LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Part 2 – New Parr Family Home

that’s incredible teamwork for this
family nice but I have seen it before that is new well that went poorly we do something
wrong superheroes are illegal whether it’s
fair or not that’s the law perhaps you’d be interested in changing that law superheroes Winston Devin you can call me win and
this is my sister Evelyn hello there are superheroes let me ask you something
what is the main reason you were all forced underground ignorance perception
if we want to change people’s perceptions about superheroes we need
you to share your perceptions with the world how do we do that we you to share
your perceptions with the world we embed tiny cameras like those into your super
suits designed to myself all we need now are the superest superheroes it needs
you three come on help me make all supers legal again this sounds great mr.
Dever it’s wonderful but it’s too generous nonsense that’s the least we
can do this place is amazing
I can’t believe Deb’s just lending it to us yeah he bought it off some eccentric
billionaire definitely beats the motel we can all have a bit more space and a
waterfall okay okay look let’s all just relax and try to make ourselves at home all right you oh man would you look at that that’s our
city alright I am here darling do not panic mr. Deford this house is
incredible that’s not why I called there’s trouble down at the waterfront
nothing you can’t handle it’s a perfect opportunity to ease yourself back into
super work I’ll send you the location now no problem we’re on it never said it
was bad down there we should get going okay waterfront here we come hey this is
pretty roomy sorry about that I can be mine like somebody will be I just love writing back you hello I’m Jane Johnson bringing you
up-to-date reports all day every day today we have a real scoop for you
ice cream is vanishing from the new urban waterfront district eyewitnesses
report a gang of frozen felons rampaging through the streets stealing ice cream
and causing general anarchy needless to say these crimes are getting a frosty
reception from the city’s restaurants and frozen dessert parlors coming up
next a steamed ice cream parlor owner Shelley Sunday is reported missing
following a freak accident at the family-owned ice cream factory
we’ll have more updates soon I don’t have money to buy more I’ve been searching everywhere for my
sister but still no luck I did find some trap civilians though can you help them Thanks
I was convinced I was a goner I’ll never eat ice cream again oh yes I
will thanks for saving me gee thanks honey
it was getting a little cold in there whoa they were going pretty fast looks
like they’re heading towards the shoreline you got it did you bring it back over
here insurance should cover that oh they’re
stealing ice cream my sister loved experimenting with flavors when we had
our ice cream parlor I hope she’s okay I better keep looking I scream those meanies are after more
ice cream you’ve gotta stop them yeah scoop it over this ice-cream is profit we’re getting reports that the Chile
crisis in the new urban waterfront district has thawed out the frosty foe
stealing ice cream have been well and truly iced with any further fears for
the safety of citizens melting away previously unknown supervillain brain
freezer was discovered to be behind the thefts but is on the run
in other news missing ice cream maker Shelley Sunday still hasn’t been found
her sister Sally is urging anyone with information to get their skates on and
contact the police we did it time to kick back and
celebrate a job well done it’s a big city Bob there are more districts
that’ll need our help soon enough we still have work to do this could be
useful turns out they were automatic doors so

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11 thoughts on “LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Part 2 – New Parr Family Home

  1. So there are protests in the second movie too?? C'mon, Elastagirl can't take all the credit, the whole family has to save the day. Well at least the parents are moving in to save the day. LOL, somebody stole ice cream. XD

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