Lego versus Lepin (42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS)

Lego contra Lepin el tamaño de ambas piezas es completamente identico no hay diferencias en el color entre entre los dos sets las pegatinas también son idénticas la única diferencia está en la parte trasera – Lepin solo tiene el número de pieza la parte trasera de las piezas Lepin son mas brillantes las piezas Lepin tienen las esquinas mas afiladas Cuesta mas montar los pneumáticos Lepin en las llantas todas las piezas quedan bien sujetas con los pines y ejes originales de Lego + Muy buen precio +tamaños identicos a Lego +colores idénticos al original de Lego +pegatinas idénticas -algunas esquinas están afiladas -no trae caja -instrucciones de montaje mas resumidas

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67 thoughts on “Lego versus Lepin (42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS)

  1. I bought Lego 42056 and I will continue to buy new original Lego sets. Retired sets I missed out on are another story. Does anyone know if Lepin or other brand made a copy of Lego set 41999 4×4 Crawler? I searched and can't find it. I missed out on the real thing and refuse to pay double retail prices on Ebay.

  2. summary:

    + very good price
    + identical sizes with Lego
    + identical color with original Lego
    + identical decals
    – some edges are sharp
    – without box
    – shorter assembly instructions
    – worse quality of tires

  3. People who buy this Lepin crap should be aware that its manufacture is not regulated by any health and safety laws or labour laws. If you buy it, you are giving your money to people who use child labour and don't think twice about using toxic chemicals in their products.
    Also, even used Lego sets will keep their value very well should you ever decide to sell it. Used Lepin sets do not, so you are just throwing money away by buying them instead of Lego.

  4. @1:00, Are the part numbers for the Lepin parts the same as the real LEGO parts?

    Aside from missing the LEGO logo, how does one quickly distinguish the real LEGO from the fake clone? This is a concern as I buy lots from online auctions claiming to be authentic LEGO.

  5. By the way, have you noticed that hoses (chords) in Lepin are longer than they should? In other reviews I've seen they bend.
    Do you confirm it?

  6. nice video. shared on my page always asking for comparisons. especially colors. Thanks.

  7. just wondering how is Lepin able to rip off relatively fresh LEGO molds with such reasonable quality!!! 🙁

  8. The higher quality of LEPIN compared to other knockoff competitors as well as the blatant "flawless" copying of Lego elements is what caused the Lego group to sue them.

  9. 1. they send without box because of shipping cost (if u request with box u pay more on shipping) have based in china to do lego accessories certified such as key chain,lunch box, lamp etc…..this what they say, but i think they do have factory there to make lego set (correct me if wrong)
    conclusions either its factory defect not pass QA become lepin label or do you think they want to counterfeit with such many parts??? and how come when even its new release set from lego, they already have the new release one too??? iam lego fan still iam adore when someone have expensive one but when u can buy fake one how about that???

  10. Lepin, no thanks, i prefer Lego Original sets, i have Lego sets since 30 years ago, the older one has got their pieces in perfect conditions, like new, no degradation.
    In this video i can see the tyre seems poor quality, like if were used for long time.
    My first lego technic set has got the tyres like new, like fisrt day.

    Sometimes save money, may result expensive

  11. I am actually quite concerned that this products have cancer risks. Lego should stop them from copying becuz right now for example, Green grocer cost around 300 dollar but lepin sells it for 60..

    Even tho making bricks are super cheap

  12. the research, design and development in lego brick releases are the very reasons why they are priced the way they are. they hire and pay proper professional fee to the designers and developers unlike bootleg companies from china that they only copy it. manufacturing the bricks itself is cheap.

  13. Love how some people are bashing these bootleg manufacturers for "ruining LEGO business".
    LEGO is successfully ruining it's business by itself, with "SHELL affair", with "dailymail affair" and some other "pseudoaffairs" ……… Or with Insane pricing of Star Wars LEGO's, roughly +50% over similar sets.
    LEGO profits are still growing … so none of the shareholders care about neomarxist morons in company hierarchy. But they will realize that the moment the profits starts shrinking. But they never get back the customers they are losing.

  14. First of all, the quality is not the same. If you look closely into the details you can see that very clearly. Another thing is that you do not know in which condition these parts are made (what chemicals they have put inside the plastic, what technology they use, how their production floor functions all together) so you can expect a lot of poisonous stuff in there. LEGO has a controlled way of producing and using safe materials both for people and the environment. It is not about the name of the brand, it is about what you actually get for the money you pay. It is a matter of prioritising what you really want to get out of your product and how safe you want your children to be when playing.

  15. you know why chinese copies are better? because lepin creator is the EX- LEGO himself…(maybe) any product will never be compared to lego, except it's from their own creation of knowledge that lies into someone's mind = Ex – Lego employee

  16. Bei nicht mehr erhältlichen Sets finde ich Lepin vollkommen und Gerechtigkeit. Allerdings sieht die Sache bei neuen Sets wieder ganz anders aus.Dann ist es einfach nicht in Ordnung und wie Diebstahl.

  17. from what I've SEEN, the only tangible difference is Lego logos and minor friction quality control, time will tell when I get the Millennium Falcon from Santa, it's a special Christmas after all it's my 19th

  18. I bet most of the people hating on Lepin downloads movies, songs, apps etc from torrent but they get so angry/ offended about Lego knockoffs. Bunch of hypocrites.

  19. Whats the point of lepin? Their just completely the same with most lego parts but only has very little difference…👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 and tell me…who are the creators of lepin? If Chinese people did this then they fucking stupid and they even copied "amazing world of gumball show"👿👿👿👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😠😠😤😤

  20. I have heard that decool has better quality technic pieces than Lepin (not including the bricks, just technic pieces) is that true?

  21. Lego is not cheap, but offers best quality.
    Lego already once nearly files bankruptcy.
    Don't let this happen due to Chinese knockoffs!

  22. The question now is why buy Lego ever again when you objectively get way more at the same quality (except tires in this set) for your money?

  23. I guess if you want to save money go with the lepin one. I i bought the lepin one and it was like 47 dollars(im honest) but still i like lego more than lepin

  24. En Toylowers somos muy fans de la marca Lepin. En nuestra web tenemos varias comparativas entre el original vs réplica. Y si te gusta el ahorro con poca pérdida de calidad, Lepin es una gran elección.

  25. Chinese business model:
    1. Get a government grant to steal intellectual property
    2. Reproduce a market leading (western) brand to a high standard
    3. Promote and sell product online
    4. Sell item at considerable lower price then market leader
    4. Outgrow market leader
    4. Bye market leader

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