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Today on REBRICKULOUS, we’re sending LEGO bricks into the sky. 3…..2….1……Goodbye So for the longest time, Tyler and DImitry have wondered, how high a LEGO build can actually go up into the sky so
I introduced them to my friend John Jon’s a really cool guy and he helped
them build this weather balloon is connected to a payload of all these cool
gadgets but the one thing that I’m most interested about is a Lego build
attached to it. We are out here with the stratospheric flight team from Weber
State University these guys are the best in the biz so they’re gonna be launching
this up to 30,000 feet which is about where commercial airlines fly so when
you fly anywhere you’re gonna be flying at this height and we’re gonna see it
for ourselves we have to talk to the FAA and we have to make sure that they
cleared all air traffic in this area while we said things up. John tell me
a little bit about what you have here Well this is one of our multiple
tracking systems and it sends a package that tells us where it’s located and how
high it is. The FAA requires us to have two means of terminating the balloon flight. We
set a timer on this and at a certain point, as soon as we cut away boom the
parachute opens out and we drift down gently. We’ve got these special gloves as
the balloon is filling it’s gonna start to kind of stand up and like wiggle a
little bit we’re just gonna keep our hands in place make sure it doesn’t get
too squirrely we’re gonna tie it off and attach it to the rest of the string and
then we’re gonna count down we’re gonna launch. Ready? Yeah, whoa nervous. So the wind’s blowing this way you guys want to be over here all right we got it we got it yes this is Weber State University, we
are about 15 minutes from launch so right now we’re getting this thing
inflated the wind is pretty pretty rough today okay we’re done with fill. All
right so now we have to tie the balloon which is a super important part they
have this scientific stuff they used to tie it
it’s called duct-tape, purple duct-tape I need someone with real gloves to do this.
I’m gonna hold it. 10 seconds we’re going to pull the pole before flight pins 57
58 59 let’s pull the pins 53 yes yes so 12:53.02 all right let’s get some
more crew along here okay we’re gonna get you on that we’re gonna get you down
at the very end. Wow, okay let’s do our count you ready for the countdown Ryan
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 launch! There goes! It’s going so fast, 12:54 50
what last time I think it’s clear amazing let’s go oh okay now we got to locate it with the
GPS thing that we put on we’re getting in the car all right I’m doing shotgun
we’re gonna try and track it down using all the systems we put in place and
hopefully recover our build. 25,000 feet above sea level we’re gonna be cutting
this down Nikko are we coming down? Not yet. We’re not
coming down Well we only find out every 30 seconds
to a minute so is it going down Yes you’re down just cut down. It’s
amazing. So we’re coming down the balloon is probably gonna land somewhere up here
and this old river bed. We’re gonna have to go a little bit off the roads
find out where this is. What’s the distance? 0.6 miles. Gettin close. You gotta hike the rest of the way.
Yeah I don’t think we need to lock it Which way are we going? Yes yes that’s it that’s
it. Oh hold on what? Shoot, look at our build it’s like on its side. What.
Moment of truth I can’t see the- Yo the build is all there, all of our pieces are here, it’s amazing. Is
the moon really made of cheese probably is. Oh answers we’re gonna have
in just a second when we look at this Right oh Love Space. 3, 2, 1, launch! What what, Yo the build is all there,
the car is there. the flag is there..are you serious? Yes!! Click one of these two videos to watch some more REBRICKULOUS or
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parachuted right to you

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  1. Can you please stop posting clickbait videos? Or next time just hire Logan Paul if you just want to direspect Lego fans.

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  3. LEGO on my channel this weekend it’s the Youtube awards your nominated for most about LEGO

  4. This is awesome, a LEGO build to the edge of space! Maybe next time you guys could rent a zero-G airplane and build a LEGO model in microgravity! 😀

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  6. When they launched it the first couple seconds that it went in the air I saw what I thought looked like the Statue of Liberty in the back round.

  7. make them each build a lego doghouse for your dog brick and brick chooses which one he likes more

  8. Make a sugar rocket motor and make a little rocket and attach minifugures inside!

    Edit: you can find tutorials for a sugar rocket motor at The King Of Random

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