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hello everyone this is the Lego wedding favor set the current version for 2018 has been on the market for a little while now for a lego fan who is party to a wedding whether bride or groom or just member of the audience this would certainly be the coolest possible wedding favor ever though it is a bit expensive for hey waiting favor I think that Lego has put something much nicer here together than they need it to for what this thing is it’s really built up quite a bit they could have done just the arch and you know with a couple of people there but they included a little bit of the walkway coming up to it they’ve got some nice decorations around the edges you know obviously there’s not all that much to see here in terms of reviewing set but you know this makes for a very nice presentation it goes together fairly quickly uses just a minimum amount of studs on the side construction to attach those small short fence pieces in gold on the sides this little area back here is definitely nicer than it needs to be with the rounded corner fence pieces and the extra decorations that they added on to those railings and there’s the wedding cake itself which includes a couple of toppers that are nano figs one white and one black with no print on them and I’ve got some decorations going around the base that’s a hybrid Technic and brick based build you can take that out of there but you will need to remove the 2 by 2 plate with basically two a two round jumper that’s down at the base there if you want to have this stand up because it is built around an older antenna or older style antenna piece so it can stand up just like that but it’s not the most stable things they probably want to keep the base for it but you know this is a nice side build it’s it’s interesting it could have been done much simpler but I like how it’s done with the three tiers and presents the toppers very nicely leaves a little bit of extra space inside of there if you want to present all of this without the cake in place I like the simple heart shape up at the top they’ve used that a number of times for a number of things that also comes with the small bouquet for the bride to throw over her shoulder at the end and you know some flowers around the edges and old foliage pieces yes it’s nicely presented let’s take a closer look at the two figures the bride figure here does use the traditional design for a lego woman in dress or gown with the 2 by 2 by 2 sloped piece used for her lower half there is no printing on that slope I think a little bit of print would have gone a long way there to make it even fancier but it’s it’s not it’s not bad many wedding dresses are fairly plain in texture at least for the the lower half but the interesting thing here is that the bride is significantly taller noticeably taller than the groom figure if you look at the positions of their shoulders and the next I think once you notice that it becomes very noticeable but to me from a distance with you know this on display just completely built up I didn’t find it to be that noticeable at first because the top hat on the groom figure evens things out I think that was a very conscious decision that was made to help these two look more more similar in overall size I think that in the future Lego will replace the slope piece with the the newer style of part that they’ve come up with the dedicated minifigure lower half piece that has the curve on it and that is shorter so that the figures will be more equal in size the prints on the backs of these torsos I think are good but one issue here is that you know not every bride is going to have long brunette hair and not every groom is going to want to wear a top hat but this set takes care of you there by including also a blonde version of that same hairpiece and let’s do a blonde version of a hairpiece for the guy here he wants to just have his regular hair schon so that’s one option that you come up with you know different versions of blonde between the two but I think these work you also got another hair color for the guy with that same design as well the dark orange there and they’ve got a set of black hair in that same design again for the bride but that works out and the same design again for the guy but in black as well so number of different options it’s really nice that they included all those options it doesn’t cover every possibility obviously oh yeah and also I think that this is generic enough that in some cases could even do yeah that definitely works it could do something like that you can do something like that if you want you know there are there are a lot of viable options here and when you go ahead and finish going through the possibilities for the short hair for the bride there that design does work for sure as female hair which is just great you know this is this is really using Lego and all that is good about Lego to the max you know having things fully interchangeable like that and offering all those options I think is one of the best things that they’ve done in this set it actually makes the set attractive to folks who are not interested in weddings or setting up a wedding giving this away as a wedding favor single people kids won’t like having this set because it is relatively inexpensive for all the stuff that you get you get all these hair pieces and you get the wedding topper pieces which are the Nano figs they actually include spares for those in the set just one spare of each as extras the ring is an interesting thing because they only include one officially in the set for the guy to offer to the woman but you know and a lot of ceremonies you’re gonna have an exchange of rings fortunately there is a spare of the ring included as well so they’ve got you covered this is just nice and I mean the press depart ratio is at excellent especially when you consider the fact that a large percentage of the volume of stuff you get here is minifigures and minifigure accessories which in total often have more value in sets than other pieces you get a lot of good stuff here ultimately it is like I said at the beginning still a very expensive thing to use as an actual wedding favor probably will limit it more to smaller ceremonies or people who are particularly well-to-do but who knows you might want to just splurge anyway because this ends up being a cool thing and for again for folks who have no interest in weddings who aren’t gonna have anything to do with weddings you still get an awesome parts back here to use with your other Lego toys or collectibles that’s it for my look at this one hope you enjoyed this thanks so much for watching and I will talk to you again as soon as I can

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