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Hey, what’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies. And today, I’ve built one of the most iconic blocks in Minecraft. This is the Lego TNT. I actually did a Minecraft “mosaic” of the TNT a while back… But that was in 2d, and I figured such an iconic block needs to be done in 3d. This was built to the same scale as our other Minecraft blocks and there you can see from a distance. I used a lot of different a- [Minecraft explosion noise] A bit of info about TNT in Minecraft. It’s crafted with sand and gunpowder, and it’s used in a lot of “construction jobs” to create giant holes, and you know, clear out Large areas with relative ease. I used some dark red a whole bunch of dark gray as well, light gray, even a bit of These white Lego bricks. And then of course, the bottom too. It’s got sixteen individual sticks of TNT, and it makes a really cool piece to have around and display it. It’s got the fuse here as well and it’s built pixel for pixel each brick being a pixel. If you guys want to build your own Lego Minecraft TNT block Here’s how it was built: Basically, just start with a base plate of red, and then stack all the bricks on top of each other until you have Basically each pixel, you know corresponding with the block on the TNT brick. So, you know, you can see these were just built with one, two, three. So there you have it: The Lego Minecraft TNT block replica and This was a much suggested creation You guys wanted to see built. And a really cool final product to take around and go do some heavy demolition. But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed. I really appreciate a like or a favorite if you did and I’ll see you guys in my next video.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO TNT Block – Minecraft

  1. why hasn't the lego company called you yet?
    Lego Company: "Mr. Zazi, we'd like to turn your creations into official lego sets as part of the Lego Minecraft line."

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