Lego The Photographer

Ahhh, what a beautiful day to test out my new camera Hello Mrs. Wilson good day, Lucy Mom can I please go and get some ice cream? Sure honey let me just hey, my purse Ah Thank You Lucy the police are on their way it’s a good thing I had my phone in my pocket Are you the person that contacted us? Yes sir that’s me Did anyone get hurt? no, none of us got hurt. Okay good Can you give me a detailed description of the person? Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t get a good look at him it all happened so fast Well, maybe I can help I took some photos of the criminal Oh No, that’s Joe Davis!! He escaped from prison three months ago. What’s your name? My name is Lucy wells Thank’s your help Lucy Stephanie? Yes boss. You’ll need to go undercover to catch Joe. Sure think Chase and Lucy. Yes? We’re also going to need your help catching this criminal. Anything I can do to help Why do I have to dress like an old lady it’s the perfect cover. What do I have to do We’re going to hide behind the bushes. Okay, now we just wait to strike We finally got you punk Stephanie take him to the truck. Come you! You’re going to jail for a long time Thanks for your help Lucy, you’re welcome, I’m glad I could help but I just took a photo No, it was more than just the photo Thank you everyone for being here today we are here to celebrate Luci wells We award her this trophy for honor Bravery and helping us catch Joe Davis

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