LEGO The Incredibles Videogame – Crimewaves Gameplay Trailer! Screenslaver! Syndrome! (Open World)

Hey whats going on guys HiddenBlade here and in the video, I’m gonna show you guys a brand new LEGO The Incredibles Trailer showcasing
the crime waves! Crime waves are basically a brand new feature
within the game’s hub world. So, I saw the trailer and it’s absolutely incredible,
in this video, I’m going to analyze it and give my thoughts! So, the trailer starts off Mr. Incredible
inside the Incredimobile. The awesome part about this is that it’s our
first time actually seeing the outside of the car in the game! The Incredimobile looks phenomenal, I really
hope it’s a playable vehicle in the game. I cannot wait to see what all the car can
do! So next up we see Elastigirl, Dash and Frozone
all getting the call to action and running towards the crime waves! So we see Elastigirl Gliding, Dash running
up a wall, he’s gonna be so fast, man and Frozone Ice Skiing. Now to quickly mention the open world background. It looks so colorful and lively! TT Games have done a really good job on the
hub world! Next up we get to see the Underminer’s vehicle
and it’s massive, man It looks like it’s at least 2 and a half builds
long and I can’t wait for the crime battles, It’s going to be awesome! Now following that we get to see a new outfit
for Frozone, which is a snowman and that’s amazing! I’m loving all the alternate outfits! Alright, so now it’s time to showcase some
of the bosses! The first boss that they show us is the underminer,
the 2nd is Bomb Voyage and the 3rd is Screenslaver. Now for those that aren’t really aware, Screenslaver
is the main villain in the Incredibles 2 movie! And man he looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see what all of his abilities
are! The 4th main crime boss villain we see is
the one and only Syndrome in his iconic black costume, along with an Omnidroid and He looks
amazing! So, next up we see Frozone ice blasting a
monorail, which is on a whole other level of mind-blowing awesomeness We also get to see the Underminer’s vehicle
once again, along with Dash and Violet using their super powers and stopping some bad guys! Next up we get to see a team-up move with
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, then after that baby Jack-Jack flames on. Following that we get to see an Omnidroid
battle with the entire Parr Family from the first incredibles movie. At this point its basically just a montage
of awesome moments in the game from various level and different parts in the hub world. Anyways, guys that’s gonna be it for the trailer. Let me know what you guys thought of it in
the comments below! In my opinion, this is easily the best trailer
we’ve gotten yet. We got to see the multiple locations within
the hub world, so many awesome villains like Syndrome, the Underminer and Screenslaver! As usual LIKE the video if you enjoyed, comment
your thoughts, share it on social media and SUBSCRIBE for more LEGO The Incredibles videos! Thank you all so much for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one! [LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Theme – Outro Music]

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25 thoughts on “LEGO The Incredibles Videogame – Crimewaves Gameplay Trailer! Screenslaver! Syndrome! (Open World)

  1. Great job brilliant video I love you incredible keep doing what you doing cuz this is an awesome game and not many people are talking about it so and plus I love your Channel

  2. I really can’t wait for this game
    The hub world reminds me of the Disney infinity incredibles play set

    1:55 UP Easter egg !!!

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