LEGO Thor Ragnarok 2017 sets descriptions!

Hello, just2good here, and Delta Customs on Instagram has revealed
set information on the 2017 Thor: Ragnarok sets, based on the third Thor movie! According to Delta, there will be two sets. The first is a Gladiator Ring with Gladiator
Hulk, Thor with a helmet mould, Loki, the Grandmaster,
and a gaurd; while the second set is a ship build, with Bruce Banner, Thor, Valkyrie, Hela, and
two henchmen. So, uh yeah, these sound AWESOME. I don’t know if you guys know but I really
don’t like Thor movies, but I’ve always wanted LEGO to make sets off
them because the designs of Asgard always look
great. Having a colisseum build is something many
of us wanted in various LEGO themes, for example, Star Wars, with the Geonosian
Arena. This is our chance to get a similair build, so let’s hope for the best. The ship set is probably a space ship, but wouldn’t it be cool to get something like
an Asgardian Long Ship? When I read this information, that’s what
I thought it would be. Of course, the reason most people are freaking out over
this are the minifigures. And, they have all the right to. These rumored figure lists are incredible. Finally, Thor with a Helmet. Gladiator Hulk? Oh my gosh. Another Loki? Hopefully this one will look more like him, I mean at the time of the release, the only version of LEGO Loki out will be
five years old! The Grandmaster? Finally, a physical LEGO Jeff Goldblum! Valkyrie? It’s rumored Tessa Thompson is playing her,
I want LEGO Tessa Thompson! And Hela? More LEGO Kate Blanchet, eh? And finally… FINALLY Bruce Banner! So yeah, very exciting descriptions. They sound like great sets and great minifigures. And, it’s nice that we’re getting two, since the original rumor was only one set. What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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