LEGO Wedding Favor Set (40165) Unboxing & Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with Wedding Favor Set by Lego. Set number 40165. Contains 89 pieces. Recommended building
ages are 7 and up. Looks like we have a couple
about to get married. “For table decoration only”. So we can’t put that on a cake. Nice colorful box art. Let’s open this up. That tape was putting up a fight. The box was packed okay. We have two bags of bricks, two plates, and a folded instruction manual. Let’s take a closer look at
the Wedding Favor Set. Here we have the Wedding
Favor Set all assembled. I’m going to run through
this review really quick. In the front, we have a
few spare stud flowers and other various plates. On the left-hand side,
we have three hairpieces and a double-sided head. Possibly used for the groom. On the right, we have two wigs and some gold rings. In the middle, we have our bride and groom. Honestly this build was boring. [Laughs] I’m being serious. It was okay to put together. I wasn’t too excited with this build. It does have plenty of accessories. I got it mainly for the
minifigures and the parts. I’m sure it will make a great conversation
piece for a table for a wedding. Even as a source for spare parts. This concludes the review for Wedding Favor Set by Lego. Set number 40165. Thank you for watching!

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6 thoughts on “LEGO Wedding Favor Set (40165) Unboxing & Exploration

  1. I didn’t even know this was a set, haha! It’s really nice though! Never seen any wedding stuff in the lego line before!

  2. I remember the older wedding set that just had a paperish background. This is honestly an improvement from the last one.

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