LEGO Video Aventura la FABRICA de Juguetes Lego Group en Mexico Factory brick Toys DarkSaintShop

Hello how is everyone? You are welcome
to this special video lego factory. That Would be so wonderful dream for every fan attending
this toys nirvana. Right now we are on the way to the
factory to show a bit and share with you You already saw what we see in the background?
are those giant yellow bricks and lego logotype, lets get down to record a little more closely. On this road we’re seeing this molding plant
that is what we see at the bottom in red color,in
the back is where are the plastic injection machines, is where they are born or manufactured
all elements of a toy is lego. In this site is the staff entrance and there are seeing
the world famous MARIACHIS found in lego plant and how listeners can hear … and have their
own music, this music is activated by a motion sesor and more interesting about these big
figures jajaja is that they are not only an ornament, are there to test the strength of
the bricks in the outside and watch it with sunlight colors brick lego not fade. here we are looking at what is known as package 1
that at the time we visited the plant was
remodeled… in this part is the first stage of packaging the all product is made, in there
are the machines that put all pieces or bricks in the bag that we all know that come in packages
that are listed with numbers 1,2,3, etc. and what we are seeing is what is known as the
final packaging, the back of the factory is where all the bags arrive and put inside in
the final box we all have in our hands when we buy a product. This is the most amazing
part of the factory because behind that building is are a giant robot, Yes!! a robot is responsible
for separating all the pieces that are coming to this section of the factory and the building
had to be built after install the robot by the huge size. We are already nearing the end of our journey, it may be that in the video are of the impression
that is not a very big factory, but really it is very huge and best of all it is growing
and there plans for it and I will show below. Here we are looking at what is known as packaging
2 we are seeing just under construction and it is best that the growth of the factory
does not stop because it’s already planned a new section new that will pack 3 and still
is not confirmed there has been talk of a fourth step would be packaging 4. That’s all
concerning the factory, I hope you like the video,is small but I did it with great affection
for you all.

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77 thoughts on “LEGO Video Aventura la FABRICA de Juguetes Lego Group en Mexico Factory brick Toys DarkSaintShop

  1. Hey! Maravilla!, en qué parte de México está?, puedes comprar productos ahí?, yo soy de México DF y solo se donde esta la oficina de ventas de Lego México y conozco a la gerenta general de Lego ventas México, pero ahí no hay mucho que ver (: buen video, saludos.

  2. yea ojala esto de la oportunidad a todos los fans de México y Latinoamérica poder conseguir mas productos de esta marca XD ahora mas que su peli los hiso mas populares 😀

  3. genial hermano me encantan los legos y mas de star wars que bien es saber que hay detras de todo esto buen video

  4. A mi me gistan mucho los super eroes y mas los avengers pero no tienes facebock o whatsap para comunicarnos

  5. pues charly el verdadero nirvana seria venir ala fabrica de Dinamarca! 🙂 aqui hay dias en verano en la que la fabrica se abre al publico.

  6. vivo en NL y no he ido, Lol, pero bien que voy a legoland, jaja shame on me, espero pronto pueda ir a un tour a la planta y me muestren lo que construyen ahi, jeje, Saludos

  7. Espectacular la planta, yo como proveedor ya he entrado muchas veces, despues grabo como es en la operacion de los robots que operan los inventarios y se los hago llegar.

  8. Si desean ver la fábrica matriz de Dinamarca vean Mega Fábricas de NatGeo y ahí se ve todo lo que gusta de esta fantástica creación. Saludos.

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