Lego Titanic 2012

The ship exceeded my expectations, Captain. I personally supervised everything. I hope that the preparations for departure will not be too long. John, how could you only get 2 tickets?! It is hard, it’s important for us that’s enough. I’ve had enough of this hole. You bastard! Hurry up, They will sail without us. Take it up! Take her to sea Mr. Murdoch. Let’s stretch her legs! Yes Sir! All ahaed full, Mr. Moody! Come on, we’re going full ahead! All ahead full! I note that space in the lifeboats is too little. Company ordered to delete part of them. Why should they clotter the deck? Exactly. Its here. This is our cabin. What? You said that you have tickets to the first class. I lied. You fool! Wait here! It is not so bad… Please increase the speed, we prove competitors that our ship is as slow as they think. I advise against it. We got warning about icebergs. Whatever… Well. Let’s try. Increase the speed to 23 knots. Did you hear that? Finally! What have we here? Stowaway! I’m innocent. You will sit here until the end of the cruise! Shit! Pick up you bastards! Anyone there?! Yes, what do you see? Iceberg, right ahead! Iceberg right ahead! Full astern! Shut the dumbers! Sht them! Hard over! Why they don’t turn? Come on… Ok! Now, engage the reversing engine! Is hard over? It’s gonna hit! Jezus Christ! Tell whoever response that we’re going down and we need immediate assistance.

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100 thoughts on “Lego Titanic 2012

  1. Titanic was actually unsinkable! The real story is that there was a raging fire in the engine room and weakened the hull of the ship and that's why the ice cut through the iron so easily!

  2. Hey Kroper, it looks like you're running out of hands for these videos, so if you want you could by a bag of lego hands on eBay.

  3. I made NEW LEGO TITANIC brickfilm. With more Lego and better quality!

  4. You're amazing I can't believe you actually made all of this this is truly impressive I take a lot of inspiration from these videos


  6. So gratifying to see this and later come across the 4 part 2018 version! We get to see gifted, hardworking animated film makers grow into artists who've begun to perfect their crafts! It's like Spielberg from "Duel" (great TV movie) to "Jaws" (classic thriller) or "Schindler's List" (classic historical epic). 🙂

  7. This titanic doesn’t even look anything like the Titanic in fact it’s not even made out of Legos so how do even cover some Lego titanic holidays just made out of paint and cardboard and tape and that’s it I mean there is literally no Lego pieces no cancer is no details no nothing about this titanic in fact I don’t know even why are you why you just made this video are you mixed up lately no sense what is Jack and Rose is this even with the real titanic movie I mean so far it’s the worst like the Titanic movie I haven’t seen I want to watch something else but it is Titanic and I do you like Titanic and there’s not really much of anything on YouTube so far so I’ll give you some credit titanic and I see what you’re going with

  8. Seriously I never seen it in the original titanic movie if someone pushing another passenger off and push him into a box that was not originally yes scene in the movie that never happened and I will never well what is this junk that is so not right but at least you’re going something new

  9. I don’t understand with you and cardboard it seems like you do you love using a lot of cardboard for everything and especially the titanic not just on the outside of the shop is made out of cardboard and Plato but even the inside I mean that is just absurd what person would use cardboard I can understand you may not have the pieces are the materials you’ll just have cardboard but really it is not the best material to use so yeah

  10. More thing the windows or should I say portholes there a bit too big and not shaped exactly right so can I want to fix that

  11. Send me that I’m blind or just lots of Everything on the ship is just so ugly I mean in the grand staircase geez one color and size oh my God I can barely tell what it is oh my God even on the outside of the ship is it more worse you’re missing the lifeboats some parts of the ships that was never even put on his arm you’re missing a few more details the shape is completely wrong oh my God you need to work a lot more on the titanic models

  12. Жизнь не станет легче стало от этого всего у тебя нет 👎🏼

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