Lego Venomosaurus Ambush Revealed with an OFFICIAL Spider-Ham!

It seems like I just can’t catch a break.
After the news frenzy that was yesterday, today LEGO decided to drop another bombshell.
Clocking in at 640 pieces is set number 76151, the Venomosaurus Ambush. Though no official
release date has been announced, The Brother Brick suspects it will come out sometime in
March. Let me first say that I love this set’s
premise. A perfect combination of wacky and cool – befitting the Spider-Ham character.
I mean any set with a dinosaur automatically gets a thumbs up from me. What’s more, it’s
brick-built, reminiscent of Prehistoric Hunters, one of my first LEGO sets and one of my favourites. The dinosaur looks very poseable and looks
good, for the most part. I don’t know, something about that back just isn’t clicking with
me. The white also overstays its welcome, there’s way too much of that towards the
neck. The tongue though is perfect, a nice callback to Jurassic Park T-Rex Rampage whilst
staying true to the design of Venom. Gives me a lot of Xenomorph vibes. Spider-Ham’s build is a giant, funky dune
buggy. Here’s the part where you expect me to rant, however, I love this beauty. Once
again, wacky done well. It definitely has suspension and the giant spring-loaded cannon
makes a return. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of those. The last build is a Venom egg incubator which
definitely did not get ripped straight out of Jurassic Park. Good build though. Should
belong in my non-existent Visitor Centre. The figs are the highlight for most people.
Spider-Man is just normal Spider-Man, we don’t care about him. Spider-Ham has a perfect moulded
headpiece and his torso print is actually unique. Iron Spider makes a welcome return,
everything is updated and muah (french kiss). Civil War Comic Series MOCers get ready. Venom
got himself bonded to slime, this is why you don’t provoke seven-year-old girls. Eh.
He’s Venom. Nobody cares about Skeleton. So after singing this sets praises. You would
expect me to intend on purchasing this. No. Sorry, I’ve just got so many sets I want
to buy this year, but no money. My wish list is already stocked full of 100USD or up sets.
And I still need ten of those The LEGO Batman Movie ones. Sorry, while I still love you,
I love these sets more. So no, you’re not getting bought. That’s it for this video.
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One thought on “Lego Venomosaurus Ambush Revealed with an OFFICIAL Spider-Ham!

  1. Corrections: The spring-loaded shooter on the spider-buggy is actually a new piece – a two-by-four brick version of the one-bu-four brick spring-loaded shooter base but with accommodation for newly-moulded technic-rubber-projectile-esque ammunition. The Venomosaurus draws inspiration from the Savage Lands Venomised Tyrannosaurus which appeared in Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye comic series.

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