LEGO Thor vs. Hulk Arena Clash set review! Thor: Ragnarok set 76088

everyone this is the Lego Marvel
superheroes thor ragnarok door vs. Hulk arena battle set which is basically a
little bit of a wall with a door a couple of feets and some figures the
basic idea with this set is that Thor is going to be forced to fight the Hulk in
this comically small very brightly colored half of an arena as a result
there’s going to be a lot of Hulk smash damage done to this arena such as it is
but at some point you know that Thor is going to bring it into it and say
something like I won’t fight you anymore brother we must join forces and vanquish
our common enemies to escape together most of the Hulk smash damage gets done
over on this side you’ve got just a small tile on the back here that you can
push down on to remove a couple elements of the wall and this section of the wall
is supposed to be kind of broken through giving you access or giving your
warriors access to a an armory that’s supposed to be behind the wall but
rather than building up an entire armory room they just let you open the wall and
get access to a few weapons that can just be popped out if you kind of knock
it out quickly then some of these will actually come out on their own and just
kind of spill onto the battlefield this is a dark-brown spear here’s a
longsword and an axe and those two are done in gunmetal grey there’s also a
light fixture over here and you can bring down the pole that supports it by
hitting the light itself and there’s another one of those on this side now
that could be the result of Hulk damage or you could use Thor with his super
jumper piece which I’ll demonstrate later and try to target those or maybe
try to target things on the land just end up just causing some collateral
damage the main doors there I guess are more for the beginning of the fight when
you actually reveal the Hulk and let him through so this does have a neck room to
bring the Hulk figure through as long as his weapons aren’t too far apart and
that makes for a nice dramatic entrance and you can kind of be just attached to
the front there these slide nicely and they don’t come out too far they always
end in the center and they never go past their maximum range of motion up top is
a throne for the Grand Master and you know this is a somewhat simple build but
I think it looks nice it looks pretty elegant and the gold is done well enough
has enough shaping to it but there’s a bunch of empty space around him and
behind him just a real Hollow it’s a little bit awkward to me that there is
as much depth to this platform as there is but there’s no room to place figures
behind him or around him I really like these light fixtures though as simple as
they are I just like the shaping on they look pretty nice they’re on fairly stiff
ratcheted joints so you as a human can knock those down but the minifigures are
going to have a little bit of tough time just try to target them they give you
just a little bit of space around the edges to place figures on this side
there is a special seat for Loki and he has his goblet off to the side but the
opposite side just has a couple of spaces where you can put a minifigure to
there to represent other members of the audience or maybe security for that
audience here’s how everything looks from the back which to me is actually
not half bad to represent the interior of the structure I especially like these
these support pieces they just always look nice to me just good detail that
they provide when the doors are opened up they just slide off to the sides
which gives you a little bit of view through the place but yeah just in
general and also these these arches here I think they’re just done for support
and minimal use of parts but I think they actually look really nice
you know they add to the parents of the thing and around this side this is a
holding cell so you would kind of store Thor in there until it’s time to bring
him out and I don’t know if you’d be brought through the main doors or
through a smaller door off to the side but that has just a printed lock piece
on the front and the rest of the decoration is with stickers now each of
these wall segments is hinged so you can actually flatten the entire thing out to
make a little bit wider and leave some gaps in there but it kind of changes the
play space if you want to can even curve some of these around
backwards to do something different this does allow you to move the segment so if
you want to have all of the wall off to this side and then just have the door on
one side so it creates kind of a kind of an end of a run there you can and if you
get multiple of this set then you can very easily build up enough different
panels to kind of create more of a complete arena that is expensive but of
course you can also just follow the same system with using two clips on each side
or two clips on one side of each segment and then two bars on the other side and
expand it out yourself now I’m going to try the super jumper function to see how
well that works with Thor and some of the targets around sides almost hey
again almost didn’t fully come down halfway
I got loki halfway in nod back here’s a closer look at the four minifigures of
course door on the left the grand master there with his pearl gold and light
world blue color scheme for the torso with red also then Loki and one single
Sakaki and guard actually like the torso print of x korean guard the head looks
like something from the spyrius or experience something very very old but
if it’s just what’s going to happen when you try to Lego by that design I think
it’s done pretty well you see a little bit of the mouth of Loki showing up
beneath his headgear there it looks like he’s getting a little bit worried with a
couple of drops of sweat coming down this is the nicer newer style of cake
piece so it would be flipped up and this is the yellowish orange or orangish
yellow color there are the other two alternate faces and a better look at the
side arm printing on just one side for Thor they also including hairpiece for
Loki so he does not need to always be wearing his pretty
crazy headdress I think that fits his character pretty well and I wanted to
show you up close the damage that is done to the legs of a minifigure if you
haven’t seen that before just at the base of this anti stud on either side
right down there you can see it’s kind of bent in and scuffed in that’s just
from one very slow very deliberate application of the super jumper piece
and one very slow and extra careful removal of it trying as hard as I could
to prevent any damage but just a little bit occurs so if you are not careful
you’re going to see more than that if you do it multiple times you’re going to
see a lot more finally here’s the thor ragnarok big cig version of the Hulk his
helmet is glued on you’re not going to be able to remove that unfortunately but
I like how it looks of course it is a big fig so you’re not able to turn that
really would have been nice to turn the head but the printing on the torso is
really good I like the built up weapons as well I think they look appropriate I
think they look nice they were enjoyable to put together even though they’re
fairly simple and I think it’s always nice to actually assemble together the
accessories for any figure got the dark brown on this side which looks pretty
good that single pauldron looks pretty good
to me as well the helmet looks good from every angle he’s relatively plain from
the back but everything just seems appropriate to me
this is yeah this is this is nicely done even though I’m not a big fan of big
things in general I wish they had a lot more articulation than they do you know
it’s just arms up and down and then hands rotating in and out but for what
it is I think they did an excellent job on this big thing it’s interesting that
the boxart actually switches things around a little bit putting Loki over on
this side and that’s something that you can easily do since these are kind of
modular segments if you just want to change things up or to make things come
fit a little bit better for the perspective of a specific photograph
overall I’m actually a little bit less disappointed in the main build here then
I thought I was going to be based on sure is of a thing it’s a little bit
bigger a little bit more substantive in person than it looked like it would be
and you know all the little action features and the play aspects of it are
actually good and and fun I think that it makes for a better toy than I thought
it would but it is still primarily a figure pack and a little bit of a wand
you know you can easily build up walls for the sake of play with just regular
bricks you know you don’t need all this stuff you can just use tiles in some
areas and create destructible areas yourself so value is still not that
great but if you do get it you do put it together I think that kids are still
going to have a good amount of fun with it
collectors though will probably be unhappy to pay this much for the figures
and especially the Hulk when the build is actually contributing a lot to the
price of the set and the build is not that great to display that’s it for my
look at the set hope that this was at least informative for you I hope to have
chance to talk to you again soon because the next video is on the way

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Thor vs. Hulk Arena Clash set review! Thor: Ragnarok set 76088

  1. Jeez, the Thor Ragnarok sets are the worst sets I've seen in the Marvel Super Heroes theme. At least the figures are good for this one. :/

  2. This set is so odd because at first glance is looks like garbage but it gets more interesting the more you get into it. I mainly collect the DC sets, but I may get this because of the armored Hulk piece. Great Review!

  3. I like this set just a little disappointed that LEGO will give us great sets, with great price to part ratio, with great figures but will not give us a full Colosseum for the Thor sets

  4. Is there a way to modify the seating area where the grandmaster is in so it looks like it from the trailer?

  5. You know what's kinda nice is that for Spider man homecoming it was only 2 sets, and almost cover all of the characters, same for Thor ragnarok

  6. I like what you get in this set; I just don't think it's worth $60. But I'll keep an eye on it and try to grab it when it goes on clearance.

  7. In the other thor vid jang says hiw hulk will drop out of the commodore in time to become hulk well I guess that disn't happen in the movie right?😂😂😂😂
    Like if u know what I'm sayin

  8. I love how inaccurate Lego sets are nowadays (spoiler) lokey isn't in his guardian form and he sits next to the grand master

  9. it funny how in this vid he says to make a dramatic entrance when just the door opens in the movie hulk destroys half of the door when entering

  10. Cool set! I like to put studs at the bottom of a minifigure, when it's on a super jumper. Too keep it's legs from damage.

  11. If it wouldn't be sooo expensive I would've probably bought this set. Though, Jangbricks, you did a good job reviewing again!

  12. I think this set is decent, but my main problem that just keeps bugging me completely is how off grandmaster looks. He looks like super lackluster and way diffrent then he did in the movies, also would have liked to see that couch that he sits on with loki in the actual arena scene

  13. It is $10 more than what it supposed to be so that's why I am waiting until my birthday which is not that far from now

  14. The grand master mini figure is totally inaccurate. The outfit is wrong, the skin tone is too light, and the general face looks nothing like Jeff Goldblum, especially his appearance in the film. Loki shouldn’t be wearing his helmet, and should have a joyful face on one side instead of the evil smile he has in the set, that is to emulate the scene of the film in which Loki screams,”Yes! That’s how it feels!” When Thor is slammed on the ground by Hulk. The arena is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too small, and the rack for weapons is just that, a weapons rack, rather than the room with several full weapons racks that appears in the film.

  15. Not interested in the set, but i'm glad to see that they put in a hair piece for Loki in addition to the helmet. I wish they did things like that more often. And i feel the katanas of Thor are off … they should have used the swords they have for the newer, DCEU Wonder Woman minifigs.

  16. I think I would buy this only for thor’s helmet. I’ve always wanted lego to make his original winged helmet. Was never a big fan of having a bunch of thors with just his hair.

  17. I really want any hulk so im thinking of buying this set or the hulk vs red hulk set, anybody know which one i should buy?

  18. korg " doug's fought the champion !doug! oh no doug's ded" anyone who fights the grandmaster champion perishes. lol who else wished we got a korg minfigure XD

  19. Hmm i don't really like that hairpiece for Loki. I think the one that Quinlan Vos has in the new Clone Turbo Tank would look much better

  20. Boy, you were quite off when predicting the theme of this movie. It’s a straight up comedy, completely the opposite of the previous Thor films

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