the back. And under the cloak there is a print on the back
there. She’s singing away. The male carol singer is also singing away,
he’s got rosey cheeks. There’s no print on the back of the head there. We have the snow boarder and the skier. We’ve
got a print on the reverse there, and the skier there is no print on the head, the jumper
has got a bit of a print on the back. We have the bench, it’s got a small cat on
it and there are some snow balls there so you can set up mini-figures to have a snow
ball fight if you want. The lamp itself is a really nice construction, very clever. I’ve
never seen these pieces, there are a few pieces I’ve never seen before, it’s quite nice, there
are some clips and these spherical pieces that they’ve made up. The step ladders are quite nicely configured.
I think I will try and make some more of these just for my castle stuff that I have. The tree itself, I thought the build was really
good. It’s got a central spine, you can see that in the build video. I’ll put that in
the cards. There’s a central spine and then some hoops that fit on the spine to construct
the tree. The layers are angled at 45 degrees. It builds up the layers to make up the tree
and there;s the star on the top. Of course we also have the fairy lights going around
the outside which is a very nice touch and is very good.
Nice a sparkly and very Christmassy indeed. A look at the presents: We look we’ve got
a little truck, I’ve not seen these little, small pieces before they are new to me but
it is a smart looking truck. The helicopter, the rotor blades work as well. A small rocket. These remind of the stuff you’d get in the Advent Calendar. A nice bi-plane there and
a boat. A parcel with a little name tag and a teddy bear! So, here we have the shop. This printed piece
which I believe is unique to this set. The shop itself, very nice looking, all very wintry
of course. We have the white roof and the white bases here. We have nice big windows
because there are some toys on display there, a train. We also have a robot. Inside we have the downstairs and the shop
itself, the till and those two toys. Upstairs we have the workshop. Let’s have a look at
the workshop, there is a seat there and a little area, there is a small toy car here
and some tools. A hammer and a spanner/wrench kind of thing. Across from the workshop we
have a clock so the toy maker knows what time it is and on top of that there is a little
golden frog. Which I think is very cool, I am thinking the golden frog is one of the
coolest parts of the set. We have a really good looking fireplace, there
are a couple of flames in there, which is very nice. The stack itself, the chimney stack
itself is really good. Good textures, it just looks very nice indeed, it’s very slick. Everything about this set is really nice,
It has the light brick there in the tower to help the toy maker see what he is doing
which is a very nice little touch. There is a ladder going up to the work shop. SO around the building we have some wreaths
here and some more, what looks like, more Christmas decorations. A wreath here as well.
Making it look even more Christmassy
and special. This set is very good looking, I like it a lot. I think it was worth it and
I’m glad I bought it, like I said in the haul, this is the first Christmas themed set I’ve
bought. I got the Santa’s work shop as well. I like it, the fact that you get 8 mini-figures,
a shop and a tree itself, I think it’s good value for money. It’s just a good looking
set. It would look good as part of Christmas decorations or just part of a winter village
scene. Thanks for watching!

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5 thoughts on “LEGO Winter Toy Shop 2015 Review! Set 10249

  1. Thanks for the review. Appreciate you bringing some of the unique pieces and each section close to the camera.

    It's a nice set but I'm not going to collect these. I have the Santa's Workshop that I will build this year and likely every Christmas.

  2. This set is great because it has so many minifigs, so if you have $80 and want more figs for a passenger train, buy this…

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